“What it brings is a sober reminder of how little we know and even less understand about the actuality of the process of waking up which demands realignment of all bodily systems to function in a totally different set of circumstances often unleashed by major impact of awakening.” Igor Kufayev

What an honor it is to be here and experience this metamorphic phase of our journey. As we all continue on our hero’s journey know that this is the day we have all been waiting for. According to Hare in the Moon Astrology, “There has been so much anticipation, drama and hype around today’s Solar Eclipse that many people are expecting a blinding flash of a light to transport us all instantly into a shiny new world of peace and love. But it’s a New Moon in Leo which means it’s initiatory, seeding events that will float like dandelion clocks down the future time-line through the next 6 month’s tunnel to the mirror image Solar eclipse at 28° Aquarius on February 15th. America is experiencing its first Pluto Return 248 years after the Declaration of Independence – building in intensity to 2025 – when the karmic levers of time cycles are being made visible.”

What we have been gearing up towards and enthused about are the revelations and changes we are experiencing through this rippling effect that’s changing the world. Never before has anyone experienced these energies as they are streaming in and out of our realities. This is a first for all of us as we have never been here before. We all flying in uncharted territory. It’s an unwavering frequency of expansion and evolution. No matter who you are or what you did up until now, today’s eclipse has captured the attention of everyone. Staying in that reality of NOW everything and anything is possible. Besides staying in NOW another key is to keep our hearts open and to be able to ask the Creator that the transformations and changes to our body, minds and souls are done with ease and grace.

We have lingered long enough and now it is our time. Ready at last to set our sights on the shores of this cosmic ocean. The universe is a love story. That’s why it is so important to keep our hearts open. Each of us is so needed by the universe as we come together as a global union of inspired souls. We are giving birth to a new identity and with our creative genius we are contributing to the collective consciousness with everything we say, do and feel and help give birth a new era on earth. As the song goes, ‘We Got the Whole World in our Hands!’ We are joining each others genius knowing that we can’t do this alone. There is no “I” anymore just “We” standing together changing the world by changing ourselves first. By using your creative genius and contributing to the collective consciousness with everything you say, do and feel you help give birth a new era on earth. As the famous John F. Kennedy quote goes, “It’s not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country?”

Jenny Schiltz writes, “We are smack dab in the eclipse corridor and timeline shift. The energies are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. They are changing us in all ways. In one moment the energies are high and they open our heart chakras so wide that we feel bursting with love and oneness. Then we feel like we have “fallen” as all that is no longer compatible with a wide open heart chakra is brought to the surface to be resolved. The heart chakra is our own personal projector that allows what is within us (wants, beliefs, limitations, and fears) to be created out there. If the heart chakra is not opening as wide as it can, it limits our projection ability. It is for this very reason that we need to be aware of how our thoughts, actions, and beliefs affect our heart chakra. It is a conscious effort on the part of each of us to figure out where our limitations and fears are and work on letting them go. It is our fears and worries that bind us to a lower reality one of struggle and strife. So while it may feel like we are flying blind, if we have tapped into our own internal GPS (our soul) we will make it through. Discernment is more important than ever. This means that the only authority on your life, your journey, and your physical form is you. This doesn’t mean that we can’t go to others for guidance, support, and healing but it does mean that you should not give up your autonomy to another. It is for this reason that we are being shown clearly areas where we have become disempowered or caught in a victim loop. We are the masters now. The training wheels are off as we are given full carte blanch to create our own reality. It means first BEING the light and then DOING only when it is in line with our light. For many of us, this is not easy to wrap our mind around, we have had years of programming that told us our worth is what we DO, not in who we are. This is what is being asked of all of us now. BE the example. In whatever way that looks like for you. It is for this reason that they have said for a few years now “Hold your light strong within you. Be the light.” This is not the easiest task and it requires full authenticity. We are surely being put through our paces with the world events and the amount of fear that is in the collective. We are also seeing the spiritual mask slip from many. This is a good thing because all the masks must go and we have to be unapologetically real while realizing that it is this genuineness that becomes a beacon of change for others.”

With every thought, prayer and action we are contributing to the field of consciousness. Every time we love ourselves not only does it radiate within it also changes reality for all of us. As we ascend the ladder of higher consciousness/awareness we are changing the collective field making it more loving, more positive and less fearful! When we do self-care we serve others. As Matt Kahn says, “Our happiness is service to others.”

At this very auspicious time in history we are the largest group awakening in every new moment. This is the fork in the road where we get to decide and declare what we would like to manifest. How we can be of service to ourselves and the world? How we can honor and celebrate our Soul’s Divine Plan. It’s an easy process and doable. Once we hold that vision and combine it with an elevated emotion then act as if that wish has already been fulfilled. The key is to anchor that in a memory you won’t forget and stay at that elevated vibration as long as you can throughout the day and beyond. The caveat is to know you deserve to have that new reality! What we can now do as super-humans is to bring the future into Now!

With our magic and the limitless possibilities at our fingertips make a difference. It’s holy work. The world is calling out for those of us who are passionate, courageous artists and who are aligned in the cosmic energy field of infinity and use their best to serve. To all of You in your vision to create global peace and happiness thank you. Imagine the positive impact you are having spreading this message. Let’s all together create a small-scale global pandemic of peace and love. Let’s do it now for ourselves, our family, our entire lineage and all humanity please help us all forgive ourselves, forgive each other, love ourselves, love each other now and forever more! With great love and respect. Have the best eclipse day ever!