There is something extraordinary happening for all of us right now. Never before have we become so conscious of who we are. I have been inspired from a wonderful teacher, Guy Finley, who to paraphrase him goes something like this: we we are realizing that we are so fortunate to be able to pick where we live – the internal world where we dwell as a being. In choosing where we live, we possess the gift of being aware of where we are abiding within ourselves.

Being conscious and observing what that environment is doing to us can help us realize that by being there and living there we are possibly hurting ourselves. This pain can be a great motivator to improve our life and find release from the condition of ourselves. Change is an awareness of itself and then motivates us to move forward. You cannot change and still be yourself. The hardest thing is breaking the habit of being ourselves. Once we are triggered by fear or a lower vibration the urge to get out of fear and escape it actually causes more fear. Once we wake up we begin to notice that what lies in that very darkness is being illuminated for us to see, feel and heal. All this is showing us ways we don’t have to be any more once we meet ourselves and experience the Divine being we truly are.

For me these last few months has been like no other. I am so happy to write that day by day, I have been experiencing incredible insights, knowledge and magic beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I am grateful for these amazing gifts and accelerations of consciousness made possible through all the Light Beings, Masters, Angels and Teachers from the company of heaven who are conspiring to help us evolve.

Lately, it has been the toughest road for me to travel thus far. However, I never gave up. Just like you who are possibly feeling that in your heart of hearts you know there is no one else on earth like you and no matter how daunting or difficult the task you know that you are uniquely qualified for your own greatness. On this journey everything you do will be the discovery of your relationship with what is Divine. The resistance, the fear, the doubt or the limitation that we feel in any moment is the very thing that makes it possible for you to discover the truth of yourself. This may be exactly the opposite of what we have thought up until now. It is worth repeating ‘Everything will play out and be the discovery of your relationship with what is Divine and that Light Force in us will keep moving forward no matter what’. There is an awareness innate in each of us that will continue to ask of ourselves the question: What do I need to do to find myself?

I received this email from the Channel Laura Mirante at the tie of writing this Muse-Letter that really resonated with everything I had just written:

“I know in my individual process every time I am taking a step forward on my path of purpose I experience some form of resistance in my life. Something gets stirred up – some fear I didn’t realize I was holding on to or some anger, resentment or judgment. I know NOW that it gets stirred up so I can SEE IT. So I can recognize that it exists in me and that it affects who I am and I understand now that that moment is an opportunity for me to change me, to see what is not positive in me and to leave it behind, to let it go and replace it with something positive, loving and life affirming. It’s a choice… I have to see it, acknowledge it and work through it or to deny it and allow it to exist in me and affect my experience. Either way it is my choice.”

Our connection to the divine is now opening all the doors to this infinite universe and to one another. What Spirit is sharing in its effort for all of us to experience heaven on earth through all these new concepts and ideas is its gift to us. What we do with these gifts is our gift back to the world.

Beyond words I thank you all for showing up and being the bravest and most courageous Souls that you are. For everyone who has embraced this acceleration process and has spiraled onto a new level thank you again and again for choosing the Light. In a world where fear dominates our consciousness it takes enormous awareness to keep getting better instead of becoming bitter. From the pain we gain. You are the chosen Ones. Everything is energy. When we are operating at a higher frequency of love we become a magnet for more love. Our awareness expands and we are aware that we are aligned with Source. When we recognize our Divine essence miracles unfold right in front of us. As never before you are the Light. Shine brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light as you turn your tears into triumph for the all of us.

From the words of Marianne Williamson, “The darkness has no power before the light within your heart. Having suffered, you will have a taste for sweetness and a talent for happiness and an appetite for peace. You will be a bearer of sweetness and a bearer of happiness and a bearer of peace-for your sake, for G-d’s sake and for the sake of all the world.”