by Marcy Heller


Dear Courageous Spiritual Champions,

When Carl Jung was just twelve years old he experienced his own self-transformation. He described it this way, “Suddenly I had the overwhelming experience of having just emerged from a dense cloud. I knew all at once: Now I am myself! It was as if a wall of mist were at my back, and behind that wall there was not yet an ‘I.’ But at this moment I came upon myself. Previously I had existed, too, but everything had merely happened to me.  Now I happened to myself.”

Moreover, in Penny Peirce’s book, ‘Frequency’, she wrote, “When we awaken to our true nature as energetic beings, when we enter our interiority and begin a conscious exploration of the mystery of consciousness, we will ‘happen to ourselves.’There are those who still consider self-reflection, contemplation, meditation, and other interior practices to be self-indulgent absorption. However, clinical studies and revolutionary advances within various disciplines of modern science continue to provide empirical evidence that inner practices positively shift the practitioner’s energetic frequencies. Whether electromagnetic, gravitational, or quantum, science is revealing what spiritual giants of all times and traditions have told us since the beginning of time: we are luminous, energetic beings of creative intelligence, fully equipped to consciously participate in the evolutionary impulse of the universe and become fully self-realized.”

When we begin to be love, to be trust, to be peace, instead of just wanting to experience those wonderful virtues – by becoming the embodiment of love, trust and peace we draw and attract those vibrations into our being! We attract who we are. Why? Because that is what we are broadcasting into the Field! To confirm this idea even more by becoming Alchemists, we change the energy field and voila!’ all the universe conspires to help us achieve whatever we are becoming!

Therefore, when we act as if we already have it by aligning with those feelings/energies just like a magnet we bring it into being and it organically comes to us.

We are not here to walk in history but to make history. There is a yearning in each of us to express ourselves. As Mary Oliver wrote, “What do you want to do with your One and precious life?” Something that is bigger than I! And now this is coming into our lives in ways that we cannot even know or plan ahead for.  We are creating a new life of Posse-I-bilities! It is not a life insurance program it is a life assurance program.

There is a flow state that allows for possibilities where you don’t have to figure out how it is going to happen and then by the awe the universal presence of the whatever we hold true to our vision is then manifested with its own power and grace.  Just like we did not create our organs, our breath, our digestion nevertheless they do what they do. We can’t make these processes happen. When we put our attention on the sublime like joy and gratitude the body temple does what it is suppose to do. When we delete worry, scarcity, fear, etc. and focus on to joy and gratitude, vitality and flexibility reign supreme.

How do we go about this? To begin with, ask yourself “Who would I be if the vision I am holding is manifested?  What will I be and how would it feel?” And, as this vision of possibilities starts to sing in your soul not from the chatter, chaos or from the separation of the world but the song that is singing in your soul. Now we become available – we align with our higher self which is always broadcasting and when we follow those gluten free-breadcrumbs we become a vibrational match for whatever we are being. Manifestation begins to occur.

At this auspicious junction in our Universe there are infinite possibilities – you came here at this time to be of great service to humanity. Anything and Everything is possible. The Universe is united in showing their appreciation and awe of just how much each of you have handled the challenges and density of  Planet Earth during these times.  You’re being watched over as your Light Body is activated to another level. This occurs within the heart and slightly above the heart. Your body has intelligence and will regulate itself. Please trust in your guidance by connecting to your higher self.  Do what is necessary for your situation. Remember you are the most important person in your life. Put your needs first. Stay physically as well as mentally balanced knowing you are honored and protected.

As the beautiful astrologer, Celia Fenn commented on the energies of these times…

“This is all part of the New Cycle and the Journey towards the BIG Solar/Earth alignment on the 21st December 2020. The tensions and turmoils that we are feeling in the collective consciousness right now are being intensified by the “Flight of the Phoenix” of renewal, and the establishment of the Golden Bridge on the 11/11 Portal to facilitate the movement in our Multi-dimensional reality.  There will be pressure and there will be intense pressure to fall into the duality/polarity of the “us” and “them” kind. If you are focused on the New Earth it is far better to rise above this and remember that we are one human family. Try to stay in a place of peace, calm and kindness. Look after yourself as the energies intensify. It is a good time for self care and kindness towards yourself.  You are also birthing a new YOU so treat yourself with kindness and gentleness that befits a newborn.”