by Marcy Heller

You may be feeling that rocket sensation that is catapulting us into an amazing and great transformation. It seems that we are going through one of the most profound periods of our life; journeying from our minds to our hearts. Our lives are no longer created through a mind/thought process. Instead life is asking us all to become our own Mystics. It is not only requiring, but demanding from all of us to show up and to live fully, embracing all the good, bad and ugly. On the road less traveled we don’t encounter everything from all the light of hope and bliss. At times we have to approach the darkness as well.

Walking the hero’s journey requires us to keep climbing up the mystical mountains as well as trudging along through the muck in order to uncover the truth of who we are. We are learning from some of the most difficult circumstances that we didn’t come here to escape our humanness but to embody it in its infinite fullness. You came to redefine the very meaning of what it is to be human by integrating and embodying your true essence, which is that we are as much Divine as we are human. The power of all these energies is moving us all at incredible speed towards creating a new world in which to live. Moreover, this new world is causing us to shed our old patterns in favor of new ones. The New Moon in Aquarius is helping us break away from the past. It is creating the perfect storm to be authentically different, truly creative and to pioneer a new tomorrow following the fierce passions of our heart!

From the height of my greatest joy to the depth of my deepest sorrow, the past months have been some of the most challenging times of my life as well as some of the most enlightening. I AM sharing all this because the grace of what was and is happening to me is profound. What’s more, it is not personal simply because so many of us are also going through similar experiences. Your independence and pioneering spirit is your magical tool box.

After years of going through all the healing, clearing and working on ourselves it has paid off. After all these years we can finally live the unconventional heart-based life we dreamed of. As Brenda Bush wrote in her astrology column today, “You are no longer limited by conventional boundaries; therefore, you are free to be different, to be inventive, and to be yourself. This is where you can be truly creative, truly unique, or contribute your utmost to humanitarian progress. You must dare to break away from established customs, to go one step further, and investigate the potentials of tomorrow.”

Call it life, evolution, growth or expansion. This is the new normal. It’s time to lose our fears and not look back. It is knowing that these experiences are just the manifestation of what was planned many moons ago prior to our birth. When we understand that our souls planned our lives, that there is a deeper meaning that what our five senses tells us, it becomes our lifeline to tether ourselves to the truth of our existence and then consequently we are free to think, speak, and know what may be going on beyond the curtain of false perceptions.

By not resisting whatever is coming up, we see the larger picture from a different perspective. When we follow our hearts with courage and confidence, all that we need to know will be shared from Spirit. Once we recognize our own courage, conviction and follow our passion the grace of the Divine takes over and we rise. We then can focus on the light instead of experiencing all of the darkness that came from not knowing. We awaken to the light of who we truly are.

In Brenda Hoffman’s blog, she wrote, “Even though you have shifted many times throughout this transition, never before have you done so in a new physicality as well as with new spiritual and emotional knowing. This shift was more difficult than most for many of you. Such is merely a reminder that shifts occurring now are not the shifts with which you have become familiar. In the past, you perhaps felt a bit tired, angry or some other sensation you dealt with fairly easily. The recent energies encouraged forward movement in all parts of your being. Forcing you to concentrate as you never have before. A bit like losing a limb and learning to pick up items or walk with a prosthesis. Cumbersome, uncomfortable, a learning curve – likely words and phrases that would rattle around your being if such were so. And so it is now as you combine all three aspects of your being – including new segments – into a forward movement on your unique path. Instead, realize how far and fast you have matured into new you. It was just months ago we encouraged you to clear your corners and open your being to new beliefs. Once you did so, you invited your new physicality into your being.”

For now know you are moving forward – none of this is or should be familiar. Nothing is the same. Like me you may be experiencing a feeling of being reborn, not just letting go of the past, but knowing it holds no interest any longer. A new physicality is being designed to take you wherever you are supposed to be. Knowing we are worthy of so much more, we have the power to claim whatever we desire for ourselves. We are the spiritual earth warriors – powerful and strong! We are being guided to lead by our heart. In realizing that Divine Love is showing us the way to fulfill our own unique destiny we can ask Divine Love for help and allow the flow of life to unfold into its own loving intelligence. Have a gorgeous week staying in touch with your heart’s wisdom giving and receiving more love than ever before! I love you madly.