by Marcy Heller

Hallelujah! Here’s to US! The wild, the weird and the trailblazers who are continuing to map their own journey, to ride the waves on their own seas and for those who wander but are certainly not lost!  For you, the leaders, the way–showers and the heart driven star-seeds who are searching and living the truth of their own hearts, thank you all for walking the road less traveled, and living your passion with purpose.  Thank you for staying awake and nourishing your Souls, not starving your destinies, but beating to your own drum, daring to be in, and feel, love!

This is our purpose, to live authentically, openly and honestly anchoring the light until we become a source of uncovered light and love. Then life pours forth to renew us with each heart and Soul we are graced to touch.

Our collective experience from the last few years is showing us that crisis ignites evolution – we are all fully experiencing the greatest adventure in human history, conscious evolution!  In going through this, the shifts taking place are available for all of us to finally get it out of our heads and realize that we aren’t the victims here! This is what the Awakening is all about, awakening to Who We Are as Human Angels and expanding our abilities to reflect that truth and wisdom. Our Souls are assisting us in course-correcting so the powerful force within us can shed the old out-worn illusions and cultivate the confidence, courage and resilience of acting and knowing who we truly are instead of being caught up in the ravages of the storm as the old is blown away. Moreover, our willingness to ask and receive is what is opening the gates within and without!

And even though we all have been broken open in one way or another, we ain’t down yet! For myself, this has been an extraordinary journey for setting myself free in ways I could never have imagined. Through Divine intervention, I continue to rise up and thrive through the emotional pain while committing to growing and ascending more. I am so ready to give up the struggle so I can return to the land of peace. Simple, not easy, however, being aware of what I am aware of in the given moment is the first step.

We now have the potential to create a new normal that is making it possible to thrive beyond our wildest dreams. However, the one key we require to unlock that door is that we have to be willing to change our perspective of who and what we are. Many are still unaware of our own power and that we have now become the bridge between heaven and earth. Taking baby steps and learning to cross the bridge from the world that is saying bye-bye into the new world that is not quite here yet requires a new perception. The essential and necessary revolution must happen within ourselves. What’s more, everything depends on our attitude toward ourselves. It is essential for all of us to no longer diminish ourselves and claim ourselves in a new way, not judging, feeling we should be this or that, to sing a new song, create a different story. What is your new sound-track going to feel and sound like?  This new way of being not only transforms ourselves but everything that is all around us.

Up until now we have lived and experienced a world that worshiped limitations and what is not possible! I believe no matter what will come, no matter how harsh, challenging or uncomfortable, we are all thriving in one way or another. Moreover, even now after discovering how human, how entirely messy and magical we were born to be we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that the gateways are opening and that spiritual gifts are developing to and through us all the time.

As we are taking our power back, remember even though we can’t see it, the dark side is not going to win. It might get louder; however it is going to dissolve. It will not dissolve without a fight so we must be as courageous as possible. The Force is always with us! The Light is going to win. Remember as we shine our Light, a critical mass of human beings are arising because of our work! We have to trust. We have to choose. We have to believe!

Moreover, let’s all continue to hold the vision of Amazing Grace for ourselves and the world, where all of our dreams become realities and we create a world where there is infinite health, compassion, never-ending peace, kindness and unconditional, divine love, working for everyone! As the channel, Paul Selig speaks in his book, ‘Alchemy’, “There is never a moment without the presence of the Divine, although your availability to it, through personality, persona, identity, may be diminished by your fear, by your idea of what is so, and the importance you give to an outcome that has not yet come. Each of you here, in your own way, have come to be sung in a new voice.”

The late, great Debbie Ford in her book, ‘Your Holiness’ wrote, “Do not for a minute deny your holiness, your godliness, and the power of your true self. Because you are wanted, needed, and, more importantly, a holy addition this world. So open up, commit, and enjoy this journey, your holy ride!