Congratulations! We did it! We are succeeding beyond anyone’s exceptions. According to the spiritual teacher, Patricia Cota-Robles, “Throughout 2016 Humanity and all Life evolving on this Earth have been going through shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness at a cellular level beyond anything we have ever been able to withstand. This has caused all kinds of symptoms in our Earthly Bodies including unusual sensations in our Hearts and Heart Chakras. The Divine Mission for the 30th Annual World Congress on Illumination was God Victoriously accomplished through events that transcended even our greatest expectations. As the Divine Plan unfolded, in ways that no one involved in orchestrating this Activity of Light consciously anticipated, we realized that our I AM Presences and the Company of Heaven were well aware of what needed to occur in order for this vitally important facet of Humanity’s Ascension process to be successful. The Company of Heaven and our I AM Presences took full dominion of the situation and guided each of us unerringly through the necessary steps of preparation. As you read these words above they will resonate in your Heart of Hearts, and you will realize how you too were guided through these miraculous days step by step into the Immaculate Concept of God’s Eternal Victory in the Light”.

More great news…this is just the beginning of the new patterns of manifestation that will now be available to flow through and to us. It is time to breathe, relax and allow all the greatness to unfold. When we are ready to heal, nothing can stop us. And we did it! Everywhere I look everything is coming up roses!

The Intuitive Oracle Andrew Martin writes, “One of the most powerful tools we have is our willingness. Our willingness to evolve, to let go. Our willingness to open up and be vulnerable. Our willingness to believe something new. If you want your life to change you’re going to have to start doing thing differently. You’re going to have to drop your limiting stories about why you think you can’t be happy. You’re going to have to get real with yourself about who you really are and what you really want. You’re going to have to start loving yourself more and begin treating yourself with more compassion”.

We have created a new chapter for ourselves. If we don’t believe we deserve to have the life we were born to live we will keep ourselves from living it. And, it is always okay to begin again. So what are you focusing on now? Are you staying present in the moment? According to Martin, our experience is always being created in the moment depending on where our intention is.

We are here to create. We know what we can experience by looking at the past; however, we are here to take action and keep creating something unique, new and different. The key point is to become more aware of what is driving us in each moment and than act upon it. Try focusing right now then decide with whatever is coming up for you to either act upon it or to choose another experience. What universe do you want to create today? You are the Master, the Gift. If you don’t want what you are receiving choose something else. It all begins with you. Only you can write a new “Once Upon a Time.”

For many of us, we feel as if we have gone through a high intensity workout. We have used this time to transmute, clear and accelerate our growth. All of this stuff of unraveling and understanding has paid off. We are not even aware since it is happening on so many levels. However, a rising tide raises all boats. We are at the point of reinvention for all of us. And what we just accomplished in expanding our own consciousness and growth affects all of us. Everything is about our choices and alignment with the truth within us. Trust how you feel and let your feelings be your guide. Stand in your own truth. It is the infinite eternal stillness of who you are. There is a new playing field. It is a heart game.

We are ready for anything and everything. There is only good here. Destiny is unfolding and the ball is rolling. Nothing can stop us now!

Let your heart lead and let the rest of the of the mind/body follow. We just have to hold the light and vibration so it can manifest in our experience. Now just breathe, relax and allow. With the deepest love for ourselves and for our future we have come home. Welcome back! We are here to be a Divine and deliberate Creator. Know that You were born for greatness! And, how does it get any better than that?

Thank you to all the angels, masters, teachers, guides and messengers that have made all of this happen. I AM profoundly grateful for the Grace in your Divine intervention. I am in awe for the expression of these mystical, magical and miraculous gifts you have bestowed upon me and for the all of us. I bow to you forever more, with great love and respect.