We are in a major integration phase right now and are evolving more rapidly than we could ever have imagined. The eclipses we had all experienced showed us a way of revealing what is hidden so that we can then bring all those feelings and emotions to the surface,including any fears, desires, insecurities, or imbalances that were keeping us from moving forward. Remembering always that our souls are here to keep creating so we can experience everything! On that note, we get to see all the sides of our selves that need more love/light and healing.

The past 6 months have really given us an opportunity to see everything with a new lens, especially where we were giving our power away. The Universe doesn’t judge – only we do! It doesn’t classify our ideas and actions as “good” or “bad”. It was merely an opportunity for us to really look at why we are motivated to be asking for the things we are asking for. We were also given the opportunities and support to abandon anything that doesn’t serve us anymore and create a field for something more wonderful to enter.

I believe the key to a life free from suffering is to embrace and love whatever we find that is showing up for us. In loving those parts of ourselves we can heal and allow the life we were born to live find us!

As the psychic Andrew Martin wrote, “This is co-creating in its purest. Learning how to let what you need be what you want. Even when you have zero idea of where you are headed or what you’re going to do when you get there, are you able to let the power of the fact that it FEELS right be enough? Just because your desires, goals, dreams, and visions are being questioned doesn’t mean you can’t have them or shouldn’t want them. In the end, only you know what truth feels like. If it’s true for you, then it’s true for you. Can you let your resonance with your truth be evidence enough that you’re moving in the right direction? Even when the external world looks nothing like you thought it would? Ultimately the only person who has to feel good about what you’re doing is you. This is high level stuff, and it takes practice, focus, and dedication to remember how to do it. We’ve been through the wringer the past 6 months! It’s been a trial by fire, so be easy on yourself. Lighten up, and let yourself be guided by the flow that you are.”

I know many of us we want to move forward faster than our physical bodies are allowing us. This is the time to have so much more patience and compassion for ourselves as we adjust to the new energies from all these eclipses and full moons. To paraphrase Brenda Hoffman in her newest blog, It’s similar to wanting to be mature adults while still in our teens. Allowing ourselves to learn to integrate these new energies as we are just beginning to test our skills. Moreover, even if we feel disheartened, sad or angry we are not failures. Just like when we believed as a teen that felt so unattractive, loved or isolated. She goes on to say, that we are at a point in which your entire being is evolving with different skills and approaches to life. But just as was true in puberty, you cannot yet fully believe that you will ever be a human beauty as you look in the mirror and see acne, or any other ‘fault’ you know ensures lifelong romantic failure. You are merely growing into that being with all the skills you now imagine and hope for.

We are all Guides, as well as being guided to pave the way for humanity to give birth to new and different ways that are not necessarily part of who we are now. Thank you to all the angels, masters, teachers, soul friends, guides and messengers that have made all of this happen. I am in awe of the expression that is coming from all of you who are showing up and speaking up. Our connection to the divine is now opening all the doors to this infinite universe and to one another. Spirit is sharing its gift to us in its effort for all of us to experience heaven on earth through all these new concepts and ideas. Your personal evolution not only inspires others but it is raising the vibration and consciousness around the world and back. It’s why we are all here to integrate it all and become infinite possibilities while making a difference for ourselves and others. The new definition of being a Billionaire is to be able to touch a billion lives with our heart and soul! Thank you for sharing your abundance and raising the stage! Have a gorgeous week!