Hot off the press from the Power Path, “The wrecking ball has arrived. Never fear. Never accept the appearance of things. The young king with Alexander the Greats personality traits appears to have his prize. Hillary the warrior does not yet know the horror she avoided. All this shall pass in this unstable universe of ours. Do not under any circumstances engage in fear. Do what empowers you. Keep your hearts open no matter how hard. Do not engage in martyrdom, resentment or hopelessness. As the old Buddhist monk said when faced with alternating praise and condemnation,”Oh, is that so?” In every seeming impossible situation there is always opportunity”.

As a community, we know we are prepared for the task at hand. Receptive, willing and beyond ready for major changes. That being said, as a collective we have chosen our work. Now is not the time to allow our judgments to stand in the way of the work ahead of us.

As Lorna Bevan wrote, “Stop trusting the spells this broken world has cast upon you and these spells will have no power. Stop authorizing your fear apps and not-enoughness software to operate your whole creative system. Let the two No’s fight each other while you escape with your dreams and focus all your time and energy on making them happen.” I couldn’t agree more.

Stephen Dinan, The Shift Network spokesmen sent an inspiring email saying, “So much of our country is reeling, coming to grips with the election results. I have wept myself multiple times. In the coming days, the emotional storms will likely be strong, the fears deep, and the tensions high. Our democracy is in a perilous moment. If you were a Hillary supporter, please let whatever emotions you need to feel to pass through as quickly as you can. Because we need you now. If you were a Trump supporter, please be gracious. We need to feel that you understand our pain and our fears. We need your heart and generosity now. We want to better understand you and your concerns as well. If you voted for another candidate or didn’t vote, we need you now.”

This is the time for all of us to support the work of the long-term healing both of ourselves and the country, which is close to being ruptured at the seams. We are all being called to heal collectively and find a way, somehow, to be united again. And, it all begins with us.

Love is the the answer. The only answer. It is essential for us to not only love ourselves more but to try to surrender to loving others who voted differently. We must eclipse the lines of separation with more love, compassion and empathy. There is only One of us and if we can all remember our power by nurturing ourselves and uncovering our magic we can celebrate all these new cycles of life, with a curious, trusting and faithful heart. Thus we are honoring the sacred web we have woven. Now is the time to show up and be the light so we can have a peaceful transfer of power and work together to create a brighter future for ourselves and for the world.

Author and psychic, Andrew Martin wrote, “We have been fed a steady diet of fear, division and separation. We are strung out on anxiety and over stimulated on manufactured panic. We have been convinced that the responsibility, the fault and the blame is to be placed “over there” in “their hands. That it’s “those people” who are responsible. After the dust settles, we still all live on the same planet, in the same neighborhoods and cities. Divided by borders that don’t really exist except on some map that was drawn eons ago by someone you don’t even know. It’s time to nurse ourselves through recovery from the addiction and the drama. It’s time to unplug from the systems that were designed to keep us separate. The systems that thrive on pitting us against one another. It’s time to walk towards building a reality that gives us all a place at the table. Remember that it starts now. Remember that it starts with you. If not now, when? If not you, who”?

So what is the next step? According to Martin, what we desire for change is always here right now. “All great accomplishments have a few things in common. They start small. They take dedication. They start now”.

Are you ready and willing to uncover your power or keep handing it over to someone else. I am learning quickly (it only took eons of lifetimes), to realize that we are the deliberate creators of our life. Thus that state from where we come from determines the outcome or manifestation of that feeling/emotion. Choosing anything less than love creates more fear, separation, scarcity and anger/resentment. Whatever we focus us is what is expanded and amplified in our field. The choice is ours. Que sera, sera-whatever will be will be…it’s up to you and me!

As Neale Diamond Walsh called out, “If you were leading your community would you be happy with the direction you were taken them in? You are all doing wonderful jobs as team members for a new humanity. It is my honor to be part of this love-evolution. I know no one braver than each and everyone of you. So on that note, it is time to up our game even more knowing you are the embodiment of love. You were born for these times.