by Marcy Heller

As we are going through changes in epic proportions, all of us in one way or another are having to face our own dark night of the soul. Everything that we as the collective and as individuals have held and suppressed since the beginning of time is now coming up to be reckoned with!  That is why it is written that we do ‘the work’ not for ourselves! We do it so that we won’t project the un-healed parts of ourselves onto others…

The presence of our woundedness in the world is playing out in gigantic proportions through war, climate change, financial upheavals and the pandemic, just to name a few!  All this makes our own healing essential. For as above, so below! The outside is mirroring the conflicts and the crises within our own psyches. Taking responsibility by healing our own wounds, (and as painful it may seem at times) makes it possible to move through this and give birth to our own lives again!

We have to find the unity and the harmony within ourselves before we can begin seeing it in the world around us. Of course, in doing so we have to take the risk of creating more hurt within ourselves – before we feel better. In other words, we can no longer just treat the symptoms. We have to go into and through the original wound that was originally created in our womb! For wherever the wound is lies the gift that we get to uncover in digging through the pain. Not an easy process but one of the best experiences we can give ourselves when we are able to shift our false perceptions and discover for the first time ever we had it all along!  This whole process has to begin with us, then bring that healing into the world to share it with others!

With all these challenges before us it is essential that we keep uncovering our creative genius so that we can use our imagination to expand our life rather than diminishing it. With all the chaos and uncertainty we must build that infrastructure based on the self-worth and unconditional love that we hold for ourselves.

When we allow ourselves to go within, we end up broadcasting the larger portion of who we truly are, our own authentic, magnetic and magical selves. After all, everything we do, we do to rise above the river of suffering and awaken to our own consciousness.  We eclipse the limited version of who we had previously shown up as in our everyday life, and by consequently following this path, the benefits that we get to discover are beyond the beyond as we experience our true destiny. However, by the time we reach that plateau, it doesn’t even matter. We have crossed the river of suffering and have risen to the Most High!

We’ve been through so much over the past two years, yet who’s counting!  Even though we may still be feeling much fear, anxiety and despair, this is just the beginning of a wonderful greater cycle. It is not the end, it is merely a pause in our evolutionary track!

As Michael Meade wrote, “We live in a time of overwhelming challenges and seemingly impossible tasks. Yet, this is not the end of time, but a break in the rhythm of history that also creates openings to the realm of great imagination and the possibility of reconnecting to the Soul of the World. When time cracks, the moment opens to eternity, making knowledge and wisdom available. Such moments of awakening become “lived time;” time fully lived in which we awaken to a greater sense of the world and our place in it. Change is the essence of life; but as people face great changes and an unknown future, they tend to become fearful.”

Until we loosen the stones that have created those huge blockages in our lives, which we had constructed to protect our vulnerable selves, we can’t find the way back to aligning with our Divine Self. Only through alignment back to our core can we find genuine ways to find our power and become the wounded-healers that bring healing back to ourselves and the world. Consequently, when enough of us find our way back to ourselves there will be a huge shift and enough remedies/solutions that will contribute to the healing of ourselves and the world! When our mind and our hearts are in alignment, we are unstoppable.  As William Henley wrote, “I am the master of my Fate, I am the captain of my Soul”.

In Robert Frost’s famous poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’, the speaker in the poem is traveling and comes upon a crossroads or a fork-in-the-road. Here he or she must decide which way to continue traveling!  The theme is about making choices.

It seems that we have the resources we need on our journey within us. In this new wild and wonderful world, seize the day, spread your wings and fly in the moments that you have. Choose You. Say ‘Yes’ to the yes in You!  Begin each day moving in the direction of your dreams and begin (if you haven’t already), living the life you were born to live – not somebody’s else’s dream, but yours!  Moreover, the best part about seizing the day is the fact that we are not just doing it for ourselves, but for others, and with others. That is how we can transform ourselves and the world at large.

What are you choosing? This is what the Awakening is all about, awakening to Who We Are as Human Angels and reflecting upon our own truth and wisdom. Moreover, as we welcome all the new energies and do our best to not get caught up in the eye of the storm as the old is being deleted and blown away, I believe no matter how harsh, challenging or uncomfortable, we will prevail!  What’s more, we may be entering this gateway feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unsure, but we will leave it with a clearer knowing, a stronger sense of our destiny, and more connected to our personal power! For We will at some time, some day be heralded as the Giants of History!

As Anne Lamott wrote, “We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be.”  We were brought here to Earth school to evolve and experience the highest spiritual journey possible. Here on Earth school in the ‘Now Age’, we are living on a moment-to-moment basis. We are the Captains of our ship and in these new uncharted waters, staying mindful and constantly aware that we may have to keep course correcting!  Even though it is not going to be perfect, just like any musician in any orchestra we must keep fine tuning our instruments to stay in harmony with the rest of our fellow musicians.

From two of my favorite teachers, “Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.  Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good.  Since the major shift on the 22nd of February, our Reality has changed hugely and will change even more. Everything is shifting and changing, and the activated New Earth is there for us to find in the higher frequencies.This is a challenging time for all of us. It is time for us to remember who we are and walk in our truth. For me, that means connecting with my Heart and the Higher Frequencies of Unconditional love.”

Keep moving, keep moving. As Lorna Bevan wrote, “Earn the wisdom of no escape from the tests of faith, the crises of meaning and the jagged cracks in the illusion of permanence, as your defenses and security systems crumble resist trying to hold things together and allow them to fall apart to find the great opportunity in this crisis. Get a taste of your vastness, your resilience and resourcefulness.”

This is a level of expansion your heart has never felt, your mind has never considered, and your body has never experienced. Continue to keep growing and keep opening up to receive. This is the time when after eons of lifetimes of giving service to G-d and humanity we are now being rewarded.  So accept, open up and know that the time is NOW, NOW, NOW!  And, the most essential part is to know that you are the Gift and so very worthy to receive it All!  LET THE BELLS RING! We have Arrived..