It was a very good year.  In 1928, Cole Porter wrote the song “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love“,  for the debut of his Broadway musical Paris. Love makes the world go round. It is the universal theme we have all come to know and love.

In his book Eager to Love, Richard Rohr when writing about St. Francis of Assisi wrote: “Francis shows you how to die into your one and only life, the life that you must learn to Love!”  Begin to Love your life. Get inspired. Become empowered.  Be moved by your own intention. Once you feel these emotions they will keep appearing and ultimately become one continuous movement – first learning to Love your life and then allowing yourself to fully Love who You are. Once you align yourself with that vibration and never part from it then you will come to know heaven…and then an entirely different universe will emerge.

Since everything is energy, what you are is what you attract into your life. So then the deeper question is what are You willing to become?  When we Love ourselves we feel worthy – we then are inviting those energies of Love, joy, vitality, energy, enthusiasm, beauty, grace, freedom, truth, happiness and health (just to name a few) into our lives.

Up until now we lave looked for fulfillment from sources outside of ourselves. Only now we have come to discover we are the brass ring we have been searching for. Fulfillment comes from within, living our life from the inside out. It comes from our willingness to embrace that right here, right now, that we are enough and aligning with that intention in every moment of our life by practicing outrageous Love within ourselves! To begin operating under the assumption that we are enough. That we are whole and complete just the way we are. That we are magnificent.  When we can begin to fall in Love with ourselves and embody that more and more the universe presents itself to us in ways we can only imagine. Because we know we are worthy of receiving!  Ultimately when we operate from a foundation of completion and begin to fall in Love and be more loving to ourselves then that same frequency is what will show up for us. 99% of what we have been taught is wrong. We are all a part of an infinite energy that loves us and that energy lives within us. When we have the courage to be authentic and be the unique expression of who we are this expression is unleashed into the world. It cannot be described in words.

So today, practice being in gratitude – because the signature of gratitude is that it has already happened. Have the intention to Love the life you live.  Do it! Fall in Love with your Life and with yourself. You are the One you have been waiting for.  Moreover, others are not going to Love us the way we Love them, they are going to love us the way we love ourselves!

What’s more, that’s the key to connecting with Spirit; to have a true intention to learn what is Loving to You. The more you focus on truly loving yourself you are also going to be loving to others. Especially since Love makes the world go round. And how does it get any better than that!

Change me Divine Beloved into One who always knows the Truth…that I am a spark of the Divine, a vessel of Your Love. Use me as You will for the highest good. Let me always know my own value and worthiness. May I forgive all who have knowingly or unknowingly hurt me. I am Yours. you are mine. We are one. All is well. – Tosha Silver

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” ― Rumi

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi     

I love you and thank you for loving me…


Everyone has a divine purpose and once you find and begin to start to live yours you then are expressing the very best version of who you are and still becoming!

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