Oh, what a week. For many of us who are experiencing and still lingering and integrating the energies of the tail gate end of the eclipse, more than ever it is essential to have more self-care for ourselves. The eclipse has brought in energies, downloads and up-levelings that we have never known before and may linger on in the up and coming months so we can re-set, re-calibrate and realign with our higher more authentic selves. And, to create the backdrop for us to rewrite our stories. As Loren Beven wrote, “Coming to the end of your own path, and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. The destiny – necessity is there – so much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong.”

Now is the time for us to know that this is our true birthdate. In the palms of your hands you possess the authority for a whole new re-ordering of your life as you know it. We are being born in each and every new moment and as we give birth to our newer, higher selves it is essential to nurture our bodies since they are still trying to catch up with our already evolved and conscious souls. This intense energy is bringing all of our hidden shadows for them to come up to the surface to be released. We are liberating ourselves from the past.

In this new paradigm I invite you to allow everything to come in, all sensations, all feelings, all sounds, all those waves that we used to label or judge dark’, or negative, or dangerous – fear, anger, boredom, doubt, confusion, frustration, helplessness… not judging, nor shaming nor criticizing just allowing everything to enter and come in to rest, to breathe, to be fully themselves in the space that you are integrating yourselves in the wholeness of who you truly are. As Caroline Myss, writes, “The Shadow is that part of you that remains unknown, yet influences every part of your life. However, the Shadow isn’t bad—it’s just hidden. And since it’s hidden, it runs around with no supervision, often wreaking havoc and causing suffering in your life. When you bring your Shadow into the light, it no longer has power over you.”

In the past we lived in a universe bent on duality. We are not in Kansas anymore! As we may have felt this cosmic whiplash after the eclipse which is only here to stir up all these layers to enable us and bring them to the surface to feel and then to finally heal. So imagine as you integrate all of these swirling, pulsating energies of that which we you have identified yourselves with as just parts of you coming up to be loved. They are not good. They are not bad. As Leonard Cohen wrote, “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in!” Moreover, you now get to choose what parts of your personality you want to keep and while knowing those energies that now longer serve us are ready to leave. They are the parts of us that have been eclipsed and now have been illuminated by the light for us to love them and ourselves even more. Only with outrageous love are we going to be able to meet the outrageous suffering that we have experienced and endured for eons of time up until now. Welcome them in the unlimited room that you are. Love them beyond the beyond and make them your Beloved in which the all of You can celebrate, create and rejoice.

I love what psychologist and spiritual counselor, Matt Licata wrote, “It emerges out of the here and now. While the narrative that you are “falling apart” is rich and multi-layered, look carefully and see if you were ever “together” to begin with. You are the vast space in which “together” and “apart” dance in union, and you will never be limited to either of these narratives. Rest for a moment and honor the unprecedented nature of what is moving within you. If you remain too identified with “falling apart,” you cut into the natural aliveness that is the essence of pure, immediate experience. You lose contact with the luminous within, and become mis-attuned to the wisdom of your unfolding experience, exactly as it is. You disconnect with the radiance of embodied presence, with the intelligence of the earth, and with the high-voltage realization that nothing has ever been wrong with you. You forget that the darkness, when provided sanctuary, is brighter than a thousand suns.”

In her speech for the commencement ceremony for the graduating class of 2017 at Smith College Oprah Winfrey urged the students to use they gifts to change the world for the better. Once you do this the rewards will follow.

I invite all of you in our elite evolutionary community as the way-showers, pioneers and bearers of Love and Light help this world expand and amplify into its greatness. We’re all being ask to show up and and be super catalysts that will lead us in our spiritual transformation. With our magic, magnificence and mo-jo at our fingertips we are tipping the scale with each prayer, meditation and intention. It’s sacred work. Reality needs us more than ever in creating this grand design. Once you begin sharing your Divine essence the miracles will unfold right in front of you. With your creative genius contributing to the collective consciousness , every thought and intention is changing the field for the All of US as we are mid-wifing a new era on earth.

The universe is rooting for you. As you awaken today and give the unique gifts that no one else can give but you know you are not alone. Know that no one else can write that story, paint that picture or sing that love song that only you can do to perfection. Confess your greatness. Come alive and be the best you. A new humanity awaits us all. This new Reality knows your name. Reality needs your service and today may you receive the Blessings of who you truly are. Know your love is just a miracle!

I send you abundant blessings, unconditional love and support as you travel this incredible journey of your soul knowing the best is yet to come…