In 1955, a massive Buddha was in the process of being relocated to a new home in Bangkok, Thailand. It wasn’t an easy task because the 200 year old statue was ten feet tall and weighed over five tons. Each time the workers tried to remove it from its pedestal all the bits of colored glass, plaster and ropes broke off until finally the statue came crashing down. Rushing to assess the damage, everyone was astonished at what they saw. Even though the statue was damaged, it was on its surface only. Underneath the jagged edges and through the cracks what they saw was gold gleaming beneath.

Upon further study it would show that the statue was made of gold originally and it had been covered with plaster and glass in the 18th century to hide its true value to prevent it from being stolen by the invading Burmese. No one knew its true value/nature until the accident revealed its value.

Basically this is what many of us are discovering about our true nature. Underneath all those layers of not feeling good enough, cracked and broken lies our true self. Those unresolved parts: the unmet sadness, discarded grief, hopelessness and loveliness at times that is spinning all around us. We actually believe it because this is all we see. This idea that there is a different world inside us is so foreign. At any moment we can choose to define ourselves as broken or we can choose to shift our consciousness to see beyond the surface and awaken to the gold underneath– this is what our work is about. We can call ourselves the new archaeologists – as we dig deeper and have our true selves reveal itself to us!

According to the work of the spiritual evolutionary teacher, Craig Hamilton, we can evolve out of the deep conditioned habits of our ancient animal past and align with those higher virtues and ultimately transform human nature itself into The Divine. Many of us are experiencing moments of insights and getting glimpses of our higher potential while awakening to discover our deeper selves. Hamilton goes on to say that if we could learn to get out of our own way and make room for a deeper part of ourselves to come forth, it is now only possible, but probable that we will live an enlightened life. The calling and need for your Light here on earth is greater now than it has ever been so it is time to take that leap off the precipice and step into the driver’s seat.

Once we begin to ask The Divine to reveal itself to us there is a feeling of great Love and Respect for being on the cutting edge and a part of something so extraordinary and special as you discover who you truly are. Even though at times it is a stretch to be on this journey, when we can align with something greater than what seems to be outside of ourselves we find the treasures that have been there all along – giving us greater meaning in every direction.

This was the intent of The Divine from the beginning of time to heal our wounded Self. From unraveling all those false layers what is revealed is pure unconditional love. Consequently, it’s no longer just about me; it’s about everything and everyone! It is evolution itself!

Today, as you open to that Divine Love within You, notice how it is flowing through You – descending beyond You and raising your vibration to the higher mind. And, as the higher mind continues to illuminate everything with its direct knowing from Spirit you can awaken to that Divine connection within you, attracting others who are in that vortex knowing that life is ever evolving through them as well. This is your foundation, your gift from the Beloved where you are eternally safe, infinitely loved, and forever inspired.

Remember, you are the Universe in person, the master of two worlds eclipsing the illusion of separateness transcending the ordinary world of space and time. You are the essence of inner strength, passionate for the possible, giving birth to your creative genius – This is the world that I AM. And that all I AM seeing is in Me!

Quantum physics tells us inside the smallest bit of matter, the atom there is open space. Precisely 99.999% open space. Matter doesn’t come from matter – it’s from the energy vibrating at different frequencies. Knowing that each of us then it contributing to the field through their thoughts and feelings as energetic beings we are combining our frequencies to form a collective consciousness for the human race. And, as Dr. Habib Sadeghi quotes in his book Clarity for Life, “I think it’s fair to say that when you look at the state of our physical world today, our energetic symphony is way off-key. I believe this because far too many people are emitting negative frequencies grounded in base emotions like fear, hatred, resentment, greed, doubt and hopelessness. Our mistake has been to try to save the world by acting on physical circumstances alone. This is where you and I come in.”

For now I am happy to say that our Love and Spirit are here to stay! With that we can overcome everything. Each and every One of Us represents the change that will help our planet thrive into this new future where we can manifest a new, sustainable, peace-filled and loving universe. Take some precious time this week and reflect on your journey – where you are, where you’ve been, what Spirit is gently whispering in your ears and what is waking up in your heart. Then sing it out loud! There is strength in numbers and You are SO WORTHY! You are infinite potential. Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.