We came here to go all the way and that’s just what we are doing. We are learning, growing and evolving. As our Higher Self knows, we are creating a new hologram for our reality. Moreover, we are integrating and realizing that once we align with source or our I AM(ness) our original nature is being activated.

Everything begins with directing our energies from our inward cast, only then can we get anywhere or create a different dream. I know for myself and others I speak with that there are many times that we may feel like we are in a dream state. Much like a stranger in a strange world; however, deep down also knowing something else is going is going on here. We are all being led by Spirit through darkness into light. Knowing that we are being offered the greatest opportunity for changing our game and moving into that new dream potentially to become fully realized and express that in our service to the world. This up-leveling will require a leap of faith, more trust as well as discipline so we can than break the habit of being ourselves to allow new things to unfold into our lives in a brand new way. Practice mindfulness so when you are not being present and limiting yourself from past experiences you can gently and lovingly return to the Now, where you can always choose a different reality.

According to the spiritual teacher Dee Wallace, “We keep being tested by the outside world and ourselves because we are not knowing and experiencing we are the God of Us…that is the Power, Love, Joy and Choice. We are not allowing ourselves to know because we are in fear that, once we DO know, it will be taken from us. And so we keep ourselves from manifesting, because we are afraid of losing the manifestation, and so we don’t manifest it. And around and around and around we go.

Astrologically this is a great time to dedicate the next 3 to 6 weeks to adapt to a rewiring, re-calibration and new circuitry. This is the new dawning – the long term transformation to create and anchor in a new future. Welcome home. Know we are the forerunners for this new perception of humanity.

The chains are being lifted; however even when elephants are held by a chain they learn to stay in one place and never venture into the unknown. Just like an elephant we have been trained not to be the deliberate creators we truly are. In this new model it is essential to live our lives fearlessly. Therefore, it is also imperative that we continue to keep choosing a higher path to embrace the powerful creators we truly are. To know in each moment we have choice and to walk bravely into that direction with grit and grace. Claim it! It belongs to you. Open your heart and allow yourself to receive now and now. Abundance is mine…keep using it for your divine path and the highest good for all and then rejoice. Once we open up to the world that is beyond the mind-body which exists beyond the rational human thinking mind we enter into a world of awesomeness, love and light. Remember we always have choice – As Matt Kahn wrote, “You have the power to bring forth the most incredible experiences by welcoming the decisions that feel most loving to you.”

Today, celebrate your joy, your courage and your resilience. Believe in who you are and what you do. Dare to surrender to anything that is keeping you hostage while removing all the barriers that are standing between you and living in perfect alignment with the Divine. As a society we often talk about going home. But this time around, it is not about you going home, but bringing home to us by tapping into that place where you can experience more peace and happiness then ever before. What is bubbling over to be expressed? Get curious about what you are passionate about and what gets your mo-jo working? Ride the excellent energies of your life and take that leap off the precipice. With your expression, intention and action it can become a reality to engage in. Your life will enfold with beauty and grace. Each of us is here to be a Divine and deliberate Creator. Know that You were born for greatness!

Thank you for the opportunity of walking this path together. You are the pioneers, the shape-shifters, the spiritual warriors and the way-showers who have come together to create as never before…

With great respect and love know I respect and honor all of You more than words can say.