Are you feeling the power and the passion from within, wanting to create a greater story? Wow, we have just come off another incredibly powerful week where the energy has been kicked up another notch or two after this last lunar eclipse. According to Lorna Bevan, “Sights, new tribes and revolutionary gatherings will be occurring. Expect major nervous system upgrades/disturbances as the Schumann Resonance is spiking to levels that are higher than have ever been recorded. The magnetic field of the Earth is shifting and fluctuating as deep space alignments that haven’t been experienced in centuries are becoming a game changer on a global scale. Don’t even try to understand what is happening at the level of logic/identity/mind.”

Now more than ever that the human side in us will create stories and go into fear…as you may be noticing this is not working for us anymore…These upgrades that the universe is experiencing through us will push your human, beyond what you “thought” you could handle; however we did not come here to “stay human.” We came to evolve. It is all about creating the new and not getting lost in the old. Not to get lost in the old struggle for survival. Not to allow the limiting beliefs to imprison us any longer. We are all in the biggest transition ever and it is our job to develop new ways of responding to basic life situations. Like the butterfly it is the spiritual rebirth for all of us. We have to find a new strength from within. This is the time to develop new capacities that allow us to perceive what is behind the scenes and open up to new potentials.

The time to wake up is now and it is calling for all of us to work with the power of attraction. To create a new myth. A new dream. A new reality. A new vision. Using your gifts, abilities and magic to create a new higher dimensional reality within yourself and all your relationships. It is our journey of the soul – moving from an outmoded existence to an amplified life. It is about becoming inspired and creating new exciting, beautiful, awesome and joy-filled dreams. Discovering the new is focusing on the light instead of focusing on the dark. Life is constantly trying to show us the awakening of our soul-filled Self. If we keep living in our mind we will miss it. We have been given the gift of the rational mind that is suppose to act as a steward; however, we give more value to the mind rather than the essential self that is trying to express itself in our lives. And, then we live in our stories and the dramas.

According to Andrew Martin, “The experience of fear (or any emotion) is merely evidence that you’re experiencing the body’s fear/emotion response. It is not proof that there is actually something to be afraid of. Being aware of this and knowing it as truth is part of walking your path as a Master. The Path of Mastery requires us to become our own advocate and our greatest ally. Part of this process requires taking a detailed inventory of every thought, emotion, story, belief and feeling that we have thus far held up as true. Our thoughts and feelings are nothing more than an amalgamation of our past experiences and choices filtered through the individual and collective human mind. We have every right and a sacred duty to unapologetically and compassionately begin to interrogate our own thoughts and emotions. The act of lovingly being present with our inner state in each and every moment is how we eventually begin to shift our outer world.”

Martin goes on to say, “Whether you’re bold and daring or quiet and reserved, the process of purification is not easy. It’s often exhausting and extremely uncomfortable. Yet it’s the only way to create a life where peace and joy are your default settings.”

You have to be willing to let go. To start choosing ourselves and saying “yes” to ourselves. What’s more, it is essential to create new boundaries as we let the old walls fall away. Lisa Brown wrote, “You have a choice, in every moment, HOW YOU WANT TO BELIEVE YOUR REALITY TO BE. This is what dictates your experience. You can be a victim or be free. You are the one that does all of this…PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORDS that you speak and think…these will tell you everything, if you are FULLY CONSCIOUS and actually listening AND ready to MOVE ON from that old timeline and into a magical and amazing one NOW.”

We are all experiencing a call for this extraordinary adventure – even though this is a time of incredible tests. As a society we have outgrown the old, outworn and limited stories. Take pause and know that whatever is going on, you are capable of great things. You have the capacity to do some great work in this world. To set your heart a flame and do some wonderful, heart-centered and beautiful things. Your soul is calling you. There is a global transformation begging for us to dig deeper and create something bigger and better. With your hearts, mind, soul and courage let’s proceed fearlessly and let us all join together to create a brilliant loving and sustainable earth. I wish you unconditional love, prosperity and grace as we travel forward together. Know you are loved.