Did you know that not only are we all magical beings but we are at our core Alchemists as well? That’s right. We can all turn base mental into gold. The trick to creating this thing we call magic is to stay in the ‘Now’. That is the base line. Whatever vibration you are experiencing right now, right here is the foundation from which you create from. If you are holding anger that that becomes the energy field of the thread of what you are weaving. The Alchemy of staying present in the Now is how to create that magical moment. Our ego still tells us we have to see it to believe it. However, quantum psychics is now sharing that whatever is happening outside of us on the physical form is just a representation of what we are holding onto from inside ourselves. If fear is the starting point, the fiber of that creation will be present in not only the experience of creation, but also it will be surrounding that creation. It goes back to the adage, ‘As above, so below’.

As the psychic and teacher Andrew Martin invites us to do is ,”Redirect your focus from the things and point your awareness inside. The first move is to find the frequency and the vibration you want to experience. Go within and access it. Find it and put a stake in it as the place from which you are building. Create from there. If you want to call in a life that is built from happiness, then you must do the connecting with happiness first and create from happiness. Just like when you go to Disneyland and buy some mouse ears. The mouse ears are not the experience itself, but they hold the essence of the experience. When you have a joyful time at the amusement park, you look at the souvenir and remember and relive the joyful experience. The same is true for the experience of your life. Whatever we make real we hold on to in life.”

The news is absolutely striking. Taken from Lorna Bevan’s astrology report, ” ‘Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story. (Gabrielle Roth)’ Engulfed by waves of solar radiation; hit by extreme turbulence as four planets change direction; tugged by shamanic undercurrents as Pluto stations retrograde; becoming a human lightning conductor between sky and earth- your physicality is now the vector for your transformation. Your body is the carrier of your soul. This is not a subtle process. You feel each bite of an ever changing litany of “symptoms”. All activities that promote Self Will over Higher Will are meeting resistance. Grounding is your connection to the universe. The five weeks between now and the end of May is a time of practical physical mastery. As Sol returns to earthy Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn it proves that the medicine is always found near the wound. So clean crystals. Walk barefoot outside. Take frequent breaks from 24/7 wi-fi. Use homeopathy. Rest. Meditate. Create a sanctuary. Ground yourself.” This is not for the faint-of-heart. Practice fearlessness!

Most of us have no idea of what we are in the midst of. If we did we would be singing more praises of Hallelujah! Moreover, as the impulse of an evolving consciousness is living and breathing through us and as the old patterns are now dissolving, resolving, integrating and emerging way beyond what we can even imagine, more than ever it is essential to show up, speak up and change our vibration to the highest frequency we can master in each moment. As we integrate all of this, it is now more important than ever to do the work of refining our field, integrating the shadow, and accessing and anchoring the ever higher frequencies that are present for us. The idea is to keep climbing into those higher frequencies and not to get caught in the illusion of duality. We are moving beyond those now, and so 5th dimensional frequencies are where we need to anchor ourselves. From there, we can witness much of the coming chaos with relative calm and balance. Everything that is happening for us is to let go of the reptilian brain and download the chip that we are the Gods of our Creation!

As the teacher and psychic David Manning wrote, “Now, this is happening en masse, maybe for the first time in history. Who knows? It’s happening at the both the personal and collective level. All our ideas of ourselves that have held us bound are dissolving.”

We are being redesigned for all of this. It is a game changer. The more we resist the more it is going to create an angst for us to probe more deeply into. As spring is in full blossom, so are we becoming the most beautiful and powerful beings we can (literally) imagine! As we are being regenerated, re-calibrated, reconstructed on every level the more we are being forced to let go of the past to make way for this new energy to be downloaded and integrated into our field. As Manning goes on to say, “There is nothing worth holding on to, not in comparison with what is coming. We can just let it slip from our grasp now, and recognize that, though we may have no idea of the vast scope of what is emerging, we are beautifully held in that process. It’s very easy at this stage to be overwhelmed by the anxiety naturally arising from very deep, tectonic shifts in the personal and collective fields. Easy to be swept along on currents of fear and despair. Don’t surrender to those impulses. Recognize that something truly majestic is unfolding, and hold to that instead.”
We are here to keep evolving into the Divine that is truly coming home to our own true self! Just like a baby doesn’t have to achieve something to be loved, nor do we! Celebrate today because there will never be another You! As the channeler, Brenda Hoffman writes, “You are all miracle workers in the largest sense of the phrase. Allow yourself to accept your piece of this miraculous tapestry knowing that the tapestry has become much larger the past few hours because of your ongoing efforts. Knowing that your only role is to remain joyful so others ‘catch’ the fire of joy within you.”

Let your heart lead and let the rest of the of the mind/body follow. We just have to hold the light and vibration so it can manifest in our experience. With the deepest love for ourselves and for our future, now just breathe, relax and allow. We are here to create. Know that You were born for greatness!

Thank you to all the angels, masters, teachers, soul friends, guides and messengers that have made all of this happen. I am in awe of the expression that is coming from all of you who are showing up and speaking up. Our connection to the divine is now opening all the doors to this infinite universe and to one another. What Spirit is sharing in its effort for all of us to experience heaven on earth through all these new concepts and ideas is its gift to us. Your personal evolution not only inspires others but it is raising the vibration and consciousness around the world and back. It’s why we are all here..to make a difference for ourselves and others. The new definition of being a Billionaire is to be able to touch a billion lives with our heart and soul! Thank you for raising the stage!