by Marcy Heller

Here’s to a New beginning, the start of the 2022-2030 Great Transformation. It’s essential for our survival and well-being to now recognize that we are living through an extraordinary time in human evolution. Even though there are unprecedented challenges and social changes, it is giving us the opportunity to move forward to create new ways of thinking while discovering the brilliant gold mine of resources within ourselves, then embracing the wisdom and guidance from the great souls who have preceded us!

Take pause and know you have now landed in the new and improved Universe. We have just entered a new chapter in our lives and have begun an entirely new book! We are getting cracked opened, our understanding of how our lives worked had been so small, partly because of being so frightened. We’ve been so tiny up until now.

We are moving from the past, the present and the future, into Now, which is one of the aims of spiritual practice. As we stay ‘in the Now’ without judgment, we can feel with more clarity what is happening for us in each moment. This is where our power lies. As Caroline Myss writes, “Among the many characteristics that define who we are these days, by far our inner drive for personal empowerment stands out as among the more recognized personal goals. The passion for self-empowerment (and its many off-spring, such as self-health, self-esteem, self-care, the inner self and so on), has not always been the vital core value that it is with us today. Decades of living in a society that has expanded our understanding of the components of health to include the psyche, the intellect, and the spirit, has given rise to the realization that we are complex beings. Allopathic medicine is no longer sufficient for a full recovery of health. We must include all the facets of the human being that cannot be measured in a laboratory; that is, all the power that cannot be seen, or touched, or felt. As we are discovering, it is this invisible part of our anatomy that is the true power battery of our life. The power we cannot see has the most influence over all that we can see, touch, smell, taste and hear. Old forms and ways of thinking are no longer adequate for problem-solving or for creative decision making, as we look to our future. And most of all, we must learn to recognize how our power system is aligned to the laws of nature. Every decision we make as well as the quality of our beliefs should be converted to “power currency”; that is, will this disempower me? or will it empower me? Our need for empowerment is indeed a spiritual impulse that is unconsciously directing us to discover how truly powerful each of us is, especially in invisible ways. And from that realization, other mystical truths become self-evident: That we indeed participate in the co-creation of all that happens in this world; that all life breathes together; that what happens to one person in some way does indeed happen to everyone because we are all part of the same cosmic soul.”

When we become the observer, whatever our intention is in that moment, we can change and up-level into something or someone even greater. We are at the precipice of a huge quantum leap and since there is strength in numbers, the more of us who are awake and conscious on this journey of self-healing, the more we can elevate not only our individual vibration but the collective’s as well.  We have made the great shift and now we have become relentless and unstoppable! As the poet Hafiz quoted, “I wish I could show you…the astonishing Light of your own being.”

As we begin this new day and new week, get ready for a reset to undo, unhook, untie and unravel yourself from whatever belongs to the old. Keep allowing and inviting your higher self to intercede, open up and allow the floodgates to open, releasing the fear, the stress, the physical knots created by the energy from what has been truly brutal for many of us. Yes, even though we may still be in between worlds and feel we are still in the dark, that is where and when you can clearly see the Light coming through!

The past is history. Don’t look back – that is not the direction you are going in!  We have never lived a time like we are going to be starting like this one in 2023! Michael Meade writes it so beautifully, “When it comes to awakening, the point is not ‘self-improvement’ or simply a change in status. Changing one’s fate means awakening to another way of seeing and being. Not simply doing things differently, but becoming a different person, both more aware within and more alert to the mystery of life. The point of change is to become as another, to become the other that was hidden inside all along. In order for such a thorough change to happen people must let go of who they think they are. Letting go of one’s habitual self turns out to be one of the greatest difficulties in life. If that were not so, many more people would escape the common traps that keep life small and self-confining. Any meaningful change must begin with recognizing and letting go of what entraps us. Yet the little self feels it will lose what it holds so dear. Even when life begins to feel like a trap and the pain becomes undeniable, the monkey-minded little self will not simply let go. Often enough it seems better to cling to a familiar pain than suffer a genuine change of state.”

As we take back our power we can all be so proud that we are standing up, becoming more authentic, showing up and revealing our souls! When we anchor our Light in these shadowy times it is one of the most profound things we can do, so we can keep reflecting the Light from one other. Moreover, our desire to seek new and different ways for empowerment has far deeper roots than personal development.

When we awaken to who we truly are, our experiences give rise to a new level. We are at our best and the universe mirrors that energy completely and helps us to expand the circle to encompass all of the world and beyond. Remembering too that if we are not resonating with more love, we are resonating with fear. And anything that we fear, just begets more fear!

My prayer for all of us is that we continue to experience the splendor of an extraordinary life filled with infinitely more health, joy, peace, love, abundance, prosperity, courage, resilience, faith, hope and grace.  May we continue to know and access the depth of our Divine Power and continue to puff it forward to create a magnificent, benevolent Universe that plays for all of us!  As William Henley wrote, “I am the master of my Fate, I am the captain of my Soul.”