by Marcy Heller

Let’s get this party going with some powerful thoughts from the brilliant astrologer, Loran Beven. “Isn’t it interesting how you can instantly change your mood and your decisions by simply re-framing what you think is happening? For instance, I could tell you that today Mercury is in the thick of his retrograde storm, that nothing is clear and that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings and you would think:” Okay- better be prepared, extra vigilant”….and shut down your physicality and your options. Or I could write: this is your moment to channel intensely intriguing and creative ideas, insights and intuitions straight from the thought cloud-the noosphere or Source-and you would start looking for inspiration, you would loosen up and be wide open to Now.

The trick is to always be awake in the Now, no matter what you think is happening “out there”.

The trick is to stop navigating your world by:

  • Doing what other people think you should do even though none of them is in your shoes
  • Doing what your thoughts are telling you even though they change from instant to instant
  • Doing what your feelings are stirring in you even though they change as fast as your thoughts change
  • Doing something for the effect you want to have on other people- even though second guessing is just a waste of time
  • Doing what your insecurities allow you to even though they are your own made up rules

All these old familiar navigation systems are totally unreliable and inconsistent, like stumbling around without a compass. So what’s left?

Knowing/Not Knowing; Your big NO or big YES: your factory installed unique guidance system – the inner spaciousness that is your direct link to the Thought Cloud or Source. That Knowing can appear in many ways. It can be a quiet inner voice saying “That just makes sense”. It can be a sense of deepest calm or inevitability or obviousness. Or it could be upbeat and sparky ‘Of course! That’s it!’

It is the Ah Ha! moment. You might sense it in your gut or in your heart or in your whole body. It is the clearest recognition of truth or rightness or fit. You might rush out to take action immediately or know you need do nothing. And it’s not something only “special “or “creative” people possess- you will have had this knowing many many times in your life without realizing. But instead of it happening randomly, how about learning and imprinting your own personalized signals then trusting them instead of overriding them?

Right now, with Mercury merging with limitless Neptune, Venus entering Pisces and the Sun aligned with deep space conduit Makemake – catalyzing ideas that are beyond the mainstream and entirely outside our existing paradigms. How can you possibly resist asking the Oracle of your own guidance for insights? What would you create if nothing was written in stone and everything was up for grabs?”

It’s topsy, it’s turvy, and to our minds it makes no sense whatsoever. However, to our Hearts, the gateway to the true Self knows exactly what’s up! Everywhere we go the world is confirming that the fruit of our quest does not lie elsewhere, but inside of ourselves. Just like in Homer’s Odyssey after traveling through various lands, what Odysseus really wants is to go back to the home that lies within each and everyone of us. The time has come. How do you learn to listen to your own voice? Everything that is happening today is designed to bring us closer to our greatness. It is time to remember that you are the Gift. Nothing can be more empowering than for us to say ‘Yes’ to our own true Self. We know who we are when we are true to ourselves. As Carl Jung stately put it, “Your vision will only become clear when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Find that source, meditate and connect to the stillness inside of you. For there lies a magical carpet ride where Miracles are manifested and Dreams are born.

We are all at the precipice to choose our own life experience. Everywhere we go there is evidence that the physical universe is expanding. As are We! And since your life is part of this universal creation so are you always expanding, amplifying who you are in every moment. We are always waking up to ourselves which means that everything that happens in our life is serving that expansion. (I know that doesn’t always feel good!)

Do you realize as you are awakening to who you are that the field around you vibrates so intensely it affects the world at large. Whatever your Soul has come here to do is your most profound destiny; it is the present that you give back to the world. Once you step into your full potential as a deliberate Creator, the whole world benefits. The stage we play on in this world is created by our thoughts.

As the powerful energy healer, Sue Morter wrote in her new book, ‘The Energy Codes’, “We are all in the process of becoming more awakened to our true nature as the Soulful Self. That means that, energetically, we are always becoming more integrated and unified, or less dispersed. I know that life can sometimes seem to contradict this notion! Yet, I assure you, it is true.”

When we view the energy of all that is happening around us we see how we have perfectly designed it all so that we can redirect our attention toward the energy of knowing and loving our true Self. We are being asked to re-enchant and re-imagine your world, and to see it with a new vision. When the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of changing, we change! When we can experience the fullness of who we truly are and show up as our true Self the whole playing field changes.

Once we start to awaken and begin to feel what is the truth for ourselves we then can use these keys to unlock ourselves and begin to break out of our self–imposed prisons. Now more than ever we are being downloaded at amazing speed with everything we need to finally be free.

As you continue to evolve into your true Self you eventually become aware of something that’s pulling you forward: the commitment and challenge of bringing your sacred dream to fruition. Dreaming our Divine plan doesn’t always feel soft and cuddly or comfortable. However, once we are able to go beyond those boundaries of limitation, blissitude and ecstasy are waiting on the other side – just a wonderful by-product of aligning ourselves with our heart’s desire. If we are not evolving, there is no ecstasy. If we are not growing and continue to remain stagnant by settling, we never reap the fruits of our actions. Individually we all must go out on a limb because as they say, ‘that is where the fruit is’. Once you realize that it’s up to you in every moment, to go within and set an intention with your energy. You realize that if you truly are going to anchor your own dreams and desires here, that you must align with your Higher Self for the magic to happen.

In these incredible times our bodies are going through complete rewiring as we ascend to a newer dimension. We are in the process of transfiguring our physical cells from carbon density into crystalline Light receptors. So many of us are experiencing what is now known as ascension symptoms. Not very comfortable; however, it is essential for our bodies to expand, accelerate and amplify to be able to hold more light. We are self-correcting the atomic structure from chaos and duality, to reform in perfect order. We are becoming our true bionic Self!

This gateway is about turning a page, it’s about ascending, reaching a new level of Love and Light and stepping into greater harmony and alignment with the Truth that you are One with the Divine, One with All, and that you can have and be anything you truly desire. You can have and be Radiant Light and Infinite Love.

It’s time for all of us to stop torturing ourselves looking for perfection. Instead begin to see life as an unfolding process. One liberating step at a time. Don’t limit the channels that are longing to express themselves through us.

You don’t need to go to the mountaintop or meditate in a cave to know you deserve a break. We need to make these changes now so we can start today and open up to all we are! We all deserve more love, not less.

This is the most amazing time to start a new You. These times have brought so many sudden changes, shocks and challenges as well as so many opportunities for doing things differently now that we are beginning to believe our fate of being the Masters of our Universe. To finally accept that we are truly magnificent beings of power, intelligence and love. Everything we do as we co-create our new world is based on our intention and worthiness to receive. Change your thinking, and you change your world!

My wish for you is to know you deserve everything and to take advantage of this fertile ground by beginning to make incredible and radical changes for your pursuit of happiness. After all you are the screen writer, director and producer of your own thoughts and universe. Shine brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light as you turn your tears into a triumph for all of us. You are the Bravest Souls I AM privileged to know. Moreover, when you realize this truth, your world is transformed. You raise your vibration because the respect that you will feel for yourself and the rewards that accompany that comes after you take that leap of faith and start to trust. Once you engage and align with that truth using the most powerful force within you, the universe and all the planets line up to support you. By staying in your heart and being your most beautiful Self you are making it easier for all of us to ascend and be lifted up. Each of you is part of the whole, and so needed. As Archangel Michael decrees, “Beloveds, shine your light for all to see. Call on us, and we will assist you in every way! You are Loved.” Know you aren’t in the field of Infinite Potential, you are the field of Infinite Potential.