by Marcy Heller

Dearest Courageous Spiritual Warriors,

Remember how we dreamed as children? Once again we have that potential to bloom again and this time even bigger, better and more brilliant than ever before. The Forces are with Us! What incredible opportunities, potential and excitement for great change awaits all. On that note, since one of the most sacred gateways has arrived today, Monday, November 11th…the 11:11 Gateway portal that is opening us to higher and ascended realms is upon us. According to the Powers that Be, since it is a powerful 11 day of Mastery, when many Souls are becoming awakened to their true power, as Star Beings of Light I have begun with the very important message from my brilliant friend, Numerologist and Astrologist, Joe Ivory.

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER TO KEEP IN MIND THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY:Your Numerological Achievement Number is an unseen cosmic force field that affects our human drive, psychology and motivational desires in such a way as to urge and direct our will to achieve and accomplish efficiently. It isn’t a visual force field that can be measured or detected scientifically, but is instead part of a magnetic flow that impacts the earth and solar system rhythmically and mathematically. It’s something you feel deep within and if you follow the push and flow it supplies you will be able to go far in your day’s accomplishments.

For instance, today (November 11) you would add the month number (11) to the day number (11). To illustrate… (11+11 = 22/4 = 4) will produce today’s Achievement Number (4). However, since the 22/4 sub-total is what is called a Master Number (22/4), there is a higher and greater actuating energy involved which elevates the (4) to a higher and greater accomplishment level shown as (22/4).

The Number (22/4) energy that will be impacting you today is more than willing to aid and assist your efforts if you agree to work by its expansive and determined rules and standards. Since its book of rules requires a positive attitude from you (one where you are willing to work hard, stay focused, organized and dedicated to the completion of all efforts) in order for you to succeed you must play the game its way. 

If you become negative, sloppy, evasive, uncooperative, rebellious and intractable, the energy of the (22/4) will block and turn on you causing a disruption of the continuity and success of your efforts. Play the game its way and you will be home free. This is a very important tenet to remember.


There is magic in this number energy (the 11th day)… the two digits (standing as one number 11) are what is known as the MASTER NUMBER (11). As a Master Number it has great power and potential for both positive and negative achievement. That’s why it’s so very important that your actions and conduct (on any 11th day) be motivated by the highest, kindest thoughts and intention possible.

The power potential of this number doesn’t originate or come from the number itself, but rather it is a vessel or capacitor that steps down and conducts higher spiritual electrified energies through its finite cosmic wiring and divine creative structure.

All numbers are merely gateways or portals that receive and transmit certain modulated cosmic energies that originate from within the mind and creativity of the Creator God. It just so happens that the number (11) was originated and assigned a much higher task then the numbers (1 thru 9). Through its highly attenuated cosmic membranes pass the divinely mentored and inspired truths and verities of life and creation, all intended to guide and direct us all along our intended paths to higher spiritual evolution.

Today is therefore a very special day for us all…we should listen closely to our intuition as we make all choices with the highest, purest and most positive outcome possible. Be a visionary as you remain open-minded, use tact and demonstrate your abilities with the highest degree of intelligence. Don’t fall into the negative side of this dynamic energy by remaining self-contained and self-serving, rather allow your heart to open and be the best example of the Creator’s unending compassion by inspiring others to attain success in their lives. (You can read more below in Joe’s column.)

According to the ascension teacher, Meg Benedicte, “As you step into the cosmic 11:11 portal, you experience a ‘homecoming’ with your god self and soul family. You connect to the future ‘Ascended You’ in zero point, in the infinite Now. It is a powerful seed moment for activating your divine Soul’s ascension life plan. In numerology, 11 signifies Mastership level, representing divine knowing, intuition, yin/yang sacred union and enlightenment. As you connect to the 11:11 Gateway, you are becoming Master of your own Destiny, developing more soul embodiment and inner guidance. 11:11 is the symbol of Spiritual Awareness. You are becoming more aware of your true self, purpose and destiny. 11:11 is peeling away the layers of denial so that you can emerge from darkness into authenticity. As you become more balanced, your heart swells with Sacred Union and opens to the 5D field of Love. You are here to experience a new model of loving relationship in the 5D earth plane. We are moving into a new realm of peace and harmony for humanity. The 11:11 frequencies activate more Soul akashic memory of the ascension process.”

This renewed faith and optimism are now here to encourage us to believe that our action in the world is having the most positive effect. Even though you may feel alone at times know you are being assisted with all the forces from Spirit championing your success. You are making a difference. There is no absence of Spirit. That Divine spark in all of us is coming out to cast out the outrageous pain and despair – bringing out the spiritual warrior in each of us. Whatever you are passionate about, go out into the world and follow that impulse to share whatever you do best. Do it your way and create your own personal philosophy to which to live by.

As you continue to dig down and deep have bravado, become spiritually naked and from this place of love, beauty and balance, take your Light and illuminate it far and wide with the world. Your heart will expand and open wider than ever before, your divine destiny will be revealed and your soul will simply soar. Become Trust — After all, the best is yet to come. If the old ways just aren’t cutting it anymore, know that you are at a crossroads to change your life. You’re in the right place. In remembering who you truly are, miracles just seem to  happen. You step into your powerful role as a co-creator with Spirit. When you support yourself taking just one step forward, the universe takes 10 steps towards you. Your vision will become become clear when you look into your heart. Your voice, your passion, your boldness is what the world needs now. There is an awakening for all of our Souls to take the initiative and to lead with wisdom, integrity and grace. When your Soul is on fire with whatever you are passionate about, you possess the most powerful weapon on earth. The Hero’s Journey is not so much about ourselves, but what we can do for one another. Believe in your awesomeness, your infinity and know that as Gandhi said, “That the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others.”  Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.