Dear Courageous Spiritual Champions,

The Third Chinese Patriarch of Zen once said, “The great way is not difficult for those who have no preferences”.  I have always loved that quote! To understand what it truly means has taken me decades! Basically, it is the freedom found when we let go of our attachment and judgments for anything!  When we resist what is happening in any situation, we suffer. We are interfering with the natural flow in order to control or manipulate the outcome. There is a flow, if we don’t interfere with it, allows for infinite possibilities. It is allowing things to unfold organically. We can’t make these processes happen. Instead of worrying or being in fear or scarcity, focus on joy and gratitude. Our vitality eclipses those lower frequencies.

To be in the flow of all things is the capacity to release our resistance. It is simple. It just isn’t easy! Especially now with all the changes – it is very difficult for us to align with what is; however, this is the new color or our universe. Though resisting what is and doing what we have always done in the past may logically feel right, it usually isn’t – it is just what feels familiar!

Even though change is going to do us good, as the song goes, it is one of the most difficult things we are required to do in order to grow and evolve. As Ram Dass once said, “Suffer on, suffer on”. Continuing to do just that without the clarity of mind to understand how we co-author our pain and the way we reinforce it, we are always presented with the choice to hold on or let go. Even Lorna Bevan chimes in with her lastest post, “It’s time to practice acceptance of what is going on around you. The more you resist the inevitable changes which are coming, the more painful the journey will be.”

We are all being initiated and trained to remember to be-come the frequency that we want to keep reaching! But if we really want the light, we cannot afford to flee the heat. As Victor Frankl said, “What gives light must endure burning.” And being with the fire’s heat doesn’t just mean sitting with the difficult stuff in meditation, it is also going into it, trekking to its core, facing and entering and getting intimate with whatever is there, however scary or traumatic or sad or raw. The most powerful courageous spiritual warriors are the ones who have let life break and remake them a hundred times over!

We now have the potential to create a new normal that is making it possible to thrive beyond our wildest dreams. When we awaken to who we truly are as energetic beings and begin a conscious exploration of the mystery of consciousness, we will start to shift and realize something wonderful is happening here!

However, the one key we require to unlock that door is that we have to be willing to change our perspective of who and what we thought.  Many are still unaware of our own power and that we have now become the bridge between heaven and earth. Taking baby steps and learning to cross the bridge from the world that is saying bye-bye into the new world that is not quite here yet requires a new perception. The essential and necessary revolution must happen within ourselves. What’s more, everything depends on our attitude – our attitude toward ourselves. It is essential for all of us to no longer diminish ourselves and claim ourselves in a new way, not judging, feeling we should be this or that, to sing a new song, create a different story. What is your new sound-track going to feel and sound like? This new way of being not only transforms ourselves but everything that is all around us. It is that simple. Are you ready to step into your power? To say yes to the yes in you?

Onward and upwards my courageous and wonderful Way-Finders, Light Workers, Warriors of Light and Star seeds. You are not alone. Thank you for continuing to show up on a daily basis. As I write this, know that there are beings of Light on the earth plane as energetic beings assisting us and making an impact in dismantling that dark screen of consciousness. I have heard that the amount of power of Light that is working on our behalf would blow our minds. The unrest is going to play out and we have a choice what we want to believe in. As we are taking our power back, remember even though we can’t see it, the dark side is not going to win. It might get louder; however it is going to dissolve. The Light is going to win. It will not dissolve without a fight so we must be as courageous as possible. The Force is always with us! Remember as we shine our Light, a critical mass of human beings are arising because of our Work! We have to Trust. We have to Choose. We have to Believe.

Thank you for staying awake and nourishing your souls, not starving your destinies. Thank you for beating to your own drum, daring to be, in and feel love! Thank you to all of You that have been at the forefront of birthing this truth forward. And now you are the Light-warriors bringing this information to others that are ready now to accept it. And more and more will continue on this way until the truth spreads everywhere!  Always remember just keep imagining there are more ways for the universe to surprise and delight you than you can ever imagine!