by Marcy Heller


Dear Spiritual Courageous Champions,

In Alan Cohen’s book, ‘A Course in Miracles’, he wrote, “Every day crooks steal the identities of about 36,000 people, at an annual dollar value of $21 billion. As a result, banks and Internet businesses have elaborate security measures to protect customers’ identities. There is an even more insidious form of identity theft that has hijacked far more than your credit-card account. This theft has caused you to forget who you are and believe that you are small, limited, and powerless—a denial of your true self and an assertion of a false you.   Grand theft identity began soon after you arrived on Earth. Parents, teachers, siblings, clergy, and authority figures told you that you are inept, insignificant, ugly, stupid, unworthy, and sinful, and that the world is a dangerous jungle with threats at every turn. Over time you began to believe these terrible lies, until the day came when you forgot your innate beauty, strength, innocence, and safety. Eventually you adopted an identity contrary to your divine nature and have since lived as someone you are not.”

Our journey of walking each other back home is our reawakening of the knowledge of who we truly are and will always be! Having embodied that as our truth then our entire life is then focused on empowering ourselves within that truth!

That is why it is so important for us to stay in our lane, keep course correcting so we can continue to embody, empower and remain true to our own exquisite selves! Living in this world of duality we continue to give away our power to fit in to what our family, friends and culture expects us to do. We continue to believe, adopt and communicate what is wrong with ourselves, country and the world. Moreover, we can’t really know who or what we are thinking when our minds are so preoccupied with a cacophony of so many sounds and distractions coming from the news, social media, TV, the radio not to mention our tribal community of friends and family. Then our core values are tainted with negativity, judgment and discontent.

My legacy here is then to seek and to remind others that who they are is far more real than the world has taught us. We are each an expression of God. Once you’ve change your concept of who you truly are and what is truly possible, you have already altered your consciousness forever and the course of humanity along with it.

Remember, if you don’t take the lead and take charge of your life and future someone else will. It is our time to embrace our powerful selves. To live our fullest potential in every moment! This new energy is being broadcast all around us. So everything counts. What you think, act and do is constantly being broadcasted! The universe wants to support us and has come at this time to assist us with our awakening and anchor the higher vibrations into your body with grace and ease.

Even though you may feel broken, exhausted, down, depressed and just raw from 2020-21, do not give up the ship! Yes, there is so much repair to be done to weave together a new life and never forget how powerful and resilient you have become from it all. Not to mention kinder, compassionate and much more flexible. We’ve learned how to create a new future rather than live from our past. We learned how to thrive with far fewer resources. We have all gone through basic training and now have our PhD’s in ‘Daring to be brave and hold strong’! The time has come to focus on who and what we are becoming. Most of us have transformed in more ways then we could of ever imagined.

I invite you to continue immersing yourself in the quantum field of new ideas and innovative paths, imaginatively and energetically. Know that You and the Love You Are is the most powerful energies in the whole world and your Intent is the most powerful Tool to use to manifest whatever you choose. Keep raising your vibration and allow yourself to know the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves!

Nothing is more important then for this transformation to occur so that we can live our life fully from the place of our own True North. We must all now stand in our own authority and mid-wife what is uniquely individual for each of us. Everything mixed with fear, corruption, greed and the inability to honor one another is coming to the surface to be exposed so we can transform it and our divine potential can reign. Everything that is not in alignment and conflicts with divine love and light patterns are disappearing so we can reflect oneness, perfection and reverence with all of life.

Everything we do as we co-create our new world is based on our intention and our attention to our own worthiness to receive. Change your thinking, and you change your world!  There are no words to express my gratitude and love for all of You! How blessed AM I for the incredible honor to be able to share my puffy heart and give birth to a new Divinely Loving Humanity with the most courageous, conscience hearts and souls to walk the Earth. I thank you All for your existence. For being in my life and for giving birth to a new world. We are constructing a new vision of reality, of community, of friendship and of life. From all that is and ever came before us, we are transcending life onto a higher plane. For me, nothing remains the same as I continue to wake-up each day to find myself in a brand new magical and wonderful world.