by Marcy Heller

Dear Courageous Spiritual Champions,

As are all cracking through the collective and ancestral codes, seeking to re-create and amplify ourselves beyond all that we have ever known until now on this physical plane, I have come to learn that the game of life is all about Mastery and how to play it!  No longer feeling alone, adrift and confused, struggling while worrying ourselves down a slippery slope.  Which then begets the $64,000 question – What do you want or who do you want to play with? News Flash – You get to determine that and so much much while you are playing in that sand box, just be careful not to get caught up in the ravages of the storm as the old is blown away!

To paraphrase the teacher, Michael Sandler, if you have been working hard to manifest anything chances are it isn’t working out. Manifestation isn’t about working on anything. It’s about flow. It’s about getting into a state of Grace and Ease. It’s about energy. More specifically it’s about turning into an energy magnet. E-Motion.  ‘Energy in motion’ good or bad is always spinning through us and consequently we become an energetic magnet to whatever we are focused on with the highest level of emotion.  We are attracting experiences into our life through what we are broadcasting.  Moreover,  if we are striving or pushing, according to the Law of Psychics each action has an equal and opposite reaction.  If you run towards something with speed, it pushes back against you with the same full deliberate speed. In a nutshell, in the past the typical ways we might have been doing manifestation work actually repels the things we seek and will continue to keep them at arms length. When we pull or attract in we get into that flow state where we are in a state of Grace, Ease and Joy, and as we get to turn ourselves into an attractor magnet we attract and bring that energy into us. And, it gets even better…in our new world we can decide beforehand how we choose to feel about something and then pour that feeling all over what we are currently feeling. In other words, emotions are in the truest sense creations, they no longer have to be a reaction! We can make this emotion/creation and then feel ourselves into being that! Instead of being at the mercy of those feelings/emotions that keep us stuck in the past!

Now that we are certainly living in a very different world at the biggest turning point and transition we will ever have to go through, I felt it was essential for us to learn the rules and how to play in this new game plan! Basically, to be prepared as we are diving in, giving birth to a new dawn and very much at the center of a huge cornerstone in creating a new consciousness/world. What’s more, as Joseph Campbell referred to when he coined the phrase, “Following your Bliss!”, this is about what we can create as the Miracle Manifestors. We are still very much at the crossroads between the way it was and the way things are, personally, professionally and universally. I want to help all of us tip the scale so in this new chapter we can finally take a breath and focus on what we want. Especially since we each individually are the most important Persons in our Life! We Matter!

Everything is off the table. No longer is it about navigating our lives with our minds. The new order that is being born has nothing to do with our analytical minds, but everything to do with going deep into our intuitive hearts. Michael Singer, author of  ‘The Un-tethered Soul’ wrote, “The mind also receives and renders the world that comes in through the senses. It allows you to experience the outside world and to learn and grow from that experience. The problem is that the mind creates an alternate reality out of thoughts. It is built of the impressions you stored from past experiences you either liked and tried to keep, or could not handle and pushed away. Caught in this fabricated world of thoughts, you are no longer able to see the truth of life because your past personal experiences are prejudicing your mind. Your past likes and dislikes are distorting your perception of the present moment unfolding before you. This further contributes to the building of the personal mind. The whole of spiritual growth is getting comfortable with all moments—the good and the bad. When you are able to do this, you will begin to become free.”

The essential revolution must happen within ourselves. If we wish to see the world as bigger and better, a greater place, we must affirm the reality of a bigger and better being within ourselves. It is the ultimate purpose of why we are here and how we can expand into the Divine being we are. We must readjust ourselves to know we deserve everything! We are the Ones that can only make the change. And, what we tell ourselves about ourselves will make all the difference! As Eckert Tolle brilliantly wrote, “When you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.”

Even though the Phoenix is Rising, as well as the energies at times are beyond intense, I believe now more than ever that no matter what will come from these ashes being in the woods (doing the work), confronting our fears, demons and challenges that we have endured through eternity – no matter how harsh, challenging or uncomfortable, we will prevail!  What’s more, we may be entering this gateway feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unsure, but we will leave it with a clearer knowing, a stronger sense of our destiny, and more connected to our personal power! As Anne Lamott wrote, “We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be.” And last but certainly not least, always remember yourselves as l’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle, “the love that moves the sun and the other stars.”