by Marcy Heller

1928 was a very good year. The famous composer Cole Porter wrote the song, ‘Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love’. Today I invite you to fall in Love with You. We deserve to have the best holiday season ever! Why? Because we did it! What courage it took and we made it! We faced our fears, and in letting go allowed for a space where infinite possibilities could come through aligning with our own true nature!

We are the Ones that we have waited for! Know that as a creative change agent and path finder, you were made for these times. A rebel. One of the ones who won’t conform, back down or step aside. The ones who were not born to fit in but to gloriously stand out. We are the ones who are here to be midwives of the genuine, to think outside the box. Who Dance even though we may not know how.  The ones who raise their voices to the heavens even though they don’t always know the words. The ones who dare to be open, to feel, to love and to live. We are the Ones who follow the North Star etched upon our spirit. The magical, the mystical and the misunderstood. The wise ones who move between the shadows and the light. The stargazers, the storm-chasers and the Old Souls who walk this Earth. Take it personally – Here’s to All of  US!

We now have come to learn that crisis ignites evolution. We are all fully experiencing the greatest adventure in human history – conscious evolution. In going through this, as the scientist, Bruce Lipton writes, “We are now forced to let go and shed that image that we were victims and now we evolve from passive victims to responsible co-creators.  We must cultivate the confidence of knowing who we truly are.”

We have all been broken open in some Divine way! Whether we use the pain and trauma to grow or remain victims is the question. Moreover, when asked in the future “How did you make it through your most challenging experiences”, how will you respond? Through crisis we cultivate the strength, courage and resilience to stay the course and move through challenging times so we can manifest our dreams. The Universe has provided us with this timeline to let go of what no longer serves so we can create the space for all the upcoming energies that the New Year and all the planetary alignments are offering us.

We are at a turning point in all of our relationships. Especially the one with ourselves!  The more resilient we are enables us to embrace more and more changes in our life. We now have the potential to create a new normal that is making it possible to thrive beyond our wildest dreams. However, the one key we require to unlock that door is that we have to be willing to change our perspective of who and what we are.  Many are still unaware of their own power and that we have now become the bridge between heaven and Earth. Taking baby steps and learning to cross the bridge from the world that is saying bye-bye into the new world that is not quite here yet requires a new perception. The essential and necessary revolution must happen within ourselves. What’s more, everything depends on our attitude – our attitude toward ourselves. It’s an inside job. If we don’t go within, we go without! It is essential for all of us to no longer diminish ourselves but claim ourselves it a new way, not judging, feeling we should be this or that, to sing a new song, create a different story. What is your new sound-track going to feel and sound like?  This new way of being not only transforms ourselves but everyone and everything that is all around us. It is that simple. Are you ready to step into your power? To say yes to the yes in you!

If we wish to see the world as bigger and better, a greater place, we must affirm the reality of a bigger and better being within ourselves. It is the ultimate purpose of why we are here. How we can expand into the Divine being we are? We must readjust ourselves to know we deserve everything!  We are the Ones that can only make the change. And, what we tell ourselves about ourselves will make all the difference. If we don’t change, nothing does!

We will never be the same.  Moreover, when I look at what I have gained, what has become sacred and not focusing on what has been deleted, I feel so grateful. As a meditator for many years, now more than ever I so appreciate and know how essential it is for me to treasure this sacred time to take a step back and allow myself the necessary time to reflect on what I care about most. Some days I feel like a monk, for all I want to do is thank my Angels, Guides and Higher Self for all that I AM and all that I can do to alleviate not only my suffering but the suffering of all human beings.

Even though the Phoenix is Rising, I believe no matter what will come – no matter how harsh, challenging or uncomfortable, we will prevail!  Even though on the outside there are multiple reasons why we could be feeling much fear, pain and uncertainty, I want to share a different perspective – one that isn’t always user friendly. I believe with all my heart that my suffering happened for a reason. Not because I am a bad or a mean person, on the contrary because I Am good and loved and that the Universe/Spirit wanted me to go through these experiences for my highest good. This is part of my Soul’s blueprint to grow. To evolve. I’ve found when I want to avoid (pain and discomfort), wishing it away, it only grew stronger.

We are all here to learn how to Love. We do it usually through health, wealth and or relationships. This is how and why we are meant to go through pain. It is here to show us where we are out of alignment with our Divine Self. Pain is here to teach us the lessons we need in order to learn and grow.

Especially now. Especially this year. What a blessing it is to be alive and to have the unconditional love and support of my friends, family and spiritual tribe. To experience any form of transformation, first we must be willing to cross that river of change and free ourselves from all limiting beliefs. The last few years gave me the luxury of time to reflect and inquire on what I value most. What do I want to do with my One and Precious Life? I was broken open and was graced to receive the gift of new and infinite possibilities.

To be open to the possibility that change is going to do us good!  Change for me is not only the hardest thing I ever had to do, it is also the most freeing thing I ever did! Our souls don’t care if we are uncomfortable, inconvenienced or upset. Our souls are always steering us in the right direction for our highest good. We are all in that gestation period giving birth to our new world/reality. That’s why if we let go of the reigns and surrender to what is, we can allow ourselves to trust and be guided by the Amazing Grace the ecstatic energy that is carrying us on angelic wings!  As Anne Lamott wrote, “We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be.”