Blessings to everyone. As we are approaching the end of 2017, one of the most incredible, mystical, challenging and magical years, many of us are holding the vision of a feeling of a re-newed self-confidence regardless of all the outer world dramas. Today, I invite all of you to get on-board that no matter what is happening in your life, whatever seems hopeless and no matter how much you doubt yourself or others, don’t give up the ship! Even though all of us may be feeling exhausted, at the same time I feel that we are all dreaming of the infinite possibilities that awaits us all. The miracles of what is to become as we and Planet Earth are being reformed are infinite! We are learning to feel more joy again!

As a new spiral of evolution begins our bodies continue to be re-calculated from the inside out…from the frequencies or all the planetary and astrologically changes our circuits are being hard-wired to experience a more coherent system. So those of us who are experiencing all those physical symptoms know they may just be growing pains. Those of us who are ready to receive will experience activated codes to release the higher aspects of who we are so we can accommodate the fulfillment of our original Blueprint here on earth. Nothing can stop our souls from doing what they have all agreed to come here and do. The Life Force in our bodies is being activated to further embody our new selves which will enable us to move with more ease and grace as we keep moving forward.

We have been in a void for so long and now we are being presented with the promise of being able to manifest our dreams. It is time to sing out loud…There is an enormous amount of light at this time of the year entering the earth plane and is coming to and through us to support and assist us in every way.

Einstein himself said that, “Brilliant new discoveries go hand-in-hand with fun and that great minds ignored rule books, valued creativity and were not bound by structure.”

Our paths are being illuminated even more now since we are coming to understand that the energy imprints and story lines held in our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and physical bodies have created our realities up until now. In each moment we have a choice to be free, stay present or remain hostage to our thoughts. The old story lines of abandonment, anger, unworthiness, pain, betrayal and poverty consciousness do not have to eclipse our power to manifest. In victim-hood, we held the idea that life happens to us. This warped view of reality has kept us stuck in 3rd dimensional reality. Now we know we are not helpless victims. What we now know is our consciousness can and does create our world!

“We can no longer consider ourselves merely onlookers who have no effect on the world that we’re observing…The very act of observation is an act of creation.” wrote the physicist John Wheeler.

When we move beyond our challenges, our limitations, our doubts and our fears and do the things that we really know we should do we create Miracles. Everything that is not in alignment and conflicts with divine love and light patterns are disappearing so we can reflect oneness, perfection and reverence with all of life. Everything mixed with fear, corruption, greed and the inability to honor one another is coming to the surface to be exposed so we can transform it and all of our divine potential can reign.

We must all now stand in our own authority and mid-wife what is uniquely individual for each of us. All life benefits when we can love whatever is happening. Especially when it is coming from the core of who we are. Nothing is more important then for this transformation to occur so that we can live our life fully from the place of our own true north. When I opened up to what is and surrendered to my fate everything changed.

Living a brave life is not always easy: we are, inevitably, going to stumble and fall. The common thread is to be willing to be comfortable in the discomfort. To attend to your needs, desires and feelings with a new awareness of compassion, intention and attention. Everything that is not in alignment with our true selves is surfacing. All the wounds, feelings and emotions that have been hidden are coming up so we can flood ourselves with more unconditional love and acceptance. With each breath remember to infuse more light into those painful, limited beliefs and feelings. This is the time and season where we can get most triggered so awareness is not enough. However, with our intention to love ourselves more we are giving birth to new ways of care-taking for ourselves by responding with love as opposed to fear, anger or resentment. In creating new ways of responding we begin a new relationship with ourselves and we change the circuitry. The challenge is that there are different dimensions of listening. What’s more it is essential we dial into a higher frequency of love for ourselves to express the truth of who we are. In changing our response to whatever is coming up we have the opportunity to change our DNA through our thoughts and emotions. Pain is our ally when we can make a higher dimensional relationship with it. Notice where you are feeling where it is keeping you trapped. The planet is shifting and if we don’t shift with it that in itself can cause us to be out of alignment because we are not vibrating at the same frequency. Moreover, as we polish the mirror we give others the license to show up for themselves as never before. Take pause and know your work is never for yourself alone!

I want to wish you the best holiday season ever. May all that is bright and beautiful be yours now and forever more. The universe loves you. The universe needs you. Confess your greatness. Come alive and become the greatest version of yourself. The new Reality knows your name. Reality needs your service. Reality needs your love. And, know your love is just a Miracle! Happy Holidays from my heart with infinite love and gratitude.