I believe that I keep mentioning that we are living in the most unique times in history and that the stakes are so high, because they truly are. The totally amazing news of the week is that Reality is not a fact, but a story. Just like in The Wizard of Oz, the Wizard that is alive and well within ourselves is creating our own myths. Our reality is the story we are creating in each moment. We are manifesting these challenges so we can rise up and become who and what we truly are!

Just like in Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero’s Journey, we are all heros with a thousand faces who are being called to show up for this incredible adventure we call life. An adventure that is summoning us to leave the old behind and create new ways of being.

Just like Dorothy whose house was lifted off its foundation, our foundations (security) are being lifted so we too can alter our story and create another scenario. In The Wizard of Oz once the house reaches the top of the cyclone it is thrown and falls from the sky. Upon landing having survived the crash, Dorothy opens the door to the outer world to find something entirely unexpected. Moreover, just like the Hero’s Journey and The Wizard of Oz we are being thrown from our Vortex so we can open the gateway to new worlds! These stories are showing us how transformation can begin right now right here.

As inspirational artists, pioneers and way-showers we are bringing a new vision into our reality. Thus, we are all creating our own Yellow Brick Road. It all begins with ourselves operating on all four burners. Like the heros in these stories, failure is not an option. Know it isn’t just any story. It is an outrageous love story that is not complete without living our love story to its fullest. When each of us contributes our own instruments/gifts we create a symphony. How do you envision your cosmic symphony? Is your heart in tune with yourself?

Go out this week and carry the impulse of love. Expand it as never before. This week more than ever know we are here to create a world that matches our potential. You are needed for all of it. Reality needs you for your unique creative ideas, talents and vision.

I know myself and many of us are feeling this call to adventure in our own lives. With all the tears and triumphs we are all being guided to make a difference in the world. For the first time ever, know that reality it is not a fact it is a story. It is your story. It is evolutionary love expanding as never before. The winds of change are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail and the rising tide raises all the ships. We are all being lured to contribute our own unique gifts. This is our turn. We are the unique self symphony. It is the genius of our unique universal intelligence playing out.

I know it is so easy to think I am not good enough. However, take this to heart and know you are a unique expression of outrageous love and that love is the source of all that is. Reality needs you for the unique contribution you create so you can also know who you truly are. Only you have your own unique perceptive, your slant on reality, your genius, your taste. As they stated in the Evolutionary Church webcast last week, “Breathe in the evolutionary power of creation. Become your own mystic. We are imbued with the energy of the universe in every moment. To be a mystic is to know everything is new.” If we remembered who we truly are and our precious presence and purpose to be here now we would fall to our knees in gratitude and grace.

Know you hold the possibility of possibilities within you. We are imbued the energy of the universe and it is up to us to express these gifts through ourselves into the world. As Sayana says, “Step into the awareness of Who and What you are as an eternal soul and you know there is nothing to fear.”

New energies are pummeling earth in depths we have not experienced in this lifetime. These energies are a result of our requests so that we are rapidly becoming that which we worked so diligently to become – beacons of light and love. To be a lighthouse for outrageous love.

Just like in the song, “How could anyone ever tell us that we are less than whole. Fail to notice that our love is just a miracle. And how deeply we are connected in our souls. ” Today expand yourself to be available to give your gifts to the planetary awakening. There is nothing more profound that you can do! Expect a Miracle and know you are so loved.