by Marcy Heller

Dear Soulful and Courageous Warriors,

“Don’t be afraid of losing the lies that need to be lost. Be more afraid of not finding the naked truth that, in the depths of you, screams to be found. You can’t lose what you no longer are. What is really yours will never leave you.” – Andrea Balt

Each moment of my life is beginning to feel like this is that Moment, that One defining moment, the time you just stop, savor and smell the roses – when you just feel that something’s happening and it’s happening in and all around you!  For me, it’s so palpable.  At times I just pause, feel and observe organically what is going on from the inside out.

These days and night I feel like there are so many parts of me that are just dying away. I have become my biggest fan, just from the fact that each day I Am creating myself back to life, better than before. I believe that in each and every moment we are given another opportunity to create the world we want to live in. From my Tarot deck I continue to pull the “Just Breathe” card.  My life has become an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ journey where the synchronicities are coming so close together.  You don’t know if it’s a dream or reality!  What’s more, I AM so happy to keep rising again each morning filled with more Joy even in what appears at times to feel messy and totally unpredictable. I’m feeling like the phoenix who keeps rising again and again. I AM grateful for the courage to keep dusting myself off, and keep moving forward, while letting go to that which is no longer beneficial for me to hold on. From the depths of my being, losing parts of myself that are old, outworn and useless creates the sacred space for me to become more than I would have ever imagined.

So I urge you to live the life that you feel is deeper and closest to who you truly are. I once read that “if you are not living close to the edge you are taking up too much space.” I ask you where are you living from right now, right here? Through my work as The Spiritual Archaeologist and all I have done to let go of what seems extinct within, I know that we can all keep giving birth to so many versions of ourselves. Let go of what seems outworn in what others are saying was the most tumultuous decade.  What are you creating in the next 3 months? Who and what do you want to create? Without your history, with a new story who do you want to be? The secret is knowing who you are when you are true to yourself.  Are you leaving this decade behind bigger, better and so much stronger – it’s all there within us for we have been groomed for 2020 for more years that I can count!

There is a life force within each of us that is more powerful than we could ever have imagined. We no longer have to believe we are frail victims of circumstances and have no control over our lives, but rather in this new world, by focusing with attention and intention, our energies can change all that was and create what we would like to be deliberate, powerful co-creators in our universe. We are just now beginning to understand that we are artists creating our world with each new thought we choose. In his book, ‘The Spontaneous Healing of Belief’, Gregg Braden wrote, “From the healing of disease, to the length of our lives, to the success of our careers and relationships, everything that we experience as ‘life’ is directly linked to what we believe.”

The brilliant and wise philosopher Socrates was quoted as saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  Mainly because we are not choosing our life moment to moment – rather our old life continues through us from our unconscious mind and habits when we do not choose something different. Once you have the realization there is a whole new set of beliefs that we can incorporate into our daily lives, rather than looking at life from the old or conditioned patterns and paradigms, you can take the leap and jump into a new reality. To go beyond the habits of the conditioned mind all that’s required is this new realization along with practice, discipline and courage. What’s more, we begin to realize that it isn’t just ourselves that will benefit from this new perspective for transformation but the planet as well—changing the playing field for the All of Us and contributing to the evolution of humanity.

To help you remember, here are some thoughts from Lorna Bevan, astrologer extraordinaire!

Check these dates for the threads in your own life:

1st pass throughout 2018: losses, collapse of old structures – money, relationships, career – disruption of your outer world + no road ahead on your old path.

2nd Retrograde Pass in April – October 2019: nothingness, being in limbo or the void without maps + your old comfort zones eliminated.

3rd Pass Direct in October 2019-2020: a surge of authenticity, regeneration and life force through a resolution of polarities – an integrated higher level of operating. Both Saturn and Pluto bring the light of Truth – unequivocal straight down the line, tell-it-like-it-is Truth with a capital T.

Q: what/who has presented or dropped away in your life since 2014 and especially since April 2019 and how have you changed in response?

Q: how specifically have you turned from being buffeted by events – at Effect – to being responsive, reflexive and resourceful – at Cause?

Q: Since you stopped trying to control the uncontrollable, where in your life have you noticed the next step just appearing in front of you?

Find refuge in the absolute consistency of change. Life is impermanence and therefore change is not an aberration. Life is just life-ing so don’t take it personally.

We are at a new threshold where we must let go of our stories. The intense light that many of us are experiencing is supporting our awakening back to our True Self. It is calling for all of us to reach out throughout the collective consciousness and to shift old thought-forms and energies. The old structures and systems need to shift in alignment with the intensifying light.  We are creating a new path.  Whatever is not coming from our True Selves is being pushed out so we can clear the space and become who we truly are. Together as spiritual gladiators we are disrupting all that is no longer working for us and are creating a culture with unconditional Love being the existence of life itself! We are on a very fast moving train of evolution with countless bearers of Light from above and below on board to assist. However, more are needed. You are needed! Follow your Bliss and let the Universe bring to you all the magic and wonder of being alive at this auspicious and incredible time of Mastery! Have a gorgeous week. Have the best week ever! I love you madly.