People often wonder what is humility.  Some of the definitions for Humility are: A humbleness or a quality of being courteously respectful to others or the opposite of aggressiveness, arrogance and vanity. Humility is having a clear perspective and respect for one’s place. With humility, we accept our place as one among many others. When we recognize that we are no more important than those others we approach even the most menial tasks joyfully. We accept that we are only here to be of service in this great creation.

According to Andrew Harvey, “humility is the beginning and the middle and the end of the evolutionary path. There are no gurus or masters on the evolutionary path for the simple reason that there is no end to evolution.”

“A great Sufi mystic was wandering by the sea one day and he met an old beggar woman who by the shining of her being, he knew that she was awake, and he knew that she was the one who could answer a question that had been tormenting him for years and that question was “Do the transformations ever end?” And so plucking up his courage, he went up to her and asked her the question and she howled with laughter that shook all his body, and then she shouted at the top of her voice, “How could the transformations ever end because love is infinite?”

And then he asked her, “How can I or anyone go on and on and on endlessly transforming beyond even this world, beyond even the angels?” And she replied with one word — humility.

Humility is the only virtue that will allow you always to stay empty whatever you have achieved along the path.”

Today I am feeling so humbled. While writing my musings for Monday’s Muse-Letter and spending a good deal of the morning writing, some the file I was working on vanished into thin air.  So here I AM again growing into Grace.  I have a choice to give up or keep moving to improve my life and being truly committed to assisting others no matter what’s going on. For me the prize of this gift is that I got to choose Love. To be more loving to myself. We are here to evolve and I know life celebrates those who keep trying; who continue to grow no matter what and to keep moving, keep moving. I know that there is no one out there punishing me for making a mistake or doing something wrong this morning.  Often we have these experiences that seem to cause us fear, frustration or anger. However, they are wonderful opportunities disguised as crises. As  my friend, Joe wrote, “Fabulous…yes, Love and Forgiveness are the salve and the ointment within G_D’s cosmic body which are, along with their brother/sister companion COMPASSION, the lifeblood and nurturing and sustaining element of G_D and his/her Universes. “ I get to choose over and over again what I want to create in this infinite multi-verse of possibilities.  I chose to be in a state of love and be loving to myself.  And, whatever we are present to grows and expands more and more, higher and higher and bigger and bigger.  And when I can choose Me and allow all that love to mingle in that higher vibrational frequency I AM in the realm of infinite possibilities where I get to create even more and more magic. And, as the Dalai Lama wrote, “Happiness is not ready made, it comes from our own actions.” What’s more is that maybe in some small humble way I can learn a lesson that will assist another so they won’t have to walk that same difficult or painful path.

I didn’t get here by myself. I feel like Humpty Dumpty – it took a whole community to help me heal and put me back together again.  For all of you who connected with me or showed-up last Monday evening from my heart I Thank you. I was super-honored. Your radiance, essence, passion and power are transforming my life. I AM humbled by your Love, Support and Friendship.  Thank you again for allowing me into your lives and for giving me a reason to be reborn over and over again. I dedicate everything I AM to You!  And, to Jonathan and Daniele thank you for having a wonderful dream and creating Project Mate where we can all be on Purpose! Have the best birthday ever, Daniele!