July is going out with a lion’s roar, bringing a big wave of momentum and a fiery power that is building up the tension for the eclipse tunnel to the new moon solar eclipse on August 21. All the masters are joining forces chiming in to let us know that this is a very important time as we head into August and the eclipse on the 21st. One of the biggest challenges that were here to face is being our most authentic self and to leaving all our “stuff” behind. Naturally, with the universes sense of humor many of us are facing difficulties just being our own self! Whether through families, friends or finances we are facing the challenge of self-acceptance in its most dynamic form. Consequently, up until now anytime we are at a fork in the road many of us chose what others have wanted us to do. Therefore, affecting our energy field and thus lowering our energy and frequencies that we are emanating from.

The ascension guide, Jenny Schiltz writes, “If we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in things that lower our vibration, it can be a struggle to achieve that high vibrating peaceful feeling again. We have to really work at monitoring what is coming into our energy field, our thoughts, particularly the ones that seem to run unnoticed, our beliefs and roles we are playing into. All of this is pushing us to be our most authentic self, to put ourselves first and leave behind the self-sacrifice paradigm that ruled in the lower frequencies. It is understanding that as we put ourselves first, honoring the commitment to embody our soul on earth that we are being of service to the whole. It is understanding that stepping into all we are is our mission and in doing so we help to be the example for all around us. As we do this it changes all who comes into contact with our energy. How it changes another varies depending on what the person is ready to accept. For some our embodied energy will act as a catalyst, a spark to help awaken, for others it will simply plant a seed that will grow when the person is ready.”

In the new ‘Now’ reality in every moment we are being asked to embody our highest aspect and truth. Jenny reminds all of us to REMEMBER WHO WE ARE. To Connect within to the one you know you can be, the one that is full of hope and joy.
Moreover, for many of us who are still caught up in the fear factor, do not berate yourself for being in fear. Another great psychic, Brenda Hoffman wrote, “please understand you are moving into a place of no fear. When you are feeling that angst about life it is because you are finally allowing yourself to address those pieces. What’s more for many it is not necessarily our stuff but coming to us to be healed. In a sense what is happening is that you are taking the medicine to make yourself better like if you were ill. The medicine is better than the illness you are feeling. Fears or angst that you are feeling now is your medicine to clear deeper pain. You cannot take that pain into your new life. You have chosen to clear those pieces. Do not be afraid of the fears. Say, I am tired of holding on to this. Know you want to live in Joy. You have let go of so much already. To clear these pieces will thrust you forward. You are more powerful then you have ever known.”

Resistance from our mind is quite natural. First of all, we are now called to release all judgment we hold towards things we have “got rid of” while ascending. Turning inward does not have anything to do with thoughts, ideas, opinions, or philosophies. It has nothing to do with the psychological activity of your mind. Enhancing your perception means enhancing your ability to receive life, just as it is. If you are willing to dedicate just a few minutes of your life to this every day, you would see the change. The simple process of paying a little bit of attention to your inner nature will transform the quality of your life in remarkable ways.

For myself, instead of making my fears/anxiety the enemy I am making it my ally. When I let go of the barricade that imprisons me and ask “what is this trying to show me?” I am able to embrace the feelings instead of resisting them. I discovered that I am much more than the anxious person I labelled myself to be. I don’t have to feel unworthy because of this gift. This was transformational for me. My anxiety rises when I am being less than who I truly am. Remember everything serves us! Make everything your friend. Whatever it is, know that it is your aid to come to you to help. Even if you don’t like it, forgive yourself for creating it this way and open your heart to the gifts it is here to bring you knowing it is a crucial part of your journey otherwise it wouldn’t be here. Just in this open acceptance everything will turn.

None of us are the same anymore. Our evolutionary growing pains are not linear. If you feel uncomfortable know that discomfort has become the new norm! Together we are the way-showers, showing the way and shining so brightly so others can remember their magic. We are discovering the tools and techniques for transformation. In our new reality our commitment to love ourselves and see everyone else as Divine Love will serve you well. Recognizing opportunities to love, bless ourselves and others with every breath is a life-changer. What is Love? Love according to Archangel Michael is a feeling. Michael admonishes us that if we want to rise above our pain and suffering and experience less discomfort we must let go of the mind. To embrace the heart and allow the heart’s intelligence to guide us to just let love flow. If we keep choosing the mind we will never be happy, let alone be unified with Source in this new universe we are creating.

You are needed. You are blessed. You are connected to all the magic that has ever come to pass. You are counted among the constellations. You are the brilliant white light that the night illuminates. You are, just by blinking, just by breathing, the proof that true love exists. Your joy, your misery, your love, your agony, your bliss, lie in your hands. There is a way out. And the way out is in. It is only by turning inward that we can truly create a world of love, light, and laughter. This is the doorway to that universe. Together we are making it happen.