It is not just because of my current circumstances that I am writing this. It is also because as most of us now understand, these times are the most energetically chaotic and pivotal times in our history. The Elohim tell us that within the month of October, we may have undergone one of possibly the five greatest Spiritual Tug-of-Wars we’ve experienced here on Earth. Moreover, with great powerful energy comes great challenges. History evolves and we are in that state of evolution. The light and dark are always proportionate and it is up to us to counter the balance and choose what we want to focus on. The irony is that it is so easy to be taken under with the current tide being so intense. However, if we choose to stay under the illusion of fear and panic we will miss the opportunities to bring in the miracles that continue to surround us. Much like if we were asking for more prosperity and were walking around with holes in our pockets, there would be no container to hold the fortune we were so diligently asking for. The Light, the beauty, the gifts, the love are all around and it is up to us and what we are willing to let go of to create the space and choose a different scenario. It may feel comfortable to go back to those moments of comfort and stability. However, as familiar as it may feel it is not who we are anymore! As I have learned through my experiences of late that I can honor that I feel the suffering; however, I AM choosing not to be a sufferer. Similarly, we can have difficult situations without being difficult. The times they are a changing. We can surrender to ecstasy or continue to resist what is and stay in the illusion of pain. I have had my heart broken wide open only to love and beloved even more and more and more. What about You?

Take this in – the spiritual teacher, Maureen Moss wrote in her newsletter, “With that clarity it has become ingrained in me that we must first recognize, integrate and assimilate the numerous components of the shifts, experiences and changes that occurred (and will continue to occur) energetically, psychically, intuitively, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically into one unified system within, to effectively sustain the one unified system being formed without. It was recently said by Thich Nhat Hanh, “that the next great Avatar of the new world will be collective consciousness.” We Are the pure, raw, undiluted power of Infinite Intelligence awakening once again. We each are in the awakening stream. No One is there, as there is not. We Are the “bringers of a new dawn” as well as the ones that will animate it, though first we must integrate, assimilate and adapt to the components of the dawn itself. And then…Behold the new dawn as it is brought to Life through each of us. Though to turn inward to acknowledge, integrate and assimilate the all but subtle waves upon waves of energies infiltrating every nook and cranny of my bodies re-calibrating and re-calling the true nature of my being. Like most…some of me was leaving and some was staying, that was clear. A great deal of sorting was to be done even as to what was mine and what was not. Ancestors showed up with generations of wounds and patterns that I had fallen prey to in this lifetime. As the worlds were now parting and a new life cycle birthing, now, those too had to be unwound and left behind if I were to experience an integrated merger and cross over from one world into the next.”

I want to remind you how important and essential it is to stay in an amplified expanded version of ecstasy and not descend back to our fear based thoughts and not be penetrated by all the external circumstances and noise. We are constantly being inundated with outside influences. I have heard that by the time an average man or women is 20 years old they have heard over one million advertisements.

Recently, I heard a great definition for forgiveness. I had originally thought it was just being more loving and compassionate. I realized only to learn from a great teacher that it is that act allowing something to die. Once we can go through whatever that grieving process is we can begin a new cycle of life. We Are the pioneers. We are mid-wifing a new humanity. And, as we integrate everything and re-calibrate, we get to share it with others by polishing the mirror through which we view one another.

My dear friend Heather Straube, wrote, “Everything we thought we knew begins to dissolve into Star Dust to Bring in a New Era of Divine Order, Compassion, Harmonic Reverence & Resonance. We have been restored to the Garden of Eden, now to be reclaimed in each willing Soul’s heart Matrix of Love.” How does it get better than that?