I wanted to share something that is so wonderful and easy for you to do. Something that is an open secret that I AM always inspired, uplifted and protected by. Moreover, I want to share just how easy it is for you to have some of this mystical and magical information-and how anyone can enjoy it right now wherever they are. Knowing everything begins and ends with you and for anything to be useful and relevant it has to begin with you.

What I AM about to share with you today is the Power of Prayer. Many of us never took it seriously as a spiritual discipline since that very few of us have ever been taught how to pray, not to mention knowing the incredible mystical transformative power within this great spiritual tool!  Many of us have been taught that to pray to ask the Creator for some type of favor. Or you may have also been taught to pray for “forgiveness,” or maybe to ask for clarity for a spiritual problem or desire. Once you really learn what prayer is and how to pray and the evolutionary ways that prayer transforms your consciousness it elevates you into a higher, more transcendental state of being. Prayer is a deep communion with The Divine. Once we become more intimate with our inner landscape it expands our capacity to act from a place of love into the heart – creating a direct relationship with the Beloved.

­In prayer we open the whole of our being to go beyond our rational and limited minds and open ourselves to a dialogue with the One of All That Is.  What’s more it is an on-going communion much like the one you would establish in an intimate relationship with a loved one. You are learning how to develop and cultivate a direct relationship with The Divine itself.  It’s coming together on deeper and deeper levels with The Divine which can help you flourish with great ecstasy, peace and love. You feel a power that is limitless and not only heals and blesses you but can heal and transform the world. It fills you with a Oneness that is profound.  Once you get a glimpse of what becomes revealed to you through this splendor your soul and spirit are ignited. You feel whole and holy!

In aligning yourself with more and more of The Divine presence in your thoughts, words and deeds your evolution speeds up – you accelerate the awakening of The Divine within you and everyone around you.  In feeling this bliss you are not only up-leveling your evolution but you transcend all the hearts and souls you touch which then accelerates the awakening of humanity.

Once you encounter this mystical experience it is like going into the most almost unfathomable mystery. A mystery that Andrew Harvey wrote, “It is always transcending anything that can be. This mystery is beyond name, beyond form, no dogma, philosophy or set of rituals can ever express it fully. It always transcends everything that can be said of it and remains always unstained by any of our human attempts to limit or exploit it. “

“All prayers are heard and answered,” says Caroline Myss. And once you understand the role of prayer in your own personal transformation, you come to know there could be no other way. Myss goes on to say, “When you pray from a place of inner stillness, our thoughts and words become sacred. You experience prayer at its deepest and most profound level—as a direct channel into union with God. We can hear the answering call of heaven – for calling upon this grace that will never fail to guide and shelter us.”

The choice is yours. It is up to you. Take a few minutes each day to withdraw from the chaos of the world and all of its distractions and enter in your sanctuary for a moment of silence with The Divine – to touch the core of who you are.  From my experience it is breath-giving. It sustains me and gives me hope. Prayer gives me strength and protection. It helps me eclipse all those illusionary challenges so I am able to transform any situation.  As Spiritual Warriors we can then pave the way with our intention and sacred action for not only our own well-being but for the health, and the well-being of our entire planet.

Now more then ever it is essential for all of us on this journey as seekers to go beyond overwhelm to those sacred depths and surrender to the deepest level with The Divine so that we can melt the fear, anxiety and doubt we have held in our DNA for thousands of years.