It certainly feels like Spring is in the air. Moreover, as we spring forward there is so much that is coming up to give us encouragement and to remind us that no matter what is happening we have the inner strength to go all the way. This is the time to cultivate all the courage, discipline and persistence we need to move ahead. We may be tired from the last few months/years, but now is not the time to give up; but, instead tap into all of our infinite, inner resources.

Even though we may have had to accept certain limitations here on Planet Earth; we can also accept the limitlessness of God as well. Things will go, they will fall away from us, it’s true but something new also begins once we let go and allow life to fine us! This is our Spring to blossom to enjoy our time of rebirth and renewal.

The teacher Andrew Martin wrote, “Your experience will always be unique to you, now more than ever. Through our work of off loading the “old” (illusion) to make room for the “new” (truth) the frequency of our divine blueprint has merged into our energy body and we are delivering to ourselves exactly what it is that we need in each and every moment. Our unique vibration interfaces with the source field and creates the perfect scenario for our expansion. As we are increasingly free from the constraints of the old matrix, our experiences become more and more individual. We are creating in “now time” This is all about your relationship with yourself.”

The time is perfect for all of us to rebuild our lives in the image of what we want to be doing. No longer are we tethered to the past or what we did to survive through it. The great question is, “If everything was up for grabs, what would you want to create?”

Now it’s been up-leveled to thriving not just surviving. It’s all being channeled through us once we start living from our hearts and not our minds/fears. The mind wants to keep us safe-that’s its job. It doesn’t care if we are happy, feeling joyful or following our bliss. It’s only going to keep doing things the way it always had up until now since that’s all it knows. Once we begin visioning our deepest desires and marry them with elevated emotions we begin to set those waves and particles off to be manifested at the right place and at the right time. No longer experiencing life from our old patterns but living outside our boxes to create something entirely different.

Moreover, when we begin to give up control of what we desire and let the universe bring life to us we are no longer attached to our old stories and habits that kept us living the same familiar scripts that were so limiting. As we retrain ourselves and break the habit of who we once were the teachers appear everywhere.

We have all come so far on this great journey and now is the time for us to be rewarded. The last of the major Arcana Cards in Tarot is The Universe card or The World. It reflects the work that we have accomplished on our travels. And, more importantly the wisdom that we gained along the way! For myself, every day I ask the universe to astonish me and for me to experience more love, more joy, infinite health and prosperity and lately I AM never disappointed! I am pulling this card more and more. It’s so liberating because it is confirming that we’re connected to everything in the cosmos. It is reminds us that the same energy making up the stars is the same energy that’s coming through the universe, and is in each and every one of us. Once we break the habit of being ourselves we start living from our newly recognized authentic power. Ain’t that just great!

Once you have the realization there is a whole new set of beliefs that we can incorporate into our daily lives, rather than looking at life from the old or conditioned patterns and paradigms, you can take the leap and jump into a new reality. To go beyond the habits of the conditioned mind all that’s required is this new realization along with practice, perseverance, discipline and courage. What’s more, we begin to realize that it isn’t just ourselves that will benefit from this new perspective for transformation but the planet as well—changing the playing field for the All of Us and contributing to the evolution of humanity.

We have all been especially challenged in these last few years. In life it isn’t whether or not we’ve fallen down; it’s whether or not we’ve learned how to get back up. Everyone eventually falls because that’s what we are here to do to learn how to get up, and how we do it, determines what happens next.

The new maturity is optimistic—Once we’ve come to realize that life isn’t what we thought it was, we can then accept that life can be even more fabulous in ways we could never have known. So remember to be kind to yourself and take it nice and easy. Have more compassion, learn to lighten up, and let yourself be guided by the magnificence of who you truly are. Ask Spirit for help. Know The Divine is always there, you just have to reach out and ask her to reveal herself to you. Trust that when something is for you, wild horses couldn’t keep it away. You’ve got this covered…even if you’re not entire sure exactly what it is that you have! And, remember how could anyone ever tell you you were less than beautiful. How could anyone every tell you you were less than love?

Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.