One of our great teachers, Barbara Marciniak once wrote, “If you do not fill your energetic field with new experiences, new ideas and new versions of yourself, your field becomes dim and worn, bored with the same old story.”

We are here to be deliberate Creators. Now is the time to be ready for anything and everything knowing we are at the precipice of begining to accept the unvarnished truth that we are destined for greatness. We are not those temporal, fragmented and limited beings that we once imagined and erroneously identified ourselves with for eons of time. Know you can be anything you want to be in any given moment.

As we go deeper within our consciousness and heighten our awareness we create more peace, love, bliss and magic in our universe. All gateways are now opening up way beyond anything we could have imagined. We were made to love more and it is love and light that we are made of. Your soul is the ray of sunlight illuminating all the hearts you touch.

As we give birth to a ‘new normal’, no longer are the old programs eclipsing our greatness. They won’t continue to hold any power over us. Moreover, if and when they come up from time-to-time it is only to show us that we now have choices to shift our focus into the newer/higher consciousness.

Furthermore, the spiritual teacher, Maureen Moss in her newest blog wrote, “As you now conclude this year and life cycle not of nine years… but of hundreds of thousands of years… whereby true identities were forged, capacities diminished, minds tampered with, DNA deactivated and abuse and manipulation (both self and global) reigned falsely supreme, it is not a moment to soon to use these days to overturn any pieces left of a counterfeit reality… not first in the world…but first within yourself. That, I am informed, is the greatest service you can offer to the stabilization of the world.”

As we conclude this end-game of chained down, limited and helpless beings and step into the life we were born to live, we can start now to be the living example of the Gods and Goddesses we truly are.

I wish you all infinite love. I AM holding all of you in my Heart wishing for All of us to experience so much more Light, Health, Love, Prosperity, Joy, Happiness and Bliss in this Season and the New Year. Thank you for your Light that is collectively contributing to this planet a more joy-filled, better, healthier and more loving Universe as we move forward illuminating our LIGHT and taking good care of one other. Have the best Holiday Season ever…

I invite you to make your affirmations your prayers and remind you that you are now able to fully embrace your life and be the shining example knowing you are a unique self and much needed by reality. By fully downloading these truths you are the living example of evolutionary love. In a world with outrageous pain and suffering, the only way we can match it is with outrageous love. May your life be a living example of the Love that you are and having the world reflect back to you all that energy and so much more.

So the question to ask yourself as much as possible: What am I willing to do now to make today different? To create the best day ever? How can we awaken the power within us to create something phenomenal? What are we willing to let go of to create a space so that something miraculous can occur. Each generation is filled with creative potential. What are you going to add to the field today so that each of us can play our role in creating the greatest adventure in human history.

The more we can align ourselves to a loving heart and use our gifts to empower and transform as never before the more we will believe, see and experience that we are the miracles that continue to create miracles. Live the best day ever. Happy New Year 2017 – Know you are so loved…As never before.

There is nothing greater for me than to honor who I AM and to honor each one of you for all the ways you have thrived. Never giving up. Being all you could be with elegance and grace. Between all the wonder and all the tragedies, between all the love and all the heart-breaks, between all the tears and all the triumphs, know that with your courage, resilience and big hearts you have achieved so very much. And, as the writer Mark Nepo wrote, “Sooner or later, life teachers us, through great love and suffering, that the diversity of the world is there to complete us.”

Collectively we have anchored a new Heaven on Earth. As you believe and align yourself with the Divine you can make anything you desire a reality through your inner connection and your expanded field of consciousness. Today, continue to be surprised. And, in the days that follow wake up and know you are love incarnate. Claim this as your day. Set yourself up to have the best and most amazing day ever knowing you matter. You were born for these times. Know you are loved. And, may you all continue to be blessed every moment of everyday…And, how does it get any better than that?