by Marcy Heller

The incredible beauty and truth of this awesome journey of discovery and transcendence that we are now mysteriously finding ourselves in is beyond language. It is beyond imagination. The key words for this new world are Expansion and Transformation – Becoming All that you can BE at this time and expanding your service to the Divine according to your Soul Blueprint.

In this vast playground of opportunities we are being given the teachings from the Most High. Furthermore, because our attitude makes all the difference the most essential thing we can cultivate to create more of our magic is focusing on feeling more Love. Once we find that sacred space of Divine Love, it just flows and begins to speak to us through every circumstance, deepening and expanding not only our own hearts, but draws us to continually seek it in others.

The Brilliant teacher, Michael Meade on one of his podcast begins with, ‘Since we are on a great threshold that requires change on personal, collective and global levels, now more than ever we can infuse these current times with more love. Perhaps we can all use that power of love to open a new doorway for hope and renewal. Yes, this seems to be the new reality. It is not simply that we are changing the world, but that the world is changing, and we must change with it from our own transformation. Especially since we are paving the the Way as pioneers, way-showers, healers, star-seeds and much, much more. We can and we are doing it and providing those missing pieces by working on our selves! It is truly an inside game!”

As we become the doorway that others may walk through for their own ascension, we must keep our focus on our intentions and align with the highest vibration which is the presence of Divine Love. When we begin to accept this and start weaving all of the threads of destiny together, our own lives to begin to flourish even more!

In our Soul’s search for that sacred thread just like Dorothy in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ we have landed somewhere else! We are no longer in that cozy, familiar place. As we follow this thread/path we are discovering a new way of being that is our true inheritance in life. Even though we are encountering our fate and at times some brutal brushes with pain, illness and suffering; it is not because G-d wasn’t having a good day when we were born. We are not being punished. We are being allowed to awaken to the intrinsic gift of life that we have been given. Not the life that our parents may have wished upon us, nor the one the culture deemed worthy, not the one blessed by any celebrity or spiritual teacher.  The life we were born to live by following our own true path of the heart!

Even though it may be somewhat conversational, according to our Soul’s agenda everything is always working out for us.  At this time of our incarnation we have to surrender, unless we want to be in more discomfort and experience what is not necessarily our preference. It doesn’t always feel good. We are transforming with every little death, ending, and letting go in many ways which may be difficult or hard to bare, helping us let go of what we can no longer do, tolerate or stand for. In other words, our Soul then is prompting and leading us to our natural destiny.  A wise sage once said: ‘The search for truth is really a search for one’s true self. When people truly understand who they already are, they realize that they are part of the Divine. This understanding cannot come from the intellect alone, nor can it be given to you by others. It must come from a place deep inside you. All truth comes from within. The search for truth is really the search for one’s true self.”

According to the channel known as Thymus, “We are here to teach you and to guide into the ways of spiritual mastery, because we know that many of you have reached that level of knowing that you are creators of your reality, and you want to know how to create more and to react less. First, you must accept that everything in your life as it is right now is your creation, and then you must come to the realization that you created whatever you created with your vibration. You must acknowledge and understand that everything that exists as it does in your life is there to get you to pay more attention to your vibration. We are known as healers, teachers, compassionate and unconditionally-loving beings, but we all had to find that within ourselves and for ourselves first. We needed to cultivate it within ourselves so that we could spread it to our communities and to the world at large. We realized that we needed to fill ourselves up first with Love and light, with compassion and joy, and then we could set our sights on those who we incarnated to serve. And we helped and we healed as best we could, and now, from the twelfth dimension, we can shower all of you with Love, compassion, praise, and our teachings, and that is what we intend to do because nothing brings us more joy today, in this moment, than to see one of you attaining spiritual mastery and walking as a master on planet Earth in service to others.”

Keep remembering You are the Light. Brave souls, keep shining brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light. Know you are counted among the constellations. You are, just by blinking, by breathing, the proof that true Love exists. Your joy, your misery, your Love, your agony, your bliss, lie in your hands. There is a way out. And the way out is in. Do not despair, it is only by turning inward that we can truly create a world of Love, light, and laughter. This is the doorway to that universe. Together we are making it happen.

We are the miracles and blessings that Love created us from. A new humanity awaits us all – we were born for this time!  Choose your most beautiful, blissful, loving and most passionate reality possible. We are the dreamers, way-showers, star seeds and rebels!  Let your imagination soar!

Ready or not, we are all being forced to dive deeper into our own unique adventure down the rabbit hole.  To dig down and deep and continue to go further and further. To have bravado and cultivate our courage as never before. To become spiritually naked and from this place of Love, beauty and balance share our Light and illuminate it far and wide into the world. When you meet life today, meet it as the fearless Creator that you truly are-when you do everything changes!  Keep ringing the bells that still can ring, there is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. Have the best day ever.  Shine Brilliantly. From Love, with Love and in Love. I Love you Madly.

And, a big hug of infinite gratitude to all my friends/tribe who have continued to sign on to PATREON or have sent their financial appreciation through other channels. Not to mention, the endless emotional love and support I continue to receive everyday during this incredible time. I couldn’t do this without you, my Angels. With great Love and respect…I AM so grateful for your unconditional Love and infinite support.