by Marcy Heller

We are at the precipice of a new creation story that is unfolding within and without! We are in the doorway of two worlds—the new consciousness and the old consciousness. And even though we are treading softly, taking baby steps as we learn to cross the bridge from the world of the past into the new world, there are still many of us that feel we are still in the un-chartered territories of ‘No Man’s Land’.

Feeling that uncertainty and not feeling fully grounded, moving forward it is essential that we have a new perception so the transformation can happen within ourselves. What’s more, everything depends on our attitude – our attitude toward ourselves, our world and the people who we hold most dearly in it. Big changes are happening for all of us in ways we have never seen or experienced in this magnitude of change. Therefore, we have to think of it in new ways. We have to change what we tell ourselves on a daily basis. No longer can we hold on to our preferences of what we think is right for us, but instead to surrender to what is. In the creation of a new way of life, we must begin at the beginning, with our own individual transformation. We must keep moving forward, affirming our worthiness and gratitude for all that we are and for all that we have! We have to create a new story and stick with what works!

One of the most wonderful qualities we can possess is our ability to imagine. Instead of focusing on what is, from our minds that have been programmed not to believe, we can change our focus on what we once could only dream of! What could be? What would you be in awe of? What would make you fall to your knees? What would your heart want to feel? We can only Imagine! We are here to be deliberate creators. So let’s start Creating! From our own faith and beliefs and not somebody else’s! After all, a belief is only a thought we continue to think over and over again. Our experiences now are un-precendented because never before have we humans ever experienced this rate of ascension. Stand in your own Glory and ask for what you can only Imagine? There is no one more important than You!

As far back as we can remember all of us as children experienced different fences that may have limited our experiences of childhood. We are now encountering a new world beyond the limits of being fenced in! It encounters its impact upon the world beyond the fence and the impact of this larger world upon it. Up until now, our limited five-sense-self has been our fence! If you are reading this, most likely you are using more than your five senses, you are probably multi-dimensional! Just ask those you trust how many syncroncities and miracles they experience each day. I know I have more earth-angels walking into my life day by day!

Our higher self is our power. Recognizing that we hold this power by aligning with what feels true is what it means to be awake! Having a direct connection to the Divine is essential in navigating life’s challenges. Yet, many of us still do not understand how this deep connection, (or lack of) influences everything in our lives! However we have come to be at this place, we are in the midst of a quantum up-leveling learning to live in flow, living through faith and trust. No longer stuck in the paradigm of fear and doubt! Whether it has come about as a matter of loss, health, abandonment, shadow work or therapy, most of us are starting this new year at Ground Zero! Drawing lines in the sand of what we will or will not put up with any longer as we align with our soul’s plan and or higher self!

As we are letting go, like all deaths, it is opening up and giving us the opportunity to give birth to a new force and a wider and more illuminated presence of the divine within all of us. With everything we are facing it is essential that we never forget how truly powerful we are. Joy is our birthright! In the spirit of our joy, we must as a community find our way forward and celebrate the infinite wellspring of joy, love, happiness and grace that resides in each of us at our core. Our Power and Spirit can never be destroyed even by the worst agony and the most devastating defeat. It is up to us to ask and know we are worthy of receiving from eons of lifetimes in service to God and for all humanity to receive more love, joy, prosperity, beauty, grace, truth, fun and peace. From joy all beings have come, by joy they all live, and unto joy they all return. Just like Gandhi had always taught ‘Be the Change you wish to see in the world.’

For many of us, as everything is coming to the surface to be felt, we are realizing our purpose and the reason we are here. We came here to be the catalyst, to flip everything so we could rebuild and create a new Earth. It seems we needed the chaos to wake us up as a society. We had to have ‘the eve of destruction so as to rebuild a new spiritual infrastructure! As humanity wakes up and the Universe begins to broadcast a new frequency, humanity has become more conscious of the shift. We all are beginning to feel everything that is changing and vibrating at these new frequencies. Basically we are letting go of what energies, people, places, things, that no longer serve so we can make space for what is sacred and does matter!

This is what we have come here to do. As Catalysts to have our Souls reveal themselves as us! This is the doorway to the spiritual path. To awaken means to be aware of what we are aware of. We cannot control our personal mind; it only limits us; however, we can choose to ignore those thoughts, the parts of ourselves that are not loving and compassionate. When we can align with Divine Love (our Higher Self) we are cultivating our personality with our soul! It is up to us which doorway we choose! One door opens to the experience of acting with love. The other opens to aligning with fear. With the intention of using our power, we open the doorway to infinite potentiality and the whole field of quantum physics. Our choices determine whether we will learn through Love and Trust or Fear and Doubt! Anything that is not coming from love is coming from fear!

We have much more to do. Let’s do it together! Let us do it in wisdom, with love and compassion. Let us make this the human experience, to embrace the frightened parts of ourselves and choose love no matter what. This requires much awareness and blissipline/discipline!

Thank you for being a catalyst and container for peace, love and beauty. Each of you is part of the whole and so needed. I believe that is one of the reasons we are always looking up at the stars. They are reminding us that we are the dreamers! We are tied to the stars. We humans are all playing our part in the unfolding of this incredible, awesome universe. We are all interconnected.