So much of the spiritual path is about acceptance – learning to embrace everything.

We all experience cycles of  scarcity,  judgment, doom, gloom, fear and just not knowing.  However; each one of us contains within ourselves an inner strength and resolve that whenever darkness arises we can go within and summon those resources of untapped energies.

When we enter that dark night of the soul in the absence of feeling good many of us begin to feel blame.  However, we can just start surrendering to what we are feeling without blame or judgment, asking ourselves ‘Who must I stop blaming to create the space for more love to unfold?’  When we can start loving what comes up, either from our past, the circumstances of life, others, or God, our willingness to be with those feelings, according to Matt Kahn, “Brings to life the passion of true liberated grace.” What he calls “The heart of surrender.”  The more that we keep loving ourselves through every experience, surrendering to what is, we are graduating into a class of consciousness and are being transformed into a higher frequency from the inside out.

In the new book, Your Inner Self, Piero Ferrucci writes, “The capacity to rise again is the mark of the phoenix, the Egyptian bird that burns and rises from its ashes. The principal myth of our civilization is the death and resurrection of Christ. Whatever theological sense we may give to this story, literal or symbolic, its meaning for all of us is clear: We may suffer, be torn and trampled upon, insulted, scorned and abandoned. And we may descend into the deep darkness of death. But there we can indeed find the means to come back, stronger and more vital than ever.”

Moreover, according to the wise and beautiful teacher, Miranda Macpherson, “When we are no longer resisting, grace arrives in direct response to what is truly needed.” “This is HOW surrender happens. It is not something we do, rather it happens when we relax our usual egoic doing.”

Sometimes a deep presence of love emerges, sometimes it is clarity, guidance that shows us the most intelligent next steps to take, how to respond with wisdom.  The sufi mystic Hafiz says:

“God’s trying to sell you something,
but you don’t want to buy.
That’s what your suffering is –
your manic haggling, screaming over the price”

In surrendering we then can be more spacious with life.  That space frees us to be the master gardeners we are and plant the seeds for our magical garden to grow. This is also our true nature-to embrace and love whatever comes up.

This spacious allowing is also part of your true nature.  By surrendering and embracing where you are you begin to understand that whatever you thought was blocking your way is the way. By opening and allowing to what is, rather than judging or blaming, that grace begins to naturally transform your life in ways that are truly liberating.

Ramana Maharshi taught that we simply need to “be as you are”. This is the spirit of unconditional allowing that is truly loving. It helps us accept the paradox of our divinity and humanity. If we can open and embrace everything – things unwind back into the substance from which they came, and ultimately everything comes out of the great mystery. That is why there is nothing to fear by taking the naked inner journey home. We might meet things that have a scary countenance, but they are only ever gargoyles on the gate to the sanctuary. In the depth of things, there is nothing but God.