by Marcy Heller

“Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the Light that is you.” -L.R. Knost


As Andrea Balt wrote, ”Change is a deep and sometimes painful realization that the previous You didn’t make it but the current You survived.”  As you are all well aware, we are entering a chapter that none of us or humanity at large has ever experienced. I know for myself, there have been certain moments in history that I have never forgotten and I feel certain this is one of those times that we will all remember forever!

Everything is coming to the surface: all our fears, sadness, anger, resentments, sicknesses as well as the most beautiful and astonishing things like compassion, generosity, courage, kindness, magic, etc. It is all grist for the mill so we can have a reckoning as never before and come away from these times wiser, healthier and so much more grateful! And through it all, even in the most intense of these experiences, beautiful and miraculous things are continuing to emerge. Magic is unfolding and my favorite city is still SynchroniCity!

We were born for this. I have been saying it all along because in my heart of hearts I know this to be true. I so believe that each one of us will continue to make the most conscious choices both in our inner and outer worlds to whatever the challenges we have to face in a given moment. I so believe that we will continue to come together and ascend to a new level that none of us has ever experienced before. And, as this too shall pass, we will all come out the other side more loving, braver, resilient, happier and much more grateful than ever before.

So now we have all the time we need to re-program the field. We can re-write our stories. Since our lives are all based on our belief systems, make your system an incredible and powerful one. Know that as way-showers and star-seeds you are continuing to transmit light frequencies. Do it your way and create your own personal philosophy in which to live by. It is immense. You get to decide how life will be paying you back!  What’s more is the bigger picture, when you are asked the question-what footprints are you going to leave on this planet?

It is a wonderful opportunity now (Since most of us can’t go out), to go within. Develop a personal relationship with Divine Love that resides within each and everyone of you. Once you align with the unspeakable source of The Divine, you open to the mystery at the heart of everything – the reality that you are your own universe. Let go of your mind and what your senses are telling you – this isn’t the tool to use for navigating this new level of uncharted light energy. Only your Divine Heart is a match for this frequency.  Begin to make it a habit to create from here. As Lorna Beven declared, “ This is Universal Sacred Medicine. It starts with you, with each of us taking responsibility for our own healing.”

Once you gradually begin to notice The Divine loving in you, breathing in you, and doing its work in this world through you – it is Love at the highest and deepest level. It is a fuel that is simply intoxicating and making available a whole new level of love, acceptance and gratitude. You experience a ‘homecoming’ with your god, god(dess) self and soul family. You connect to the future ‘Ascended You’ in the infinite Now. It is a powerful seed moment for activating your Divine Soul’s ascension life plan. It is a Presence you cannot language, you just know it, feel it and trust it. It is your Soul!

In these incredible times when nothing is or will be the same ever again, take pause and know you are here to experience a new model of loving relationships in the 5D earth plane. We are moving into a new realm of peace and harmony for humanity.

May Grace follow you wherever you go and may you receive all the blessings that heaven can share. Thank you for walking this path with me.  As my wonderful friend once told me when I shared the thought that this is surreal! He replied with, “Only if you believe in Real!”

Even though it may not always feel like it at times, know you are having a huge impact on the collective consciousness.  Especially now. Even though you may feel alone at times know you are being assisted with all the forces from Spirit championing your success. You are making a difference. You can choose to be the calm in this storm and be a force for good. That Divine spark in all of us is coming out to cast out our outrageous pain and despair. Feel it, know it, and believe that you are made from Stardust and you are here to share your Love and Light while raising the vibrations of all the hearts and Souls you are Graced to touch. Remember, the Hero’s Journey is not so much about ourselves, but what we can do for one another. As Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others.”  No matter where you are, reality needs you more than ever!  I wish you a beautiful week. Na-maste-stay away from me! Until we meet again, know you are cherished.  Stay safe. Be well. I love you madly.