We are all on our own hero’s journey. Every thought is a choice to choose either a grievance or a miracle. To triumph over negativity, know that a miracle is just a change in perceptive – it is transforming energy. Moreover, for us to keep the flow going in our lives it is essential that we know what energies we are holding on to. In order to allow anything new to manifest, we first must let go of the old relic/pattern/habit we are holding on to. In The Book of Truth, a channeled text, the Guides write, “The moment you decide that something can change, you have shifted the frequency of the thing. The moment that thing is shifted, it can be lifted in higher resonance to be manifested as changed. Once you decide to move beyond the known, to something new, change is possible. The potent nature of such ongoing transformation makes you stronger, brighter and more resilient, which in turns acts to illuminate the world.”

Through this ascension process we are discovering that we have developed qualities of God herself. This spiral of evolutionary thoughts has moved us to new levels of expansion and awareness. When we choose to offer our lives as evolutionaries of love, we let go of our limited beliefs and open up to outrageous miracles. Our work as an outrageous lover allows us to be uniquely creative, to take risks and make our lives a sacred text that we can offer up to the Divine. We are writing our own unique scroll. We become what we are focusing on. We expand and amplify as never before. Once we are willing to play a larger game, even facing the holy and the broken parts of our true selves becomes an offering to the Gods. We become evolutionary Love ourselves by the way we live.

Opening this gateway of Evolution creates the possibility of possibilities. We can only access this gate by opening the doors that were closed before. Evolution means that every moment is new. If I can re-imagine myself, what can I create in my new world? According to the Evolutionary Church, love makes a declaration of what we feel that love is and embrace our heartache and pain and see it with new eyes. Today is not yesterday, it is new.

Most of us are feeling this huge dimensional shift that is happening now on the planet. Breaking through and lifting us higher to be more intuitive, more perceptive and so much more aware of everything else. We are in the midst of an intense acceleration into higher dimensional consciousness. It seems that the entire purpose of us ascending is to become the living, breathing embodiment of our soul while still in the body. According to the sages, there is nothing in this world that can set our hearts free, that can open our minds to the ultimate mystery beyond life and death, like the awakening to the Absolute. It is, as the Tibetan Buddhists describe, the most “precious jewel” that there is. Moreover, once we discover this precious jewel we need to ensure that we don’t lose it.

However, our culture doesn’t really support this truth. What’s more, much of the world and the systems in it are designed to dis-empower us. To keep us from finding this precious jewel! This is where the work begins! The energies now are conspiring to bring us to where we feel most vulnerable. The universe so perfectly designed just the right scenarios to show us where we are feeling that dis-empowerment. Apparently just so we can see to what and where we are giving away our power! These energies are creating such intense challenges, leaving us no other choice but to stop, step up, listen and do everything we can to find that jewel/power from within. And as many of us are discovering, we are clearing away eons of false beliefs, fears and negativity just so we can uncover this precious jewel within us all.

We are not powerless, we have merely forgotten just how powerful we are and everything now is happening for us to remember that. It is not that we are struggling with what’s coming up; we are releasing it so we can create a new field in which we can transform everything through our love and awareness. As Jenny Schlitz wrote, “Understand that right now we are being shown our deepest seated patterns. The things that we have done over and over again that hold us back from being the walking masters we are. As these are being shown to us, it is an opportunity to do, say, and be different then we have before. The moment we choose not to go down that well-traveled path of similar reaction, we begin to rewrite the codes hidden deep within our form. This rewriting then triggers deep release from our tissues.”

Another offering from The Book of Truth, the channel wrote, “In the past structure fails, most of you get frightened- “oh, there go the banks.” when, in fact, when somethings falls it is time for it to fall. And what is time to fall and be reckoned with are the structures of fear that you have been ruled by and been in agreement to. The reckoning with these structures takes you very far away from the history you’ve know and believed and would always be there, and for the best of reasons. That which is not in truth will no stand the changes. This is a great cause of celebration. It is the rebuilding of each of us as what we truly are. And as we rebuilt everything you see around you will be transformed as well, by your consciousness, yes, but by the collective that is no longer willing to agree to lies.”

Every time you do something great for yourself you change the whole playing field. You may not feel it is that important. However, take pause and know it is. It is the most important thing that we can do. Your personal evolution not only inspires others but it is raising the vibration and consciousness around the world and back. It’s why we are all here..to make a difference for ourselves and others and, as Archangel Michael proclaimed, “To reclaim your rightful place as a Master of Light”. Are you ready to get started? To be fully present, letting go of the old out worn parts in order to give birth to that mystical, magical, exquisite and eternal self that is waiting to grace the world with its full power? And, then finally to go out into the world and share it? Remember, your legacy is everyone you touch. In every moment you are building your legacy. There is only one thing happening here and that is for you to awaken to the infinite light and the ecstatic love of who you truly are. Live a great day!

For the month of July, I will be taking a sabbatical, doing my own inner work, letting go of limited beliefs and opening up to outrageous miracles. Have a wonderful, healthy and safe summer. Until next time…I send love.