by Marcy Heller

In 1998, Gary Zukav began an ongoing conversation with Oprah Winfrey, appearing on her television show 35 times – more than any other guest. For many his best-selling book, ‘Seat of the Soul’, was a game-changer!

Personally, the book changed my life. Zukav introduced me as well as millions of others to the concept of the alignment of personality with the Soul as the creation of “authentic power”.  He asserts that a transformation of humanity is underway from a species that is limited to the perceptions of the five senses, evolves by surviving, and survives by pursuing “external power”, which he defines as the ability to manipulate and control, into a species that is not limited to the perceptions of the five senses, evolves by growing spiritually, and grows spiritually by creating authentic power. He further asserts that this transformation brings with it the new potential of authentic power and that the pursuit of external power is henceforth counter-productive to our evolution and produces only violence and destruction.

He defines intention as a “quality of consciousness that infuses an action”, i.e., the reason or motivation for the action, and choice of intention as the “fundamental creative act” that each individual performs continually, whether unconsciously or consciously. Creating authentic power requires consciously choosing intentions that create consequences for which the chooser is willing to assume responsibility (responsible choice), which requires emotional awareness, and which intuition can assist.

If it is true that everything is timing and there is a season, a reason for everything, then it is not a coincidence that Zukav’s newest book, ‘The Universal Human’, came out last week just in time to celebrate on July 4th, the Birthday of America, Independence/Freedom Day! The new window for us to give birth to our Newest most-empowered Selves!

According to ‘The Universal Human’, we are all being re-born, becoming a Universal Human. He writes, “A Great Change is upon us. Our social structures are disintegrating. Wars are ceaseless. Nuclear destruction nears. Global climate catastrophe comes closer. Individuals with little vision hold the old kind of power. These events are NOT the Great Change. They are effects of the Great Change. Until you understand the Great Change, you will not understand these events. An obsolete world is disintegrating. Pieces of it are tumbling down, and a new world with a new kind of power is being born. We are on the ground floor of this new world. We are the ground floor. Human history and consciousness are changing quickly and dramatically. A new human species looks to the sky and sees beyond it. Human evolution now requires spiritual development. The dying world dismisses this, but the dying world is dying. Human evolution is becoming conscious. This is the Great Change. New perceptions and insights fill us. The five senses no longer limit our experiences. We are learning to distinguish love from fear within ourselves and to choose love no matter what happens inside us or what happens outside. This is authentic power. We are seeing for the first time that the love and fear in the world are the love and fear in us. Therefore, only by changing ourselves can we change the world. All this is only the beginning. Look inside yourself for these experiences. They are emerging in you. They are appearing like the sunrise of a new and different Dawn. You are more than experiencing this Dawn, more even than participating in it. You are the new Dawn. You are the Great Change. What you do with your awareness of the great change is for you to decide. A new potential has been born. Your new potential.”

Our new path is letting go of how you thought your life was going to be and surrender to the life that is being integrated into your consciousness! Possibly just like you growing up in a 3d world, I never gave much thought or knew that our Souls are immortal. That they are our essence.  What literally is driving the Bus known as YOU!   If you’re reading this now you are one of the few and of the many beautiful powerful, creative, compassionate and loving Souls that have chosen to participate in the evolution of the human species at this time in our evolution.  Many of us are now awakening to the truth of who we really are. That we are the Gift!  One of my favorite sayings is, “We have our PhD in giving, now we must learn that we are the Gift and for eons of lifetimes in service to consciousness and humanity must learn and know we deserve to receive!” This is our new creation story!

Moreover, like Zukav wrote in his brilliant book, and I too have been sharing this message for years…there is so much more to our life that we can see and feel when we let go of limiting ourselves to our five senses and that limited perception. We are all connected and are a part of a larger whole. Whatever we are broadcasting is what we are putting out to the universe and receiving those same vibrations in return. In choosing our words, thoughts and actions with awareness, love and compassion, you will receive more than you can ever imagine in return. So on that note I know for myself that what I am beginning to experience directly at times is nothing short of Magic! As written in ‘The Universal Human’,  “We have much to do together. Let us do it in wisdom and love and joy. Let us make this a Human Experience!”

My wish is that for those of you who are inspired, that you find a way to create from your Soul the most extraordinary adventure to live the most awakened, clear and loving life from your Heart. Know you aren’t in the field of Infinite Potential, you are the field of Infinite Potential. Take pause and remember your personal evolution not only inspires others, but it is raising the vibration and consciousness around the world and back.

May all of your expressions ripple out into the world and cause great happiness, joy and love to all who you are graced to touch. I bow to your courage. Your resilience. Your pioneering Spirit. THANK YOU for being here. Know you are the miracle workers connected to and an extension of Divine Love herself. This is our time in history to finally be who we truly are. For nothing is more precious nor more profoundly powerful than for us to amplify the evolution of Love. And, even though your journey may be silent, invisible or indescribable, just know at the end of the day the world is different just because of your Light!