According to the great astrologer, Lorna Bevan, “December’s astrology is full of surprises, revelations, twists, turns, confusion and clarity. It’s the last four weeks of the Zero Point Zone culminating with the lights being switched back on December 26th.” She goes on to write, “The Chandra Symbol for Saturn: Sagittarius 20 The changing of water into wine. Given a charge of inner worlds power. A prana of life-giving essence to offer into the most obdurate situations hope and enthusiasm. Not put off by coming up against tremendous outward and inward stuff to cut through. Just knowing there is a force, there is a way somehow. Offered the keys to the kingdom. It is a rhythm, a pulse, a knack. Once you get it, you can’t lose it. Then you know the New Birth in all things. Circle December 26 2016 in your calendar. This is when the lights are switched back on. This stunning chart marks the crossover from the years of Uranus/Pluto deconstruction to the coming years of Uranus/Eris/Haumea awakening. The future starts here. Circled is the Cardinal T square between Pluto, Uranus/Eris and Jupiter conjunct Haumea. The esoteric planetary equation translates as: the Great Eliminator wired into the two Awakeners wired into the Light Bearer wired into the Harbinger of epochal events. Deepening the evolutionary burn, Lord of Time and Karma Saturn collaborates with Uranus for the first of three times to catalyze creative revolution, freedom with a purpose.”

While we are still in the gestation period it is essential to keep it simple. Simple is the new buzzword as we go through this new tunnel, this new chapter, while giving birth to this new life with more ease and grace. We are now into the transitional phase. However, there will always be expansion and things will continue to drop away. For the most part we have cleared more than we can even fathom in our logical minds. As we keep climbing the rungs there is always a matter of new horizons. Take pause and know we are on the other side and becoming more angelic and superhuman at the same time. It is astounding how the lessons were always there (if we just listened), always telling us how to become more of who we were.

As we strip away and are left with our truth, even though it is simple it may not always be easy. Know with each moment we are either moving away from our truth or toward it. When we feel we are moving toward our truth even though we may be in fear it makes us want to know more. It feels expansive and just plain good! In each moment what are we choosing? Healing keeps us in the paradigm of the human 3rd dimension. (Feeling we need to be like we were.) Trancending moves us forward. Simply put we are expanding our power in all ways. At times being a creator may feel so daunting so it is essential now to break out and expand and heighten our trust even more.

The illusion is that we are separate from everything. Illusion keeps us in fear and separates us from the Divine. The illusion somehow keeps us in duality and consequently, in fear. The illusion is that the ego creates our experience. That everything outside of us controls us. The list goes on. Everything that is not love is an illusion. It continues to drum into our heads that we are powerless, alone and not good enough. All the darkness we have experienced for eons of times is now falling by the wayside so we can embrace who we truly are. It is time to remember the truth – fear is not our friend. It is a means to its own end – to create and spread more fear. It is always being the con artist, trying to control us while seducing us to listen to its advice so we don’t have more to fear! And, if we are not conscious enough we will keep going into default. (Remember the hardest thing is breaking the habit of being ourselves.) It will keep seducing us so that we can keep dancing and tangling with it. The key to unlock that prison door is to keep looking at it and saying “I love you”. Now is the time to master our truth. The work is to remember before choosing am I plugging into love, joy, compassion or am I plugging into fear? Keep plugging into Source. To the core of who I AM. To affirm the I AM the God(dess) of my experience.

The Divine human is one who continues to have the courage to show up. The spiritual path doesn’t present euphoria, however it gives us the freedom to choose something else. Peace comes from aligning from where you are. Not wanting more or anything to be different. Why? Because we are here to give our Spirit a physical experience and pushing anything away even though it is not always comfortable is resisting the exact reason why we are creating it. Like Matt Kahn says, “We don’t have to like it. We can even hate it. We just have to love ourselves through it. Without the desire to escape there is no prison!”

By aligning ourselves to where we are is how we not only feel peaceful, we become peace! When we align with the flow/spark within us our light extinguishes all the darkness. Can you let what you need be what you want? The final purging is upon us. We are pruning everything that doesn’t align ourselves with love. We are clearing so when we step into 2017 our field is as clean as it can be. So what we need is to stand in front of our fear and just be patient until we are ready to move forward. Whatever we need is coming for us this month. It is our job to accept, love and bless it. As we accept we are connected to the flow, we become the flow.

We are here for the expansion and the evolution of the soul. We are here to integrate everything. We can’t hold ourselves hostage saying we need a list of all of the above to make us happy. Our soul knows who we are and will continue to give us what we need to evolve. That is where the huge Trust comes into play.

In acceptance we let everything move through us so we can come out the other side. The Divine is not interested in our small ideas. The Divine is always letting us know that we are the Master. However, if we are busy telling the universe what we need we can’t hear that message. We are not the student. We are the Masters.

Becoming superhuman is valuing our experiencing. Valuing who we are. Knowing we chose this time to learn all these lessons so that our life can work for us, not against us.

Ask yourself “what is capturing my attention right now?” It is about trusting at a new level. The wisdom is coming through when we slow down and keep it simple then the message is loud and clear.

It is time to stop torturing ourselves and begin caring for ourselves with more love and compassion than ever before. We are now at the Master level. When we find the value in whatever is coming up and than acknowlege and love it we remain in the now and keep our connection with Spirit so strong and at its peak.

Having compassion and love for everything changes and transforms us to a higher vibration. Get comfortable with the discomfort. Sometimes we have to fall apart so we can be pushed toward our greatness. No matter what we see we are always being loved, guided and protected, especially when we are feeling lost. That is when Amazing Grace shows up to eclipse us with more grace, faith and joy.

Even though we don’t know where we are heading we are all in the midst of that transitional process. Keep asking yourself “what AM I connecting to?” All of these things that the mind is telling us is the illusion. Creating from the Now in the moment is our new default. When we keep plugging into the core of who we are and anchoring ourselves to the Divine we are able to channel from Source and create from the moment. Making it our default plugs us into love, truth, willingness, beauty, grace we will then have a buffet of options. It is that easy. How you feel about the choice is more important that what the choice is. When we can create from love we become that essence or truth.

Let your heart lead and let the rest of the of the mind/body/spirit follow.We are ready for anything and everything. There is only good here. Destiny is unfolding and the ball is rolling. Nothing can stop us now!

We just have to hold the light and vibration so it can manifest in our experience. Now just breathe, relax and allow. With the deepest love for ourselves and for our future we have come home. Know you are all at the forefront of an important process of raising the energetic vibration of the whole planet. Welcome home!

Thank you for choosing the light and knowing that the darkness has no power before the light you be shown time and again who you truly are and may you create a sacred place not only f all that you meet so that everyone who enters your life be blessed. Today, keep kissing your heart and know you are a miracle of Love itself! EVERY area of your life will be healed, transformed, improved with a touch of angels and a dash of spirit. Take your place in the sun. It is time to fly with gossimar wings.
Thank you to all the angels, masters, teachers, guides and messengers that have made all of this happen. I especially want to thank Andrew Martin for his great forecast for December from which I was inspired to write and paraphrase his pearls of wisdom. Moreover, I AM profoundly grateful for the Grace the Divine intervention that keeps manifesting in my life. I am in awe for the expression of these mystical, magical and miraculous gifts you have bestowed upon me and for the all of us. I bow to you forever more, with great love and respect. Have the best holiday season ever. Now let’s get the party started!