The convergence of mysticism and the new physics has brought us to the gateway of our humanness. Beyond lies something that is literally beyond our language ~ Michael Talbot

The scientific communities concur that energy and all of its frequencies: resonances, waves and spectrums comprise all things. Moreover, this same energy, as we have come to regard it as being out there, is the same energy that exists in our selves and that is in all of us all of the time, right here and everywhere present in the world in which we live! If you are reading this Muse-letter it is because your own personal energy vibrated at a frequency in your electromagnetic field as an energetic resonance between you and the messages upon this page.

What a wonderful window of opportunity to start your own rev – o – lution (rev- up your own solution) to create the best day ever. The Buddha handed down many truths for all of us, one of them being, “The mind is the source of happiness and unhappiness and all that we are is the result of all we have thought.” Research now shows us that we are generating creation each moment – and if you hold that belief what do you want to manifest? Align that intention with a higher elevated thought and you are on your way to creating Magic!

What’s more is there is an invisible universe that is waiting in all of us to explore and for many is becoming more real than the visible one we have accepted until now. Even Aristotle called our world, “One that is spirit pervading matter.” The realization that there are fields or waves of energy in a non-material world that are conveying thoughts and ideas. And to that end it is our own intention while coupled in a heightened state of emotion that brings us to a higher awareness so our insights/intentions become manifested in our daily lives. The vibration of energy in each moment is the most important element for creating the life you were born to live. Behold our frequencies are Rising!

Today is about accomplishing great feats and to not be scared in defeat – to have the courage to be brave enough to think outside the box and to do it as often as possible. To live fearlessly and when we do we are changing our habits. Empowerment comes when we start to look objectively at what doesn’t serve us any longer. When we begin to weigh those old habits against the new ones that are more aligned with our deeper truths we start to create new brain cells and as we cross this river of transformation it is about becoming comfortable with what is uncomfortable – like swimming upstream: it takes discipline, courage and a true pioneering spirit. The more we can objectively feel what is going on in our mind/body the more we can take responsibility and change our thought forms to be in alignment with something greater. Moreover, the more we can change our thinking creating new and different emotions the more we are signaling new genes in new ways thus manifesting our intentions. No matter what your material resources or status in life, your intention—when clear and focused like a laser beam—will ensure the manifestation of your deeper destiny and dreams. What can you do today to be original? To be One of a Kind? Everything in numerology goes in cycles. We can wait until the universe hits us with a 2 x 4 or we can be proactive and evolve in a state of joy.

From my perception one of the aspects of living in this awakened state is becoming more aware of the daily miracles we are creating and moving through, the biggest, of course being the miracle of life. By it’s soul signature Miracles are just changes in perception. The more you focus on Miracles – becoming more aware of all the daily Miracles, of course, somewhere in the very near future you will attract even more attention to your Magic and more Miracles will manifest because that is the state of your Being! Especially since whatever we focus on expands! The power of your vibration affects every part of your life and energy flows through you in multiple dimensions. This radical inner transformation and rise to a new level of consciousness may be our only hope to change.

The old style and way of thinking has been revolutionized…we do not have to see anything anymore with someone else’s eyes; and think what someone else has told us about what to make true. We are deliberate creators – generating creation each moment.

Here’s to the life of your dreams – Know you have a right to claim what you need to live fully functioning, healthy, prosperous and joyous lives. Today I invite you to awaken, appreciate and accept your true awesome and authentic nature – You matter and may all that you wish for be the least you receive…