by Marcy Heller

Dear Courageous Spiritual Champions,

Beyond our physical being there lies a realm within us that is pure potential. Many of us are feeling it now especially because everything in our world seems to be so much more contracting instead of expanding! From this sacred place where there lies a vortex of infinite possibilities, especially miracles, we can expand in every way.

I am so passionate for exploring and sharing ways to tap into this infinite field of possibilities so that we can dream a new life into being. What’s more, we then directly improve our lives in every way: materially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually-leaving the world a better place!

Wouldn’t it be nice to begin this new year not waking up to the same day we lived the day before, and the day before that?  Considering what a gift this would be after experiencing one of the most difficult, challenging and stressful years of all times! And, what do I really think? When we are operating in fear, we are immediately limited by the options you have!

Even though there are still others out there who are so tethered to the thoughts that self-reflection, contemplation, meditation, and other inward practices can be self-indulgent, nonsense or just a waste of one’s time!  However, clinical studies continue to provide empirical evidence that inner practices positively not only shift the practitioner’s vibrational frequencies but the whole electro-magnetic field from wherever they stand as well.

When we allow our selves to go within, we end up broadcasting the larger portion of who we truly are, our own authentic, magnetic and magical selves. We eclipse the limited version of who we had previously shown up as in our everyday life, and by consequently following this path the benefits that we get to discover are our true destiny. We are following our North star’s path to fulfillment, and eventually to enlightenment.

In the channeled book, ‘The Book of Freedom’, Paul Selig wrote, “If you can imagine that the beliefs that you hold as a small self are indeed limited, and you can’t align to what you can’t imagine or conceive of, you will understand this. Each of you chooses as best you can at the level of alignment you have agreed to based upon what you think you can have. Because the True Self is not limited in the same way, what becomes available—the different doorways, perhaps—will be very different. What is chosen by the True Self will always be to move the True Self into greater expression. Each of you comes in a higher way to realize yourself outside of the known, so what we wish to do with you now is lift you beyond the known to a new level of capacity to hold the potential that may be claimed. It must be understood that by doing this exercise, you are turning the page in a book to a book that has not yet been written. And if you do this, the pages must begin to fill with new possibilities, not the prescriptions of old, not the definitions you’ve used, which in and of themselves are limiting.”

I AM loving the world of quantum physics. It is the complete opposite of how we have lived up until now, now, now!  Moreover, it is so freeing as it is our ‘get out of jail free card ‘, as it releases the limitations that we had claimed in our 3d reality. The cliff note version of this is that we stop aligning to what things should be as we had previously known and partner with our higher self-who always has our back and our front! Consequently, we can then tap into the infinite possibilities that we may not even have been aware of yet! In this new world I want what I want and I get it!

We are smack dab in the middle of the biggest transition ever! Yes, it is uncomfortable at first and then as we move to a higher octave we get used to the feeling of living at a higher level that can be quite comfortable motivating us even more to stay at that frequency. It is the change from what was once so familiar, to the taking that leap of faith requiring all of us to make choices which align with what we want to create, instead of going back to default.  Remember that you have an Entourage of Angels to assist You on your journey!

Every now and then we are given moments of incredible Grace. What a privilege it is for me to share my thoughts, my life and my passion with all of you week after week. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this sacred space with you. As never before, I AM becoming more aware of the present moment, knowing too that there will never be another time like now, another day like today, nor another moment like this one. Therefore, it is with great humility and infinite gratitude that I AM humbled for this rare opportunity to share my Heart. I so appreciate that you are sharing your precious time with me right now. Each of us has taken the road less traveled and for that and so much more I am so grateful to be journeying together for now and hopefully forever more! Thank You again for all that you are and for all that you do! Reality needs You more than ever!