Happy New Year! There is an incredible potential and excitement for great change to take place for us in 2018. All that’s required is that we do the work! So let’s make an agreement to create the most wonderful, prosperous and beautiful and New Year ever! Let this truly be a wonderful and a dynamic New Beginning, for all of US to shine our Light as never before and to serve ourselves and humanity in the greatest way possible. It’s past time in 2018 to move beyond watching and wishing – into living out our own creative genius.

The Zen teacher, Jon Bernie wrote, “Transformation requires openness and vulnerability. For anything to open and grow, it has to be flexible. To become liberated, we must be willing to let go of who we think we are. It’s that simple. “Who we think we are” is what we believe — all the stories of our history, our upbringing, our heritage; our race, religion, status, pedigree; and even our relationships, or at least our ideas about them.”

As we let go of those limited beliefs we become more of who we truly are. It’s time to shatter our limited beliefs. Remember that all of our abilities are based upon our awareness. Become aware what you are most passionate about. What is lighting your fire – where you are feeling a big YES to your heart’s desire. What feels so full of potential that even the idea of it lights up your life from the inside out? The stars are aligning for all of us who hear the call. This is what we have been waiting for!

As the biologist, Bruce Lipton wrote, “Almost everyone has been programmed with limitations, especially growing up. These limiting programs control us the rest of our lives. Our developmental programs keep us so very limited not believing in our power. Our acquired fears and beliefs of our fragility and vulnerability “program” our biology to express behavior that is coherent with those limitations.”

In addition once we stop resisting and start surrendering to what is we get out of our own way creating so much more love and compassion for ourselves on this magic carpet ride. After all we are all journeying into the great unknown. And once we realize that nothing is happening to us; but everything is happening for us we can turn any event, decline or even catastrophes into something bigger and better as we propel ourselves forward becoming more powerful than we were before!

As Martha Beck likes to say, “Knowing how to navigate this wild and changing world allows us to face every event with joyful anticipation. That’s not to say that “bad” things won’t happen, only that we trust our skills and the tools we’ve learned to see us through literally everything.”

So whatever is coming up for you in 2018, it will be happening for you. As a way-shower and light-worker, you’ll find a way to look at each event that will show you its gifts and minimize any suffering it might cause.

On that note the answer is simple: work on positive perceptions! As Lipton added, “Positive perceptions of the mind enhance health by engaging immune functions, while inhibition of immune activities by negative perceptions can precipitate dis-ease. Those negative perceptions can also create debilitating, chronic psychological stress that has a profound and negative impact on gene function. We are not victims of anything other than the programs we are operating from. Change the programs you are operating from. If your subconscious programs match the wishes and desires of the conscious mind, your life will be one continuous honeymoon experience for as long as you live on this planet. Use your healing powers. We are powerful beings. What’s more we create miracles every day. Miracles are a way of life in worlds where people see such events as a normal.”

As Loren Bevan wrote, “2018 – an 11 Year of Personal Mastery – is going to be a crash course on how to ignite the catalytic engine of the Attractor Field to access your infinite creative potential – in real time. In 2018 self-agency is the existential driver. Yes, Matter meets Mystery and it turns out to be You.” How does it get any better than that? Wishing you the best year of your life. Love and Blessings to you all.