“We seldom solve problems but we can outgrow them”, wrote Jung. I believe from my own experience that when we make new choices, choosing trust and making that leap of faith into the unknown rather than living from our old patterns we can begin to decrease the suffering in our lives. What’s more is that we become much more interesting to ourselves and others. We connect on a much deeper level and it’s transparent to ourselves as well as others. After all since it feels like we are on the high seas of our souls why not set a new course with great enthusiasm for the adventure – knowing our destiny will reveal itself and unfold in each moment as we can begin examining who we really are and what we have come here to do.

I was particularly inspired this week by James Hollis’s newest book, ‘Living an Examined Life.’ After all it’s our responsibility to live the best life we can.

According to Hollis, “more energy is spent in any given day on managing fear through un-reflective compliance, or avoidance, than any other value. While it is natural to expend energy managing our fears, the magnitude of this effort on a daily basis cannot be overemphasized. Moreover, the task of the hero within is to overthrow the powers of darkness, namely, fear and lethargy. All those tales of defeating the dragon are mythopoetic versions of overthrowing the power of that which would swallow us, as both fear and lethargy do on a daily basis. Sooner or later, we are each called to face what we fear, respond to our summons to show up, and overcome the vast lethargic powers within us. This is what is asked of us,to show up as the person we really are, as best we can manage, under circumstances over which we may have no control. This showing up as best we can is growing up. That is all that life really asks of us: to show up as best we can. I have always been moved by the example of Marcus Aurelius. Though he was the emperor and could have enjoyed any besotted sinecure back in Rome, he chose to be out in the field to face the Hun who wished to kill him. Why do I repeatedly read these words? Because they remind me to stop feeling sorry for myself, my privileged life and privileged opportunities, and to stop whining and looking for an easy path. I remind myself to show up, in the best way I can, winning some of those internal battles against fear and lethargy, losing some, but with the fond hope that if I show up as best I can, then I will also be a grown-up. That is what life asks of each of us: to grow up, be accountable, be present. That is what our partners ask of us, our children ask of us, and our world asks of us. When we show up as best we can, then on any given day, we are a grown-up and contribute to carrying the world’s burden, rather than adding to it.

Ask yourself these simple questions: Where do I need to grow up, step into my life? What fear will I need to confront in doing so? Is that fear realistic or from an earlier time in my development? And, given that heavy feeling I have carried for so long already, what is the price I have to pay for not growing up?”

And on that note the news becomes even brighter according to Brenda Hoffman’s blog, “You have been pushed out of the Universal nest to create a new life for yourself. This next phase is declaring yourself strong enough to know who and what you are. If that means traveling around the world, so be it. If that means a new community, so be it. Or if it means a new sense of yourself without a need to have others proclaiming your rightness, so be it. You are a new person in a new world. And your current void is a stepping stone to new you. Perhaps it will help you to think of this void as a train stop on your journey to joy. You know where you are going, but the train needs to refuel before continuing to that joy. You are no longer a weak person hoping that the Universes will gift you with the right information or creation to make your life joyful. You have left the safety net of your Universal life to create a life that is right for you here and now. Knowing without a doubt that you can change direction in a millisecond if you wish.”

I invite you today as we are creating our own new and unique road map, letting go of old stories, habits and patterns know what an awesome position you created for yourself. We are not only healing our ancestral wounds but the collective wounds of our universe. The brilliant astrologer, Lorna Bevan is telling us that Chiron in Aries is gradually going to repair the personal and collective psychic shattering left by Awakeners Uranus and Eris’ trip through the sign of Self , which disrupted and deconstructed how we naturally function as humans through a total immersion in virtual reality. This assault on our minds is reshaping our neurology and is literally pushing us out of our bodies, distorting our relationship to them, messing not just with individual identity but also with collective identity.”

On a Cosmic Energetic Level, since there is so very much going on as we continue this death/rebirth cycle and resurrection phase there will be times it is a challenge to do anything at all so please remember to honor the process, have more compassion for yourself as you are clearing out so much. As we allow ourselves to let go we will be experiencing more bliss, joy, peace and the perfection available within each of us. Looking forward to what is coming next? Stay tuned as it’s only just begun as we step into our own authentic roles. Remember you are the God of your creation and what you do creates your reality so love this moment now. Know that you are the embodiment of love. The way you show up in every moment with full radical love determines everything. Know you are the infinity of power. Choose You. Up until now we have lived in outrageous pain and the only way to transcend that is to practice outrageous love. Let’s do it now. All of us have gone through our crucifixions but it is always is followed by a resurrection! Let’s turn our pain, crisis and broken heart into a birth of outrageous love.