Being immersed in a dimension that is transcendental is transcending ordinary consciousness into extraordinary.

Patricia Cota-Robles, Era of Peace states, “The Divine Intent of the influx of Light that we will experience in May is to move Humanity, at a cellular level, a quantum leap up the Spiral of Evolution. This will benefit every man, woman and child evolving on this precious planet. In order for this facet of the Divine Plan to be Victoriously Accomplished, God needs a body.” And, this is where the fun and conversation begins!

For me, understanding something is ecstasy! Remembering now Who You Are is setting the stage higher and higher. When we stop choosing that old reality which at times feels like a bad dream and we become more and more conscious in each moment, our lives become much more mystical, not to mention majestic, knowing that in each moment we have a wonderful opportunity to create something new. Moreover, when we realize that we have come here for a reason and to be an expression of the Divine itself, not only is it surprising, it is magical!

From the most High we have now been given permission to sing out loud (without feeling judged, shamed or criticized), that I AM that I AM. The question being – Who AM I in relation to God? And the answer is: We are that. I AM that I AM. So, I AM that I AM. And, I humbly with gratitude and innocence share with you my awareness that I AM that and so are you! This is something we hadn’t known up until now and this understanding changes everything!

When we move into the experience of being an exemplar, to be one of those who express Divinity at the highest levels, we position ourselves as those beings who can truly change the world.

Becoming more aware of who we truly are we begin acting like we are indeed the God of our Creation. Neale Donald Walsch wrote, “You simply need to awaken to the fact that you’re already awake, and that there’s something you can do about what you see happening all around you. I’m very clear now that all of us are totally capable of accessing the highest source of wisdom within us— which I call God— when we need or wish to. We’ve all been doing it for years. Since we were born! Everybody is having a conversation with God all the time. Many just don’t know it. Or they’re calling it something else. That is, at least, my understanding, my observation, and my experience.”

To paraphrase Walsh, ‘Giving us permission to lay claim to our divinity is the first step that any evolving species does and must take. Individual evolution is simply evolving ourselves by self-selecting what we chose to focus on to move to next level in our own evolutionary process. By experiencing and expressing who we declare ourselves to be, all those lives we touch wind up experiencing their own highest ability as well. I believe there’s a civil war within ourselves and the planet. There is a movement and through our self-selecting options we are beginning to choose our souls over our fear-based egos. Our soul is, “The Source of the energy of the Essential Essence that resides with you. The soul is “God in us.” It is indeed. Not just in thought, not just in word, but in deed. The soul is the expression, now individualized, of the “being” that is God. It is God “being” manifested.”

The author and channeler Maureeen Moss wrote, The vibrational patterning for humanity to move consciousness into manifestation (from self to Self) is in a phenomenal state now and in place for us to reach a higher more astutely aware and active level and operation of our truest Self than it ever has been. With the field of all things possible now pulsing with activity, and our frequency and the Earths frequency speeding up we can far more readily flip the switch on our operating systems… from human to Divine…from self to Self. One phase at a time your former way of being is going completely offline and the true way of your Being coming online.”

We have been given permission to be the Creator of our reality through thought/intention, word and action. The more we can step into knowing our I AM presence of who we truly are and staying in that vibration, the more we can keep sharing that reality with others and tip the scale on a critical mass.

In our awakening healing ourselves and assisting others to change the way they are with themselves and with each other is evolving the future of life on this planet. Once we realize our soul’s plan we begin to live a much more meaningful life. Then you can choose how and where you want to manifest that new paradigm of you.

Moreover, we have to believe we deserve it all. In Neville’s book, The Power of Awareness, he emphatically explains that, “To be transformed, the whole basis of your thoughts must change.” Moreover, he goes on to say, “I can’t stress this too often; I can’t give it too great an importance; this wonderful thing called man’s ability to talk within himself. When you sit down and predetermine what you want to hear, listen until you hear it, and refuse to hear anything other than that, you are using the one power in the world that awakens man. You are using your own wonderful human imagination, and that is God Her/Himself.”

This is where faith plays its hand. Keep that faith and know you are worthy! Challenge everything you thought to be true up until now. When you believe it you will see it differently. Cultivate a practice living as though all your wishes are fulfilled. Keep selecting thoughts and visions about yourself that are at a higher, expanded and amplified vision of who you want to be. And by all means it is mandatory to let go of any thought that being one with the creator is impossible. Know that universal consciousness permeates your body and soul with every breath you take.

The world is so much brighter, so much better, because you are in it. If only you knew all the gifts that you bring to others you would never feel sad again, but only rejoice in how wonderful God has made you!

Today, take the Leap and turn the power inward to Loving the life you live. Do it! If you are seeking Miracles, you are in the right place! Fall in Love with your Life and with yourself. You are the One you have been waiting for. We are born into this universe as Light and then life happens. Transcending this illusion is the work! The more you focus on truly loving yourself the more you are open to creating big Miracles! Especially since Love makes the world go round.

You are living in a dream of your own creation. Let it be the dream of a lifetime, for that is exactly what it is. I have been phenomenally touched by all my friends, family, teachers, healers and benevolent souls that have contributed to my precious life. For this and so much more I AM profoundly grateful.