This has been a most incredible year. A year full of dissolution, adjustment, change and expansion. I am not sure about you; however, I felt like I use to belong somewhere and now I feel like I am alone in the wilderness having no GPS to navigate the journey ahead. Moreover, in the absence of feeling like you belonged somewhere and now feeling nowhere I learned there can be great suffering Moreover, we are at a time where everything that we do affects everything else. So how do I stay at a higher vibration and find our joy again when it feels like I am skating on thin ice? It is becoming more challenging to stay present, mindful while still feeling the uncertainty of our new world. It has become increasingly clear that the only way to function shall now evolve by choices of the heart and not by trying to control the outcome with our linear minds. It is the new future as we enter 2018. Supernatural may be the key-word that best describes the coming of the Golden Age as we leave the New Age behind. What’s more, I have heard through an incredible source that this upgrade is the reality of heart consciousness, the reality of love, it is the reality of many of the ascended masters. Accordingly, these energies that are available to us now can bring forth creation of what you desire in every single realm and it is already anchored within us as well as the collective consciousness.

As humans we want to thrive. We want to feel joy. When the world is passing through so much death and despair, when people are suffering, when everything we knew to be true is falling apart, the most important thing any of us can do at the core of our lives is to love ourselves and our friends/family with all of our heart. To find that joy we must dig deeply inside ourselves and discover our own sacred relationship with the Divine to fuel our service in the world. In the Hindu tradition, joy is often referred to as “bliss.” The beloved Krishnamurti wrote that, “Happiness and pleasure you can buy in any market at a price. But bliss you cannot buy for yourself or for another. Happiness and pleasure are time-binding. Only in total freedom does bliss exist. Pleasure, like happiness, you can seek, and find, in many ways. But they come, and go. Bliss, that strange sense of joy, has no motive. It is everywhere and nowhere. Once it is there, depending on the quality of your mind, it remains timeless, causeless, and a thing that is not measurable by time.”

As a community we must give ourselves the permission to experience and express so much deep compassion and kindness for ourselves and others. In Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem “Kindness,” she tells us that in order to really know kindness, we must experience loss. Interestingly enough these two contradictions are part of the same coin. Fear and saddness/loss are not separate from joy and love – they are made of the same stuff. For we would never have experienced one without first appreciating and experiencing the other.

Andrew Harvey wrote, “Mining the dark energies of the shadow takes great courage. In the process we are often compelled to notice aspects of ourselves that evoke sorrow, embarrassment, fear, or a sense of inadequacy and defeat. If we are willing to persevere in exposing the shadow to our consciousness, and if we are committed to sitting with these feelings as we do so, we are likely to discover the gold in the shadow and ultimately facilitate its integration into the psyche. Invariably, this results in a profound sense of joy, humility, and gratitude that the energy we have expended in repressing the shadow is now available to us to live more passionately and creatively than we dreamed possible.”

It takes great discipline to make the changes we must must commit to in order to find our way back to joy. It calls forth a great resolve of everything in us, and only thorough our complete attention and intention will it come to surface. Carl Jung said that change requires three things: insight, endurance and action. Insight offers us a new way of seeing, a revised perspective about who we are or how the world works. As Michael Meade reminds us, “Our essential task in life is to awaken to the way that the eternal would speak through us….” What could possibly engender more joy? As Maureen Moss wrote, “The New Age Is Behind Us. Leaving far behind the New Age of spiritual information in lieu of the Golden age of Wisdom and Activity powered by Love, your soul, instincts and choice (and truly embracing the distinction,) promises to transform and support your new directions, creative life-force and Self-Mastery more rapidly than imagined. Not to say there will be no further steep steps to climb… for their will be… however, ownership of new Life belongs to the loving, integrated Self-informed.”

A look ahead:

Remember, how we used to dream as children? I AM feeling that wonderment again. Hopefully, for all of US our lives are now showing signs of something bigger, newer and greater. We all seem to be blooming again. We have all been reborn in some way, we have all be changed in some way, and it is now time for us to let go of the past, to let go of who we once were, and to start building on the new. We have to take the new beginning we have been given and now look for ways to integrate it into our lives for the better. There is an air of excitement and creativity brewing once again. Moreover, even though there may be new paths to forge in the Golden Age it belongs to those of us who are pioneering something new daring greatly while loving ourselves, our courage and tenacity more than ever. We were hard-wired for this and nothing is going to stop us now. May 2018 be the gateway to step into the unknown and create the most magnificent, magical and mysterious memories that we will never forget!

Blessings to each of you during this Holiday Season of Love and Light… May the New Year bring you Blessings of infinite health, joy and abundance. Let’s hold the vision for more dreams coming true for us all in 2018, most importantly peace on earth and a world that works for Everyone!