by Marcy Heller


Dear Spiritual Courageous Champions,

Enlightenment is a way of viewing and experiencing life. Moreover, all of our practices are here to align with the higher frequencies and be an important part of our devotion to a higher state of love, compassion, truth, faith, patience, joy, hope, gratitude, kindness, grace and wisdom as we humbly evolve.  We do this not only for ourselves, we do this for the welfare of all beings as we continue to unfold into the great mystery of Being, walking each other back home.

On this incredible journey on earth at this time, there are divine beings who assist through their service of grace. These beings called Angels are not separate from the universe, but one with all!  Angels inspire and uplift us, always standing by to guide and assist us they are paramount in the evolution as our connection with the Divine. They are the bridge between heaven and earth and when we reach out to them for their guidance we are provided with the most practical and sacred celestial love that allows us to tap into our own intuition as well as providing us with a vortex of sacred wisdom and love. They help us remember that we have and always will have all the power, magic and the miracles of the Creator within!

For me aligning with the Angels not only brings answers, it also brings a sense of ease and grace that continues to raise my awareness, and assists me in expressing more love, kindness and compassion.  Feeling that Ease and Grace, especially in this accelerated frequency of transformation, being on Higher Ground now is the most important feeling One can experience.  It is a medium of Miracles that aligns me with my highest good for myself and for the most benevolent outcome for all!

By aligning with Divine Source, the Angels, my intention is not to create mystique but rather to provide everyone with more sacred and practical tools to use on their path of ascension. Especially now through the current period of vast planetary and personal change.  One of the most difficult experiences for myself was the challenge of breaking the habit of being myself.  Raising my vibrations, as I replaced old thoughts that didn’t serve me any more. Since, for most of us we know when we change our thoughts, we change our experience of the world.  And right now nothing seems more important that to up-level our experiences in this world!

As Stewart Pearce writes in his brilliant book, ‘The Angels of Atlantis’,

”Angels are thoughts of God, and as such have existed in the eternity of the Universe as omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent beings forever. Their presence is countenanced by Divine Will to gift humanity with ministrations of Divine Grace. Their role is to love for the sake of love, unconditional and unfettered in its expression. Their work is to vibrate the elixir of grace in miraculous ways, so as to re-orientate our perception of this physical plane of existence, the three-dimensional world in which we live. The Angels light-filled intelligence reminds us of the creative state of immortality that is the only true function of our creative purpose here on Earth. Their love reminds us that deep within each of us is the knowing that we are from the Source, and that to the Source we return when form is resolved, through the fulfillment of our incarnation, the expiation of our karma, and the atonement of our life lessons. Their presence in our lives provides us with profound keys by which we may evoke a greater wisdom through the expression of our creative purpose through spirit, and that when this is done to the betterment of cosmic life, as it is written in the great books of Akasha, we return to our origin. This occurs when our soul destiny evolves to that point of Light Emission that calls us from this Planet, and so we return to the Source. These Angelic beings of light have lovingly looked after us through eons of time, and yet only assist when we request such of them. Wherever we are, whatever we do, whomever we may be, our Angelic guardians always envelope us in eternal love, harmony and compassion. Except with some human beings the levels of amnesia developed by the density of our three-dimensionality, clouds our perception.”

As the creators of our world, everything we think, feel and express is literally moving out into the universe and creating the path/experience before us. It is what we are broadcasting. Just like a radio station. Moreover, as we refine our thoughts/frequency we can then broadcast a higher vibe for the world to experience. Our life is our garden and the more we can keep it green and keep weeding out what isn’t kind, gracious and loving, the more we can grow/evolve and nourish our souls!

A thought is like a ripple. When you drop a stone into the pond it changes the whole frequency of the water surrounding it. Our thoughts are creating waves in our life. And just like a ripple that moves away from us eventually as the tide turns it comes back in a wave.  As we sow, so shall we reap! Our thoughts come back to Us!

I felt compelled to share this information to assist you so that you too can create more of the feelings of  ‘heaven on earth’, rather than the frequencies of chaos, uncertainty and negativity that seem to be permeating the world around us. By aligning with Divine Source/Angels, and continuing to ask our Angels to intercede on our behalf we are moving towards the light surrounding us with the highest form of protection. Not only do you feel comforted, there is a feeling of having that spiritual armor as we go out into the world at large.

What’s more, I wanted each and every one to know that you too have an Entourage of Angels that surround you at all times and are just waiting to provide you with their Angelic Assistance.  However, because we have free will they will not intercede on your behalf unless you ask them to.

As an example, the Angel Teacher, Kyle Gray, suggests when starting out to work with your Angels to say, “Thank you, Angels for reminding me of our presence and for revealing to me what I need to know.  I am willing to listen and receive. And so it is.” Aligning with your Angels not only brings answers, it also brings a sense of peace, raises our awareness and expresses love and nothing is more important than that!

My wish is that for all of you that we may begin to create paradise on earth. To begin to start a pandemic of Love.   When our inner transformation occurs through the law of attraction it is mirrored right back in a whole new level of awareness where we are illuminated by our soul’s love that is forever eternal and overflowing with unconditional love and light.  You are the Bravest Souls I AM privileged to know.  You’re resilient and brilliant!

Let’s continue to hold the vision for ourselves and the world for all of our dreams becoming our realities for all of us and most importantly may health and peace reign on Planet Earth and a world that works for everyone!