by Marcy Heller
“It’s always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.” Paulo Coelho

Dearest Spiritual Warriors,

The evolution of the Expanded Self is no easy task, and yet this is where we have landed – more expanded, amplified and evolved!

Last year it was decreed, “In the eye of this perfect storm, in 2019 – 2020 you are being handed the biggest get-out-of-jail free, cosmic pass of your entire life. What to do with it, that’s the question? When you surrender, when you reconcile yourself to things you cannot change, you set in motion a sequence of events in a whole new direction.”

Collectively and individually we are all the new seekers. We are attempting as never before to walk the incredible, diverse and severe path of the ‘eye-of-the-needle!’ Seeking to go beyond all our limitation, all that we have ever known, and taking the risk of getting out of our collective boxes at this very intense level by cracking through all that was familiar as well as the collective and ancestral codes that are implanted in our DNA.

Along with this new found freedom is the realization that nothing can or will remain the same.  For those of us who are entrenched in the old ways this could be the most freeing and yet the most difficult thing – to release ourselves from the belief that simply because we have done something for so long there is no reason to continue doing it or believe it can’t or won’t change!

As the Channel, Kryon tell us is: “Be open to things you don’t expect. Look at every door of the future as a benevolent door. If you walk through it and there might be a non-benevolent thing that takes place, deal with it in love. You carry the light. Dark things will scamper away when you show them light. What I’m telling you is that today there are solutions to things that had no solution in the past. This is because you carry more light than you ever have before, and light is your wisdom to see things differently. It’s the light of an entitled old soul.  You are not a victim of this planet. You are not a victim of a system. Your consciousness creates reality. When you walk through a door, expect things to be the way you want them to be. I’ve told you this before. When a light-worker of high consciousness goes into a place and expects a benevolent result, it’s like ordering food on a menu of the universal restaurant of energy. You demand it because that is what the angelic realm around you has always told you is possible.”

We now have at our fingertips so many new tools and techniques to upgrade and reboot ourselves as we continue breaking old habits and become our newer selves. Keep tapping into that loving wisdom, it is there waiting for you within the cave of your own heart.  We don’t have to return to that old way of thinking, feeling and being. In this new dimension it simply does not work any longer. Just know that you were breathed into this universe and how much magic is in the very being of you. Our perfectionism is destroying us as well as our mind-set of our own false perceptions of lack and limitations. I invite you to keep sending Divine Love in ever increasing measures to fill your heart and soul. Learn to have more love and compassion for yourself exactly as you are, your flaws and imperfections are showing you the path to healing. They are all that makes you so vulnerable and beautiful at the same time and what makes you feel fully alive. It’s okay to not feel perfect, peaceful and beautiful in every moment. It’s alright to not be happy all the time.  So let’s make an agreement to all be imperfectly perfect together. To stop fighting the existing reality. As Buckminster Fuller and many others have said, “A Truer, Grander Vision. You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Be the best you can be and know that is good enough!

This is the most amazing time to start a new You ~ These times have brought so many sudden changes, shocks and challenges as well as so many opportunities for doing things differently now that we are beginning to believe our fate of being the Masters of our Universe. To finally accept that you are all truly magnificent beings of love, light and magical power. Everything we do as we co-create our new world is based on our intention and our attention to our own worthiness to receive. Change your thinking, and you change your world!  There are no words to express my gratitude and love for all of my family, friends and wonderful souls who are and will be in my life now and forever more.  How blessed AM I? for the incredible honor to be able to share my puffy heart and give birth to a new Divinely Loving Humanity with the most courageous, conscience hearts and souls to walk the Earth.

I wish you the best holiday season ever…may 2020 bring you infinite blessings of abundant health, incredible joy and never-ending abundance. Let’s continue to hold the vision for ourselves and the world for all of our dreams becoming our realities for all of us and most importantly peace on earth and a world that works for everyone!