by Marcy Heller

Dear Courageous, Spiritual Champions,

Right now, you are experiencing history in the making and making history all at the same time.  As the author of the book, ‘The Biology of Belief’, Bruce Lipton wrote, “Instead of being separate individuals at the mercy of our hereditary genes, desperately competing against each other, against the animal kingdom, and against even the Earth itself for our survival and our place in the world, we now know that there is only one thing in the universe and we are part of it.  In fact, with our advanced consciousness and mental and physical capacities, we seem to hold the most valuable position as parts of that whole, with the ability (and some might even say, responsibility) to live on the leading edge of the evolution of the entire universe because we are high-functioning physical expressions of the energy that drives it, and can choose to actively evolve ourselves. To do this, it is necessary for us to tap into inner powers and capabilities that most of us don’t even realize we have, and which are far beyond what we’ve imagined ourselves to be capable of.”

We were brought here to Earth school to evolve and experience the highest spiritual journey possible. It is now clear that we don’t have to drop our bodies/die to ascend our consciousness and evolve!  Here on Earth school in the ‘Now Age’, we are living on a moment-to-moment basis. We are the Captains of our ship and in these new uncharted waters, staying mindful and constantly aware that we may have to keep course correcting!  Even though it is not going to be perfect, just like any musician in any orchestra we must keep fine tuning our instruments to stay in harmony with the rest of our fellow musicians.

We’ve certainly reached a turning point in our reality. On that note, I thought it note worthy to paraphrase from an audio that was channeled by Kryon. “This is dedicated to all of the Goddesses. The sisterhood has grown into something very different. The timing is impeccable when you look at the syncroncities before you.  Covid-19 has caused much more re-thinking, re-booting from a normal existence to a time when we are starting all over again.  I heard that things are settling down and it will seem like a return to what was.  Almost like school had a vacation.  We are coming back with an ability to teach a wisdom that we didn’t have before we stopped the world last March. Before things happened!  The reality is now settling into a different place truly ripe for new instructions, and the new instructions will be taken from a different vantage point then ever before.  We are wiser. The world is wiser! The world is waking up! Shifts of all kinds are all around us. This is a great time to start giving instructions that stick. Others are more able to receive your message of peace as well and how we have handled, acted and what we have come through. As we are pulling out of this don’t be surprise if others look at you in a new light as well! Do not be surprised if you are asked, ‘What is your secret?’ We are starting to be heard from a different vantage point. With ears and hearts wide open!  We are being guided by so many master that is why so many things are happening.  Moreover, because of the work we have done we are being down-loaded with so much information. Congratulations, we are moving forward in so many wonderful ways!  Reality needs more light than ever!  There has been no time like this to apply all the wisdom we have on what to say, do and act. The message from Kryon is to take this time and the courage that you have gained through this time, the courage to be different to show and lead others. Goddesses, we need you more than ever. Take this opportunity because it is so very different than before and so many others will look to you for guidance. Many are coming that will continue to need our wisdom! The tables are turning and now more than ever we need the Shaman and Sha-Women! We need You!”

We are in the midst of the spiritual empty nest syndrome, a time of big change and loss.  And even though we have been tested time and time again, in the last year as we let go of even more old paradigms and step into the unknown it has become very clear we are the ones we were waiting for!  We are no longer holding our breath waiting for others to make a shift. We are transforming our loving selves, not micro-managing, bullying or judging, just by loving ourselves even more we we can become the holy vessel that we truly are. The mind isn’t a big fan of ‘Be here Now’.  Regardless of what our minds are telling us, as we embrace and stand tall in our hearts as we ascend to a new level of Us! We are now showing up to do the work!

We have passed the test and we are all gearing up for the next step in evolution. Notice how your life is changing, especially the synchronicities and intuitive information. You are going to start remembering, and not a moment too soon!  After living life over and over, you will start remembering the wisdom that you have gained through these past lifetimes and all of the experiences you have had in all your many lives! You will start connecting the dots…

As we are moving forward keep illuminating that inner sun of radiance that is always in you unconditional, present and shining.  Be the source of all that is! As Kryon says, “Do you not understand that the light that you have is a multi-dimensional force? It is not linear. It is not the amount of it that is important. It’s the intent of it and the truth of it. That is to say, a little goes a long way and Old Souls are extremely powerful in this department.  Instead of seeing fear in our consciousness which contributes to the massive global experience that came to us through the corona-19 epidemic, we can replace that fear with love, gratitude, appreciation, caring, patience and awe of the Universe!  We can then contribute to a new human race of unimaginable, infinite potential and possibilities. We contribute to it each time we choose love instead of fear. Each time we believe in ourselves and our own authentic power!”

So many of us are feeling this tremendous upheaval that is happening on this planet on all levels—physical, emotional, and energetic—as we are shifting into quantum psychics. This shift is not going to happen overnight. We are not going to wake up one morning in a world of bliss and beauty and look out for each other with love and respect. Not yet! What’s happening is that we first have to go through the alchemical process of transformation. Our work is for all of us to take that quantum leap within our own selves instead of waiting for others to create the miracles to happen! It is not enough for us to just wake-up. We have to now grow up and clean up! We want to become that person who despite chaos and crisis continues to seek the shining light of the stars and seeks opportunity to dream a new destiny for humanity. This is what it means to be a Shaman and a Sha-Women!