Creating transformation and healing consciously may be the greatest accomplishment and the biggest challenge we ever face in this lifetime. Not only are we continually called to adapt to change but at the same time beckoned to initiate change in ourselves as well. Moreover, all of it can start to be very frightening for those of us attached to how things were.

And since we can’t grow and still hold on to who we thought we were, we’re constantly learning how to get ourselves out of it and avoiding the pain of the unknown. We are all being called to shift deep within ourselves and rise up emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually to develop a new infrastructure/new muscles that will house and protect who we are giving birth to. Whenever we feel limitation in this new paradigm it is simply a Divine Invitation to move forward, to rise above and not allow negativity and fear to dictate and control our destiny.

As a society we have always tried to avoid pain. However in avoiding our pain we avoid our growth. Miracles occur when we are able to move through our suffering and begin our healing journey by listening to what our pain is trying to tell us. Only then can we successfully walk the path to self-empowerment and real change.

Maureen Moss in her newest newsletter wrote, “The upheaval now visible no matter where one looks around the world or in their world is creating the perfect storm for that connection to be made. Seize this opportunity to break the trance and cut ties with ALL that slows the evolution of the emergence of the Golden Age, of Love, and of your equanimity and sovereignty. Focus through awareness on arriving at certainty that nothing is more precious, more life-giving, more valuable, more nourishing, more uplifting, more safe, more powerful, more important, more believable, more abundant nor more loving… than YOU coming into alignment with your True Self and living your true existence in an empowered state of consciousness. We are (many) making long strides on behalf of our True Selves having a more grounded and loving sense of purpose. Sooner, rather than later, the question why am I here will be a voice in your distant past. Through chaos and grace we are being led to create a new experience of existence. Bless it all. Don’t worry or pass judgment on it. Be your greatest ally and contain yourself in One unified field of consciousness. Follow your hearts authority and listen to the bells of your destiny”.

A Course in Miracles says that the only thing lacking in any situation is what we’re not giving. That is why having a spiritual practice is so important. I might even go so far as to say it is the most successful tool to use so that we may thrive and not just survive in any area of our life. Our minds must be trained so they can be channels for right thinking. In having a spiritual practice we are not just changed, we evolve. We grow because of what we are experiencing. We become more compassionate, more peaceful, stronger, much more connected and more loving to ourselves and others. We heal all the broken parts and and open to the miracles of transformation, evolution and forgiveness. We evolve into super-humans without having to die doing it!

Thank you all for staying in your hearts as you become the most powerful intuitive learners and leaders pioneering a new humanity and consciousness for all of us to be resurrected. Know you and your work are such a blessing. Thank you for choosing the light and knowing that the darkness has no power before the light of your own Being. May you be shown time and again who you truly are and may you create a sacred place not only for yourself but for all that you meet so that everyone who enters your life be blessed. Today, keep kissing your heart and know you are a miracle of Love itself!