By Marcy Heller

At this incredible time in history I have come to realize we must let go of the word ‘struggle’ and now become Spiritual Warriors – to know that the future is in our own hands. Our job now is to believe in the things unseen. To believe we are worthy of lavish abundance, infinite health, love, joy and peace. To keep holding the consciousness of all that is, knowing we are worthy to receive it all!

I know sometimes life can seem very unfair. We all have those good and not as good days especially when we limit ourselves to just being human. However, it’s a wild and miraculous moment when we realize that we are both human and Divine. We have our Human Ego and our Divine Soul/Spirit. When we open ourselves up and stop denying or limiting ourselves to the collective consciousness or what others may think and allow ourselves to be open to receive all these newer frequencies and options available to us, we can then realize that Spirit is never absent and is always present in and around us!

As Michael Meade wrote, “Through soul we can connect to the most ancient knowledge as well as the most immediate inspirations of life. For, like gold hidden in the earth, the human soul has deep resources and a great capacity to find meaningful paths that rationality cannot discover. Finding soul and making soul involves a certain kind of courage, a kind of trust in the living world, and a sense that when everything else becomes more divided, soul knows where and how we are each intended to reconnect to the spirit of life.”

From the Gospels of Mary Magdalene, we realize that the word resurrection comes from the myth of a magical bird that endures an endless cycle of burning up in flames and then emerging reborn from the ashes. It’s about the potential of transformation from everything in life that happens giving us the opportunity for our souls to rise to the occasion. Thus, the expression ‘The Phoenix rising from the Ashes’! To be able to resurrect all the heartbreak, disappointments and tragedies and transform them into something new again!

When we surrender to what is, we not only expand, we amplify a new awakening, a new level of awareness, and begin to experience more joy, peace and gratitude. We learn to receive what is eternally being given in every moment, knowing that life is full of infinite potential. In each moment you become a living embodiment of all that you are practicing. It becomes integrated in our Souls and we can stay in the higher vibrations for longer periods of time. The more you practice this lifestyle the more it becomes integrated in your Soul. You begin to go into thanksgiving for your life. You feel the presence everywhere. Everything is energy and when you take responsibility for your life you realize that everything is happening for us and not to us! We get it, we let it in and then we share.

Start to be aware of your feelings. Use it as a road map. Our soul feelings need to be honored as they are so very valuable in our evolutionary process. We stop our own evolution when we suppress or repress anything that we resist. What’s more, eventually it’s going to be transmuted in some way, some how.  We have to allow the unconscious to become conscious. Once these emotions come to the surface we can feel it and heal it. There is always a message waiting for ears and eyes that are yearning. You can start feeling, knowing and decreeing that “My life is a good life.” That I AM a temple of infinite health. I experience abundant prosperity, enormous joy, unconditional love and in every moment I am living abundantly. Playing it small just doesn’t work anymore! It’s time for us to gather ourselves from within and become the authors of our own lives!

Even with all these changes happening now, know you have a destination. We must keep our eyes wide open and our heads high – do not give up. We have been given our ‘get out of jail card’. Time to let go, forgive and delete the imprints that have been embedded in us since we have been in the wombs of our Mothers. In a nutshell, this is why you are here. This is our work!

We are all at the precipice of creating and it isn’t just something better, it’s something new! The stars are demanding that we disengage from the past so we can radically change our life 360 degrees around and create a new self-sustaining universe from the inside out. More than ever we need to have the courage, fortitude and resilience of taking more risks. Keep asking your body to expand even further to allow these new energies and actions to be downloaded and implemented.

What’s blazing inside of us is more magnificent and powerful than anything or anyone outside of us.  However, as we have spoken about in the past the most challenging energy we will encounter is breaking the habit of being our old selves! It takes perseverance and courage to begin aligning with our Divine self rather than the mind or ego. Up until now we have lived with our human brain endlessly dictating and controlling us through our fear and flight response to survive. Once we begin building trust in our inner reality and align ourselves with the Divine it becomes so natural since that is who we truly are. Realizing this, we uncover the treasure within us, that we already are what we seek, which is Divine Love – the source of our own Being. Once we begin to live at that level, be ready to expect miracles!

By living your life authentically, experiencing and expressing who you are and refusing to compromise what you know in your heart, you are uplifting humanity. Your inner state will encourage others so that all those lives you touch wind up experiencing their own highest ability as well. With all the tests, initiations and less than loving experiences surrounding us through our self-selecting options, we can begin to choose the Divine – to choose our Souls over our fear-based egos. That ‘higher being’ in all of us.

If you are seeking Miracles, you are in the right place! Wherever you are-Expect a Miracle! Fall in Love with your Life and with yourself. Our light and wisdom must prevail so that we can pass it on to others. As the teacher Adyashanti wrote, “The biggest embrace of Love you’ll ever make is to embrace yourself completely. Then you’ll realize you’ve just embraced the whole universe, and everything and everybody in it.” The Divine knows who you are and will support you every step of the way. We are born into this universe as Light and then life happens. Transcending this illusion is the work! The more you focus on truly loving yourself the more you are open to creating big Miracles! Especially since Love makes the world go round. My wish for everyone is this; at the end of the day to make the main thing the main thing and that is how much did you love yourself and others?

In moving beyond our challenges, our limitations, our doubts and our fears and do the things that we really know we should do, we create Miracles. Everything that is not in alignment and conflicts with divine love and light patterns are disappearing so we can reflect oneness, perfection and reverence with all of life. Everything mixed with fear, corruption, greed and the inability to honor one another is coming to the surface to be exposed so we can transform it and all of our divine potential can reign. We must all now stand in our own authority and mid-wife what is uniquely individual for each of us. All life benefits when we can love whatever is happening. Especially when it is coming from the core of who we are. Nothing is more important then for this transformation to occur so that we can live our life fully from the place of our own true north. When I opened up to what is and surrendered to my fate everything started to change!

Make the Light that shines from within and without illuminate you so much that you are the One that everyone feels lucky when you walk into the room. Each and every One of Us represents the change that will help our planet thrive into this new future where we can manifest a new, sustainable, peace-filled and loving universe. You are infinite potential. We have not come here to learn. We have come here to remember who we Truly are. And, then shine as brilliantly as we can becoming the Lighthouse for the Universe.