by Marcy Heller

Oh my goodness, what a week this has been for many of us who are still experiencing last Friday’s Pisces Full Moon which brought in even more brand new phases of intense Evolutionary changes. And, personally it felt very weird. It was a feeling like watching a movie, yet being very engaged in the experience.

I am blown away each week to the energies that are weaving their way through our lives on Planet Earth. It is nothing short of amazing. As we are becoming super-human the best part is that it not only empowers us, it gives us even more inspiration to continue doing what we are all passionate about during these transformational times.

This full moon according to the brilliant astrologers from the ‘The Power Path’ is in a nutshell, “This Full Moon supports a commitment to stretch your vision beyond what you know, see, think and believe. It is time to begin rewriting the story of oppression, futility, blame, darkness, self-destruction, greed, retaliation, vengeance, martyrdom and many other negative attitudes and positions we have attached ourselves to. Holding on to the familiarity of our dysfunctions is breeding suffering and despair. It is truly time to shift this to another level of a higher vibration and begin to look at what is possible instead. The influences at this time are both inspiring and potentially depressing. As we push beyond the veil we uncover not only the inspired potential but also the energy that sits just on the other side of the coin of creative potential. We need to be able to hold both energies, and, with commitment and determination, allow the negativity, limited thinking and old patterns to be released making room for something bigger, better and much improved. Beware of falling onto the trap of discouragement. Allow the nasties to surface with the intention and purpose of helping them out the door. Whatever happens, don’t wallow in misery. If you are feeling stuck, go out into nature and appreciate with gratitude some of the beauty around you. This will help shift the energy. This full moon also supports a focus on self care. What do you need at this time for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? Take the steps to make a commitment to honor your personal needs and take care of yourself first so that you can be in a better position to serve others later. This could be as simple as taking more time to enjoy a practice or to be around something that inspires you. And, for those that crave alone time, take it. There is also a strong aspect of taking action during this full moon time as well as gaining insight into your needs, the bigger picture and creative expansion. The action piece should be monitored and supported with practicality and moderation. Short term goals should be attainable, tangible and fun. Long term dreams can be a stretch of the imagination at this time.”

Now is the time for us to know that this is our true birth date. More than ever before it is essential to have more self-care for ourselves. The seas are parting to provide a corridor to move from the old reality to newer and much more magical times. Even though tired and wired has become the new normal we are now re-ordering our new life. We are being born in each and every new moment as we give birth to our newer, higher selves so it is essential to nurture our bodies since they are still trying to catch up with our already evolved and conscious souls. This intense energy is bringing all of our hidden shadows to the surface for them to be released. We are liberating ourselves from the past. Remember, when you do the work, everyone around you is up-lifted. Your energy is your calling card.

The world is being accelerated and amplified in so many different ways and so are we. Much like downloading new software, knowing that the old software no longer works in the new world we must take that leap of Faith and Trust the process. What do you need to just stop doing? As we glance outside we realize how the old structures, bureaucracies, hierarchies and rules we have come to rely on are collapsing. It’s essential that we build from the inside out a new infrastructure that aligns with our own true selves. Models that have been in place for so long are being demolished and are falling apart. They will never be the same again. It’s time for a new reality check. To move out of alignment with what you have been taught, so you can access new levels of expression, new levels of experience, in higher ways. As Paul Selig, channeled, “Once again, we say these words: “Behold. I make all things new.” That is the True Self in its vision, in its expectation, so as you align to it, you may begin to receive its fruits”

Between now and 2021 things are going to continue to shift in ways that will blow our minds. However, the higher we allow our vibrations to rise, the less we will feel challenged by the changes and the chaos they can bring. It’s all about letting go. Are you ready to stop playing small? If you are ready you can actualize your greatest potentials by investing the time, energy, work, and resources to become the best possible version of yourself. You are standing at the precipice. Are you ready to take that monumental leap? Right now is the moment you begin the process of becoming your “superhuman” self.

I invite you all to make a commitment today to create the best life ever using all your energy, passion and intelligence, of which you have plenty. Start seeding your life in the image of what you want to be doing, as Shakespeare wrote, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep!” Get drunk on loving your life! This is your opportunity to re-calibrate and ground yourself into your own True North. This is when trust must eclipse the old blueprint and begin a new chapter being your authentic Self. You are being asked to re-enchant and re-imagine your world, and to see it with a new vision. Start there and then with unconditional love, compassion and self-discovery start creating your masterpiece. You have been dreamed into this world. Take pause and remember your personal evolution not only inspires others but it is raising the vibration and consciousness around the world and back. It’s why we are all here – to make a difference for ourselves and others. Remember you want to be the One that when you walk into the room everyone feels lucky to be there!

Let’s all together create a global pandemic of Peace and Love. Let’s do it! Each and every One of Us represents the change that will help our planet thrive into this new future where we can manifest a new, sustainable, peace-filled and loving Universe. You are infinite potential. We have not come here to learn. We have come here to remember who we Truly are. So much love to you all at this most incredible, most important and most profound time, when everything and everything is possible.